The-Dream Pegged As Pregnant Baby Momma-Beater!

The Dream Domestic Violence Arrest

Nam’s Nightmare?

The-Dream is facing allegations of violently beating his baby momma.

Sources say the rapper — whose real name is Terius Nash — “punched, kicked, and strangled his then-pregnant ex-girlfriend, Lydia Nam. The-Dream is now reported to be a wanted man.

According to recent reports, the alleged incident went down at the Plaza Hotel back in April 2013 — supposedly, about three-months before Nam gave birth.
It’s a situation that Dream reportedly insists never happened.

“Dream was arrested in a separate domestic violence incident involving Nam last June in Newport Beach.”

Here’s what’s being reported:

“For some reason, she didn’t file a police report until November. She refuses to press charges, so the D.A. rejected the case.

He thinks she’s a vengeful woman who’s plotting to use this as a way to extend her visa, Nam is Canadian.”


  1. Ok, how the fuq would him beating her be grounds for a visa extension? Anyway he probably thought , as an Asian, she was a step up (from his agro Cubans wife) toward his ultimate goal of impregnating a Becky. Something about him just screams woman hater to me .

    • If you are the victim of domestic violence, or you can prove that your life will be endangered in your country of origin due to your sexual or political orientation, then your visa will be extended.

      And yes, I agree, The Dream looks like he would fight a woman in a minute, but never even raise an eyebrow to another man.

      Signs of a DL bitchazz.

  2. Memo To Non-Black Females…The colorstruck blackmen you fawn over don’t give a damn about you either. Thinking you’re a better catch than blackwomen…Think Again! Women are so ego-driven, they ignore warning signs. If he treats blackwomen like s**t, you will have flies hovering over you just the same.

      • @yazmina

        Other women assume they know what’s inside the black male psyche…They Don’t Know Sis! “Hoooooray for me, I got a blackman.” Oftentimes, they end up with a lame that has no respect for women period. Asian women are new to the swirl game, wet behind the ears. In order for us to give and show love to other women, the cooking starts at home. It’s not about hating other women, ignore that bs. It makes all of us look bad. This woman shows love to blackmen, and all she gets out of it is a busted lip and blackeye for her admiration. But, we want Asian women to f**k with us like the whitebois. Dream is a coward like all woman-beaters, when he gets his backside rearranged by Jerome & Crew, his feminine side will reveal itself.

          • @Yazmina

            A Good Blackman Loves Blackwomen…Other Women Need To Understand This Reality. They assume that we won’t give them the time of day, so, they go along with the nonsense. Women are drawn to blackmen, and that’s a good thing. However, we still gotta love you first and foremost. Most non-black females comprehend this, but the female ego is stubborn. Developing better relationships with blackwomen is the first step.

        • Tyrone:

          I wish I could copy and paste what you typed and email it to a certain popular Southern rapper’s Filipina ex. I cannot tell you how many countless hours I wasted on the phone, talking to that woman. I was constantly asked, “What’s wrong with him?” like I was his mother or his keeper. Like I told her, other races of women possess an arrogance that Black men will not mistreat them. Like I conveyed to her, if he doesn’t love and respect self, he will never love and respect her.

          The guy is notorious for pursuing women, having sex with them sans condoms, then dumping them once he gets his way. His reputation is notorious. She obviously loves it and him, because she tolerated his BS for years. I’m just glad to see a man express your sentiments. Thanks for the confirmation.

          • @Bella

            This is how i see it. If a sista is abused by another group of men, we’re gonna be pissed about it…Rightly So! It’s disrespect to her and the men that share the same dna. It matters, because these violent blackmen disrespect their own. Jump ship into another pond, and continue with the same behavior. I’ve seen this scenario play out numerous times. As blackmen, we often wonder why other men hate us so much…Exhibit A! Women love us, but we’re f**ked up right now. Everytime i turn tbe news on, some crazy brotha has laid hands on his wife, girlfriend, baby mama, mistress, etc. Racial Awareness is lacking in relation to non-black women. Asian women are just starting to hook-up with brothas, they don’t know the ropes. As you correctly stated…Loving Blackwomen Is Loving All Women—Divine Nature! Holla at you later Bella, Deuces.

  3. If I looked like a human Teddy Graham i’d probably be angry as well. Where are these females male relatives who enforce the Gestapo cans of azz whoopings. The law doesnt have to be involved. I just dont get it.

  4. His big fat soft spoken ass trying to beat on somebody,I would’ve laughed every time he opened his mouth lol

  5. Fuck the dream. He got what he wanted an look now! Lol. Keep yo dick in yo pants dumb ass. Callin sistahs thots an disrespecting us in songs an got him sum chinese food an look what happen! Ha! Fuck you nigga. I aint riding wit him at all. Lock his women beating ass up!

  6. When a man has multiple children by multiple women and he lives in divorce court, that should be enough evidence to prove that he is not marriage material, nor should you procreate with him. Lydia must have been living under a rock. He and Christina Milian were married all of 6 months. He left her around the time she gave birth to Violet. Who does that?!. He has (is it) 3 kids with Nivea, his first ex-wife. The man has a track record of being disrespectful. He won’t hesitate to blast women in the industry he has had sex with. Didn’t he popularize the term “fcking for tracks?” I don’t condone DV in the least, but this man’s track record is long. Women need to stop being blinded by money and fame and use good judgment when choosing a mate.

    • These thirsty ass bitches don’t even recognize water when they see it. Hand em’ a glass, lead 2 a clean fountain, …….

      • And they will still drink out of an unflushed toilet that someone just finished using. I feel you.

    • @Bella soo on point and I absolutely agree, the only thing I can say is she prolly knew all about the hamburglar’ s history and didn’t care she all about the money and clearly don’t care what she does to get it smh now she stuck with this negro as her baby daddy! Smh

  7. The dream is secretly gay and hates women. This fool can’t even make time to see his own daughter he had with Christina Milian. She basically said it out of her own mouth….This fool said in an interview ”I talk to my daughter through emails” He’s a gay deadbeat, women hater. What a nasty jerk.

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