Details Of The Daughter Janet Jackson Fails To Claim!

Janet Jackson's Long Lost Daughter

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the true identity of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge’s biological daughter!!!

Reports from other media outlets either pegged Janet’s teen-pregnancy as nothing more than rumor, while others named the now-grown woman “Renee”… both of which are FALSELY reported details.

“They definitely have a child.. but her name is not Renee.”

A tipster exclusively tells HSK.. her name is Lauren DeBarge. From what we’ve learned, the 28-year-old University of Georgia student is currently studying to become an occupational medicine specialist — in Athens, GA.

Dig the Drop:

“I worked with Janet around the time she was pregnant for James DeBarge.

Lauren grew up in South Florida with some of the Jacksons’ relatives. She is now in school to be a nurse and she looks just like her mom and dad.”

Did Janet ‘Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty” previously lie to the press with the statement,
“I do not have a child and all allegations saying so are false”? Of course! Just ask Randy.


      • Relax, that is your opinion i have mine to ME that is who she favors. And of course I have seen Giovanni that is why I made my statement.

        • Sorry, spell check on my phone misspelled her name. It’s actually Joh’Vonnie and she’s very ugly. These 2 girls look nothing alike.

          • This woman looks nothing like Janet or James. They may have a secret kid but this is not it.

            • If I wasn’t present at my daughter’s birth I wouldn’t believe my daughter’s mom wasn’t her mom….she looks nothing like her…so it really doesn’t matter if she don’t look like Janet….it could still be her daughter. ..I know plenty of daughters who dont look like the mother

              • These Jackson’s obviously pay the media millions to cover up all their dirt including all these lies about her sand negro being a billionaire. Only a pimp divorces a 50 year old woman for getting pregnant and then puts her back on the stroll/ stage before her body is even healed after child birth. She is desperate for money to be dragging a newborn from city to city and strange hotel rooms.

      • Lies, Lies, and more Lies… must be rough out there cause they still keeping this lie circulating

      • Joe’s daughter is big and homely. This young lady does look like she could be the child of Janet and James DeBarge. It has been reported he is near death. If she is their child, maybe they could privately acknowledge the truth before it is too late.

    • Who cares if they got a kid thousands of people deny they are the parents of kids everyday. No one gives two poops about that. But when the parents are celebrities its big news. No wonder the rest of the world hates merica and your value of celebirty status. Stop making celebrities so valuble. They dont make the world go round real hsrd working people like tradespeople doctors blue collar fellas are the people who make the world revolve.

  1. Lol! Doesn’t really matter at this point. Janet’s career already… neva mind. Anywho, If this shitz true, then it’s the best secret kept since Janet’s marriage to Renee. Love me some Janet. She’s the truth!

  2. I wonder what was such a secret that Janet had a child. Big deal she was married to James so a child from that union would have been legitimate. Hollyweird & their secrets strike again…**sighs**

    • A child would have gotten in the way of her career and ruined her image. This was before her “Control” album. There were big plans for her and those plans did not include a daughter. Plus, her family did not want her with James.

        • Are u saying Janet wasn’t a big star at that time???? Janet has been a big star since Good Times. U must be a 90s baby huh?

          • No, I’m not, but she really didn’t take off until Control. And from what I do know about Janet is at the time she wanted 8 kids. She said it herself in an interview.

            • She hadn’t blown up herself per say, but she was a Jackson and that right ther made her a huge star. Plus they made it seem like the boys weren’t having sex and to have the baby sister have a baby before the boys would have made her look like she was hot in the ass…..JMHO

  3. The Jackson’s are freaks. All their drama is self created. The only reason Janet getting pregnant would have ruined their image is because they were projecting this fake facade of being this clean living ,holier than thou, super-Christian family …when in fact they were anything but. Plus, I think Janet has psychological issues behind whatever happened. She said once that it was up to Jermaine Dupree if they ever had a baby. Odd because shouldn’t that be a mutual decision? I really think she straight up doesnt want kids. She didn’t bond well with MIs kids either lol

            • I ‘m a former JW who left the religion for other reasons years ago. I don’t know where people get their info on Jehovah Witnesses, but they very much believe that jesus died for their sins and is their savior. what they don’t believe is that Jesus is almighty God, but that he is God’s son set forth from God to die for man’s sins. They have about a million and two publications dedicated to his life and ministry alone. I never understood why people felt they didn’t believe in him.

            • I was raised a jehovahs witness, though im non practicing at the moment. Stop talking lies and spreading things you dont know. jehovahs witnesses DO believe in Jesus Christ and are Christians. As was already stated they dont believe Jesus is the Almighty God but that he is Gods Son whom Jehovah sent forth here to die for our sins.

              Do your research before you tell lies on ppls beliefs.

            • sorry but i disagree and its unfortunate if it pisses you off. Many of their teachings were very anti christian in sentiment and contrary to the bible. For example they belive you can be saved by works which is why they go door to door to spread “the good news”

            • …as opposed to salvation by faith that Jesus Christ, the real one, not their beloved long haired hippie, ….and that the bible says not to celebrate holidays or give blood, fact the bible does not say either. (Jobs original set of chikdren were at a birthday celebration when.they all died) and the bible says to not eat blood as was the custom of some cults at the time. There is plenty that they teach that is just straight up wrong. no matter what they say, they ate not the chosen ones who will alone make the rapture. with out faith in Jesus as Lord, no one survives tribulation.

            • well as someone raised as a JW for 30 yrs, I can definitely attest to the fact that JWs do indeed believe in Jesus Christ and that he died for our sins, as previously stated, just not that he is Lord/Almighty God. Whether you think JW teachings are right or wrong is irrelevant to this fact. Theres not really an argument here, these beliefs are clearly stated on their very own website.

            • I’m not the one who said you all don’t believe in a Jesus. I said you thinks you can be saved by works and you believe that you alone will make the rapture. There is no argument that both beliefs are contrary to what the real Jesus said . It’s simply not debateable that your version of Christianity is a false one.

              • Sorry to be the one to break it to you guys, but both your doctrines are False.
                It is only fitting of The Lord the maker of heavens and earth, to send prophets of His making to teach humans the way of Salvation! He does not need to have a child (whatever heathen scenario you have all embraced for that), to then submit it to ‘sacrifice’; to take torture and death so that people (His own creation) would be exonerated (by Him, not a higher authority, as the very meaning of sacrifice would reasonably imply) from a sin they never even witnessed in the first place!
                Oh and by the way, 1+1+1 = 3, not 1 !
                Thank you very much!

        • yes, JWs believe that there will one day be paradise on earth for witnesses that have led exemplified lives faithful to the entire doctrine, but its absolutely not just because one did certain works or went door to door. My comment was in reference to that specific incorrect statement. Every different denomination of Christianity is because of some difference in interpretation of the bible, but that doesnt make any one schism less Christian than the other. I respect that you dont believe their specific teachings; at the end of the day, shouldnt any faithful follower of any denomination believe theirs to be the correct one?

      • Yes, we follow Christ Jesus’ footsteps closely. Unlike other false religious groups!

    • She wanted that sand Negro baby so bad she probably took fertility drugs. 50 year olds getting pregnant is rare



  5. If having a child would have ruined her image and career why didnt she have an abortion? Not that Im advocating for such but Janet was of age. If it is true about the daughter I hope she gets therapy because its terrible to feel unwanted and know your mother is a superstar and pays you no mind.

    • Abortion was never an option for janet or rebbie. Katherine don’t play that…

  6. Hmmmmmm…….I’m not convinced. All those Debarge offspring have that certain Debarge look to them.

  7. I always wondered about this situation, when Latoya and Janet was on the Music Award or Grammy and were presenters, Janet was visibly pregnant, and no baby, I heard thru people that travel in that circle, she indeed had a daughter, I think that she would be a little older, it was around the same time Michael Jackson won all the awards for Thriller, well, James Debarge knows, when the did the Debarge UNSUNG, he didn’t look broke, since then I don’t know considering he just went to jail for drugs, but its really sad….

    • Yeah, you’re definitely lying because they were with Michael at award shows in early ’84. That would mean that this child is at least 30. Young DeBarge said that their child was 18 in ’05. That would make the child born in ’87. James and Janet weren’t together for 2 years at this point.

  8. LOVE me some Janet…if any can keep a secret she can. This could be her daughter,but we wouldn’t kno until she die. Keep in mind we didn’t kno about the marriage till AFTER the divorce

    Off topic. Janet (to be so insecure) been beautiful her whole life. Penny, Charlene, and justice (my favorite look on HER) are very easy on the eyes. #she getitfromhermoma Even today Kat a well put together piece of leather

  9. @Wanda lets not forget, Mother DeBarge came forth and said there was a Daughter by James and Janet. I even think he said so too

  10. This is beating a Dead Horse.This lie has been Debunked multiple times over.

  11. The girl is beautiful for sure and she has the DEBARGE look. but am i the only one not seeing any Jackson?

  12. O wow really? Why would she not clame her daughter she’s pretty and going to be something in life these celebrities are a trip I tell you wow why would she turn her back on her that’s f*ck’ed up

  13. Janet was on the show television show ‘Fame’ looking all of 8 months pregnant, full face, big belly, wearing maternity clothing an all. Oddly, on the rare occasion when old episodes of Fame air, the one’s Janet appeared in, never do.

    • What? I saw a clip of Janet’s last episode and she had on an overall type outfit with a belt around it.

    • You’re lying. Just go on youtube. She didn’t look 8 months pregnant. she wore shirts with belts around her with no belly visible. This child would be 29. And Jacky clearly made this up. We don’t know what age Lauren is.

    • @Mrs.Johnson-you are absolutely right and I remember before she left the “Fame” show her stomach was always covered with props like books and they made a way to hide it.That’s the same thing they done on the “Cosby” show with Lisa Bonet’s and Felicia Rashad’s character .Always had the mother in bed covered up and hiding the stomach area.Same thing with that Kerry Washington woman in her show “Scandal”.It’s no big deal I feel Janet wanted to protect her daughter and always been in her life and either her sister Reebie or brothers and their wives raised her and signed a confidentiality agreement even with the Debarges.

      • ….You would be surprised to know many people in the industry (Hollywood) have grown children who are actors/actresses/singers/sports that we are not aware of who are related to famous people but it was kept secret.Lionel Richie adopted Nicole Richie who’s biological parents are supposedly Sheila E(drummer)and Lola Falana’s daughter.Who knows truth is stranger than fiction.What happened to Mary J Blige’s son? supposedly now she has no kids but back in the day in Ebony magazine she said her son was her life and now no son exist?

  14. I think I was reading a long time ok that she was when she was on fame but they was putting it off like she had just only gain weight and also someone was saying if she would of kept the baby Michael was going to disown her as his sister its a lot of things people did not know about Michael he was some what kind of mean.

  15. My Mom is thee biggest Janet fan and yes Janet and James had a daughter, so this is probably true. And Momma Debarge also said it on Unsung. Janet will be 48 this year and daughter is 28. Janet was pregnant a lil bit b4 Control. That’s about right.

    • What? I saw a clip of Janet’s last episode and she had on an overall type outfit with a belt around it.

    • That would mean that this child is 29. Control was released in early 86. Janet moved to Minneapolis in Aug. 85.

    • janet was 20 years old when control dropped.

      so she had to have been a teen mom if she was ever pregnant.

    • Girl, stop lying! I watched that episode just to specifically see what she would say and she didn’t say anything about a child. That whole episode is actually on youtube for anyone who would like to know.

  16. well in a sense it was good it was kept a secret from the public, at least the child lived in somewhat privacy

  17. How can momma Jackson raise Janet’s kids when she’s too busy raising Joseph’s illegitimate trick kids?? I’m just saying..

  18. Jackson’s got kids all over the place. B.Howard just got revealed as Michesls don with Miki Howard- Janet was pregnant by Jermaine Dupri. Those close believe there may have been a miscarriage or still birth.

        • No they didn’t. The first DNA “test” was proven false. I swear that you ignorant niggas believe anything and everything.

            • Thank you, King 3rd. Not to mention the fact that I spoke with Miki years before all this was revealed and she confirmed it to me. You better beleive B.Howard was raised in the Jackson house by Jargerine- Just ask Jermaine’s ex-wife.

            • Thank you, King 3rd. Not to mention the fact that I spoke with Miki years before all this was revealed and she confirmed it to me. You better beleive B.Howard was raised in the Jackson house by Katherine- Just ask Jermaine’s ex-wife.

            • @YouWishYouKnew Word! Honestly I didn’t believe it at first, till I saw a Family Pic (when B.Howard was a kid) and he didn’t look like that Augie Johnson dude. Plus the Agreement she signed from back then till a few years ago.. is all Hollywood Talk for, I cant say anything because I can lose money. Did she ever say why MJ hid it or the fam?

            • @King3rd- Never told me why. She just randomly started talking about it- She showed me all the pics of B. Howard at the Jackson house, wearing Micheal’s Jackets, etc. She also busted some stuff re: Janet and Paris/Prince and when Katherine was in the hospital.

            • @YouWishYouKnew Wow, That’s very interesting and cool. Why do think its surfacing now?

  19. Ok, tbh if Janet had a child, then her ex-husband Rene would know. We would’ve heard something from him when he was trying to shop those stories around about Janet. She’s known Janet since she was about 17/18. He was a back-up dancer for Latoya when Janet was still with James. Another person that would’ve said something is LATOYA. That woman can’t hold water. She put that Janet was secretly married in her book. I do think that Janet was pregnant though. Haven’t you guys ever heard of a miscarriage or an abortion?

    • Maybe she didn’t tell Rene about the pregnancy. Janet wasn’t touring at all when she was 17 so even if Rene was her dancer, I doubt he was around her enough to see her through the whole 9 months.

      • No, they were friends. She said that Rene was there for her when the all of those things was happening with Janes. Why would Janet tour w/o a hot album back then?

        • Well you said he was her back up dancer when Janet was with James. Janet wasn’t dancing anywhere but on the Fame television show at that time.
          Even if I believe Janet and Rene were friends throughout her and James’ relationship it still isn’t like she couldn’t have kept it from him. I’ll take it a step further and say if she did tell Rene it’s possible Janet paid him off not to say anything. I just think you never know what is going on with that family. They are so weird.

          • The thing is he DID talk!!! There was never nothing about a baby from him or Latoya either.

    • Janet paid Rene Elizondo off. He was planning to write a tell all book. Ya’ll don’t remember that? “I bet you think this song is about you..”

        • You are trying pretty hard to debunk this, but Rene can’t say shit because he got paid to keep his mouth shut. That’s his gravy train and he lives off it to this day. Btw, he got in excess if 10 million dollars and at least one house. That’s what she meant when she said “Greedy Motherf*cker in MY beach house”. That CLOUDS IN MY COFFEE song is about him.

          • This is dumb because Rene actually DID spread stories before he got paid! I’ve never once heard about this “secret” child, but I did hear a lot about Janrts private life. There were mainly bi-sexual rumors. Nothing about a child.

            • There were plenty of rumors about her having a kid, like since the late 80s. And I do think that deadbeat Rene put it out there when they were divorcing , he used it as leverage and got a pretty hefty settlement. I don’t know how you couldn’t have heard them. Everyone else has, just some people don’t believe it. Personally I.don’t really care but that doesn’t mean I’m unaware.

          • Lol, then you’re also aware of Janet saying that it wasn’t true in the 80’s. She said it in an interview.

            • Honestly, I Love The Jacksons but you can’t put anything past them. Tito still hasn’t publicly acknowledged that he has a secret Daughter, (Even though he’s pictured with her), and Jermaine adopted and Raised a kid named Donte, That Joe brought home from Vegas. I think they have secret kids, because they don’t want to ruin the Family image and name.

            • Lmao I didn’t know jermain adopted a kid Joe brought home from vegas. That family is so in denial about everything. The whole world already knows their dirt, they might as well just keep it real. I mean what family doesn’t have some sort of dysfunction.

  20. I want to see a birth certificate and the hospital the child was born.Until then,this story is obsolete.

  21. mike had no real kids they were taken from the elephant man’s dna and cloned into prince, paris, and blanket.

  22. If this report is true, it takes a different kind of woman to deny her child. I hope for Janet’s sake this is all a lie.

  23. This is a lie for a number of reasons. 1) Janet doesn’t have any children. 2) How is her name DeBarge, yet when James’ own mother was trying to make money off of that book, she interviewed and said, “I’ve heard there was a child.. if there is, I would like to know if she exists.” just a few years ago. If this girl’s NAME is DeBarge (a name that I’ve only heard from ONE family. How would the DeBarge family not know of her existence?

  24. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true though. The Jacksons know they can hold on to some secrets. We didn’t know Michael was a drug addict until it was too late.

    • Janet gets married and we don’t find out. Of course she could have had a child- especially when there was no social media.

    • yes, we did! There were reports in the news all if the time!!!! YOU didn’t pay attention to it until his death.

      • No one knew Janet was married to Rene until they divorced because she never told the media. Latoya did. And no one knew she had married James Debarge until after their elopement was annulled. Sorry but this woman has a pattern of secrecy . Kid story could be true.

          • Now that’s juicy cuz I never heard that. Are you saying Katjack ain’t Janets real mama? Spill it!

            • you talking bout that rumor that joe raperd rebbie and got her pregnant you reall;y believe rebbie is janets mom.

            • That’s exactly what I am saying. Janet is rebbie daughter. I know this is fact because my brother is janet dad. Rebbie was only 15 and my brother was 20.. he was stationed neargary iIndiana when he was in the military. He had no say so in the matter because rebbie was technical ly still a minor which is also the reason Katherine and Joe raised janet as their child

      • I don’t ever remember respected media outlets reporting Michael’s drug addiction until after he died. The only magazine who was brave enough to put it out there was the Enquirer and that was dismissed as gossip.

        And Just_Joi is right, we didn’t know Janet was married until they were getting ready to divorce. I still don’t know how Janet kept that out of the news.

  25. Real live soap opera. Who does that though? Has a kid and denies them for fame…well any reason? You know how psychologically damaging that is? Wow. Some people. Smh. Those are two weird looking gene pools! I tell ya that!

  26. Let’s just all rejoice that she didn’t have a baby with that fugly little troll Jermaine Dupri.

  27. If Janet really wanted “hide” a child then why would she give the child the last name of DeBarge? That would be a dead giveaway!

  28. That child would have spoken out by now,if this was the truth.Rene definitely,would have spilled it because he was out for blood during that time.

  29. I used to hang with Young Debarge while on the same management team with El & Chico. Janet’s daughter was raised by Reba Jackson. The story came out in 2005 or 2006. Wendy Williams broke the official story. Been to the family house in Michigan and met the beautiful Bunny :)… I digress this is a true story. From my dealings with Tito and the 3Ts you learn things about the mysterious Jackson clan. They got plenty of bones…
    Janet has a daughter and no one can confirm cause they got millions and keep their lives private. Jacky hit me up let’s talk

    • Yaaaaasss!!! Agreed. I too stumbled closely into their insane private life. The stories and truths are unreal!!

      • Yeap, Tito still won’t publicly state he has a daughter, I have her on my Facebook, and there are a few pictures with him there. Plus Jermaine adopted and raised Joe’s Son Donte. Its in Jermaine’s ex-wifes book Jackson Family Values. The reason I halfway believe this Post by Jacky is because I have a friend who is a relative of The Jacksons, and he is from Southern Florida. One thing is for sure, they do come and stick together when needed.

        • I do give them credit for sticking together. Somebody in the family is gonna raise you if your mother and father don’t. That’s more than you can say for other celebrity families.

    • LOL! Young’s ass couldn’t even get the names right. First of all, it’s REBBIE! Second, his dumb ass said that she was 18 in ’05. That would mean that she was born in ’87. James and Janet broke up in ’85.

      • Give up. You are trying too hard. It’s making you look slightly unhinged….like you have an agenda.

  30. janet was famous since a small child, doing mae west impressions on the jacksons tv specials, playing penny on good times, and charlene on different strokes, releasing two solo albums that were hits on r&b and pop charts. she appeared on american bandstand and soul train and Fame all pre-Control days. yes Control sent her career thru the roof but she was already known. some time after her Dreamstreet record and her days on Fame leading up to the first three or four Control vids she did mysteriously seriously chunk up. i chalked it up to puberty but later hear that she was pregnant. she has talked about james debarge in interviews about it being a difficult and private time for her but she doesnt like to discuss it. being that im one yr older than janet i remember the events in her career very well…

  31. I got questions….1) Why is Janet a spitting Image of Rebbie? I know they are related but Jack Nicholson later on in life found out his sister was his mom.
    2)Is Omer,Blanket and B.Howard Michael’s only bio kids.
    3)Did Michael have a relationship with Diana?
    4) Why did Paris really leave home?

    • Rebbie is said to be Janet’s mother. I know that Rebbie’s daughters look an awful lot like Janet, only darker. They have the same features and smile as her. Bobby Darin is another celeb who found out that his sister was his mother and the woman who raised him was actually his grandmother. I believe MJ did father Omer, Blanket, and B. Howard and possibly other kids and adopted or was a surrogate father to Prince and Paris. MJ and Miss Ross had a relationship, from what I hear, beginning when he was like 12 and she was about 26. Paris found out that MJ was not her bio dad and freaked out. I’m one who is old enough to remember Janet’s time on Fame. She definitely was pregnant when she was on that show. Visibly pregnant. The press was reporting her pregnancy and she didn’t deny it until she was about to annul her marriage. Diana Ross advised her that a baby at that age (19) would not be good for her career. Then you heard nothing else about the baby. She had on overalls in the last episode, but I think the episodes were filmed out of sequence and that was probably filmed before she started to show. Janet also missed the Kids From Fame live show. Janet and James were wed in September of 1984 and Janet would have given birth in August of 1985, nearly a year after the wedding. Whether this story is true or not, this young lady is the right age to be James and Janet’s secret child–28 going on 29.

      • You think? Your theory? Please, Janet actually moved to Minneapolis summer of ’85 to record “Control”. It’s actually a known fact. Btw, I looked up this Lauren girl on the net, she’s from another DeBarge family from Georgia.

      • Wow…your post was really informative. There is so much dark and secretive about this family. I really do believe she had a child and has been denying it all these years. Her people try so hard to sweep it under the rig, there has got to be something there. Damn.
        The only thing I found really troubling was the bit about Ms Ross at age of 26 being with a 12 year old…you mean they only had a close friendship right? Anything else would be truly disgusting.

      • @Shonufizz-You might be on to something and every time I seen pictures of Rebbie and Janet Jackson together I always got this mother and daughter vibe not older sister.If you go to Google images and type in Rebbie Jakson 2014 she definitely looks like she’s Janet’s mother even more so now lol.Yes I also see the resemblance of Rebbie’s two daughters too.

        • Yeah but people can look like their mother’s OR grandmothers. Its hard to say cuz they are sisters. But I believe it might be possible because Latoya said Joe used to rape her and Reebie

        • Your vibe is absolutely correct. And janet looks more like rebbie than rebboes other two daughters. Rebbie is a pretty woman and janet is even more beautiful but I will have to agree with my mom and say that has to do with my brother being her father.

  32. I don’t believe rebbie is Janet’s mm. looks too young .. that girl above looks nothing like a Jackson. but one things for sure, the Jackson’s baby hairs back in the day was everything.

  33. Janet was pregnant in 1984. Los Angeles Concert backstage a friend of mine who was in the Jacksons Inner Circle has a photo. JohVonnie Jackson mom Cheryl was the cousin my neices Godfather.When she was a toddler she would say “My daddy is Papa Joe Jackson” Jermaine was still with Hazel and show up at the Opening Party for Enid Jacksons store Jazbo with a 3month old boy in his arms. Hazel had not given birth to their son Jermaine II. Just some Jackson Family Teas.

  34. Janet does have a daughter, but this is not her. Her real daughter is named Brandi and was raised and “adopted” by her brother Jackie. She looks exactly like Janet and James. Beautiful girl.

    • Brandi really IS adopted and was born in 1982. She was in magazines at the time. WOW!

  35. Jackson DeBarge or not but 28 and still in school/ no career? I dont dont uga has a doctoral program. people move at their own pace I suppose.

  36. I’ve broken this story last year in one of my blind items and guess what? National Enquirer picked up on it and investigated my story, solving the mystery of Janet Jackson’s bastard child.

    Janet Jackson has a 27 year old son and his name is Omer Bhatti. Don’t believe me? Ask Katherine Jackson.

    Yours Truly,
    Jacky J.


    Thought it was a son????

      • He’s not white, but he is not a Jackson though either. He was a close friend of MJ’S, as were his parents.

        • payola.he was one of mj’s little boyfriends.

          rebbie was 16 years old when janet was born.

  37. The stupidity on this thread is SO real! There isn’t a secret child. If she did have one then they could easily pass this kid off as someone else’s kid in the family like they kind of did with Dante. Brandi really is Jackie’s adopted daughter. She was born in ’82. She was adopted by him and his wife at the time. Omer is white and is from Norway. His parents used to work for Michael. Even Omer said that he’s not. Janet isn’t Rebbie’s. If that’s the case then she would’ve raised her. Janet was born in 1966 and Rebbie got married in ’68. Summer of ’85 is when Janet moved to Minneapolis to record “Control”. It’s known. You guys sat here and built up your own lies from from this lie. This is ridiculous. This girl really is from a DeBarge family in Georgia. We don’t know her age, Jacky clearly put that in here because he doesn’t know either. The story is BS, losers.

    • Here’s what I think. Where there is smoke there is fire. I believe Joe Jackson is a sexual predator who is capable of harming his own daughters. I believe Katherine knew and did nothing. I think Latoya destabilized from her programming and spilled some family secrets before her father worked out a deal with her evil white husband and shut her down and returned her to the celebrity sex worker circuit. Janet and Jane’s had a child and that child is hidden somewhere within the family framework. And it will never come to light.

      • Before? Latoya put a lot in her book. She’s the one that spilled the beans about Janet’s marriage. If she wanted to say something back then, she would’ve. That woman talks too damn much.

        • She talks a lot but she never told about Jermaines son. Or Titos extra kid either. So she doesn’t necessarily tell all she knows. Plus when she runs her mouth its usually out of spite. Maybe she just never got mad enough at Janet to blow her cover.

          • Or she never said anything out of love for her niece. The Deberge’s mother spilled the beans.

    • I can’t speak on anything you said except janet not bring rebbie daughter. I know this for a fact because my brother is janets father. All u have to do is look at a pic of my bother and look at rebbie and know that janet is rebbies. Even my mom finally confirmed it but in a in a very subtle way. We were watching an interview that Jamet was doing and my mom kept saying she’s so pretty that’s a pretty girl. Then my mom turned to me and said can you see Joe making a girl that pretty and then I immediately said no I cannot because harris men pretty girls. That’s what we do!

    • You mean crazy Janet had a baby her husband didn’t want at 52 when everyone else is going through menopause???

    • LOL, that’s Brandi!!! Jackie’s daughter who was born in 1982. #sorry and Omer is white. I’ve seen his parents. Yes, his biological parents, Omer looks just like them.

  38. Well if janet has a daughter that attends uga she better be careful because her grandfather is from Atlanta and our family is huge. We even have family in Athens lol

  39. It’s really funny because I grew up knowing that my brother had another daughter but everytime I would ask about her all kind of lies and excuses were given so I just stopped asking….

  40. Jacky definitely didn’t make this up! You all saying he did must be youngins. Lol this has been a “rumor” since the 80s. Janet
    Had the baby in Europe. Soon enough there will be a Jackson tell all. guess Janet having herpes is a “rumor” too…

  41. Looks like James. I always felt something was fishy about Janet though… when I was a fan, I didn’t wanna believe the stories. But every time I think the story’s debunked, you keep hearing more reports so something DID happen. Either Janet aborted the child or she had the child and had her lived with relatives. Then there’s also that story that Jackie’s daughter is really Janet’s. Janet lost her virginity to James when she was 14 if I recall (James was 17). So they were together for years before they married.

    • Do u remember whan we are the world came out and they showed a very pregnant Janet, looked to be about 7-8 months. Now u look for it and can’t see it, but I remember. Back then there was speculation about her big belly but they said she was fat.

  42. I’m sure I’m like the 1,000th person to say this but she does not look anything like neither of them or anyone else from the Jackson family. Look like they picked some random light skin chick with curly hair. Could of at least found one whose hair was “real”.

  43. Y’all know the entire family is abit off ! Why would it be surprising that her having a kid that she gave birth to yet passed it on like like hand me down clothes. I love her too, but that wouldn’t surprise me. Janet is krazy

  44. Idk what’s wrong with ppls eyes. Not only does she look like them both, but she also looks like janet’s mother, Katherine. The Jacksons have two very strong features, the eyes & that Power Fist nose. Most ppl don’t know that bcuz they only seen them “AFTER” the nose jobs, clef chins, skin bleaching, etc. In my opinion, that definitely “IS” their child. This family is completely PSYCO! Gor bless you, beautiful young lady. Thank your lucky stars you DIDN’T grow up with those lunatics, cuz the DeBarge family is just as messed up as the Jacksons .


  46. Lawd have mercy. Niggas need to stop lying. This is beyond ridiculous … I mean “really?” When Janet’s divorce is final, I hope she goes after those drug ridden lying Debarges and anyone else spreading this da.n lie. This bull need to be shutdown.

  47. back in the day it was hard for blacks in the business so they
    had that lilly white path mentality because any controversy would ruin their careers, those in charge wouldnt have touched them. it is different today so it looks like they are fake, but it was the norm to hide things, aka Rock Hudson etc….

  48. Look at the video that the Jackson had back in 2014. The theme music was want to be starting something. Janet and James daughter was in the video. Rebe and Bunny De’Berge were kissing her and she was standing in the middle of them. She looks like both families. Janet knows she had that baby. The baby should be in her 30’s now.

  49. I was 13yrs old when Janet married James Debarge and supposed been pregnant. Don’t know why the jackson always wanted Janet to be so innocent. Just list to Latoya Jackson, then you know how much they covered up a lot Janet did. Janet disappeared for about 11 month after her family force the annulment of her marry to James. The Rebbie Jackson gets a new baby girl. The entire year Debbie was shown in tv, where was Janet? Where did the baby come from? Jackson family good for LYING when it comes to Janet. How many times she’s been married? Who type of mother is A SHAME of their own child. Jackson family maybe Jehovah’s witnesses, they will be going to HELL for a lot of lies they have covered over the years.

  50. we are forgetting what janet would look like with out all the plastic surgery who knows if her daughter looks like the real janet

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