V Stiviano’s Past W/ The American Pimp Don ‘Magic’ Juan

Pim Don Juan & V Stiviano

HSK Exclusive – Long before she found a rest haven in Donald Sterling’s world, V. Stiviano was a working girl… givin’ up ALL of her trap to The Godfather of Pimping: Don ‘Magic’ Juan.

According to our OG insider, V. Stiviano and her entire crew are all working girls. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Matt Kemp.

Peep what Bishop Don Juan had to say about live females:

“Women will go to bed and lay down with who they choose to do that with.. but when they make that exception to give you that money, that’s an exceptional love.”


  1. We get it, she got a past… everybody do, if you keep focusing on her(him), people will forget the real reason s(he) is even in the spotlight!

    • She looks like a man. And them big ass teeth dam. And what did the racist Duse mean on the recording, when he said you can bring them in, sounds gay to me. Anyway she looks black so what’s his problem.

    • Everyone’s past doesn’t include prostitution and/or stripping. That is such a Draya mentality. Whenever a whore wants to excuse her many years’ worth of deplorable behavior because she finally finds an all day sucker who will claim her, she dismisses her past by suggesting “we all have a past.” No the hell we do not [all] have a shameful past. Some people have a history of making good choices and living a clean life. Maria Guadalupe bka V. Stiviano is indecent. She clearly never received the “do unto others” memo. She sought to bury Donald Sterling, but while she is digging her grave, she better dig another hole for herself. She may want to dig a hole for her bff, Superhead, since Karrine wants to be V.’s mouthpiece.

    • Sure is. And I’m sure he has been in the company of many celebrity men. Lets just hope he/she doesn’t end of dead because those like her sometimes disappear.

    • Yep. It’s a dude. Check out the pics of it’s hands and that is the icing on the cake.

        • Hi Brains!!! I was one of your biggest fans and I took a lot of ish for it too. But yeah, I have probably retired to the peanut gallery after two years in residence at HSK.
          I pick my battles very carefully, and usually now I just meander with the flow. Being called an NSA counter-intelligence agent will do that to you.

        • @Christa don’t owe you a explanation for her actions or reactions here at HSK because she does as she very well pleases.Why don’t you finish doing what you so best,and that’s Trolling my comments like a damn stalker.

          • You don’t see shit. You just show up here to spread hate and turn people against one another. If B A and Christa are netbuddies its none of your gd business.

        • SB, I thought you were banned. You tried to shut this down 2 years ago. Failed. Free speech. Why don’t you “the holocaust made me do it” types leave the Constitution alone and let folks be and stop trying to be the thought police?

          • Lol…its one desperate troll that shows up where its hates just to see if it can post again. Pathetic

        • I didn’t get it yano kmt lol what’s yours hunny? And how are you? I have bareeee questions that I need answering! Lol and I agree that aint no woman that’s a damn trans chick with bought plastic bits yuck! When did they start becoming so brazen, out and bad lawd god! I need to move to another planet.

    • Sounds like a italian wrestling move or sex position ..” I gave her the Stiviano all 9 inches”

    • When a bitch give your her money that means she loves you more than when she gives you sex…
      Pimpin 101.. CHURCH

      • I’m STILL trying 2 figure out WHY anybody would PAY any man! Especially this tow up ass m.f.! I have YET 2 c ANY m.f. that I would want 2 pay. It takes all kinds, but shit, can he a least look like a lil some ’em some em’! Fucking ugly ass, star struck, monkey looking m.f. Dammit!

        • “Conversation rules the nation”…
          Pimp are the type to talk you out of your money. If I can sale you a dream, you’ll give me all of your green. It’s a way if life for some. Let’s face it, the women is gonna give it to somebody. I can’t blame Pimp for getting it before she do something else with it. CHURCH

  2. She set the owner up by leading the conversation LOL and although he must be a shrewed man he let his penis control his thinking.

  3. okay girl who has a jazz legend for a father ends up with a pimp she must have had a boring sex life or needed some excitement.

    people and their strange pasts.

    v being a daughter of a jazz guy must have seen her share of drugs and wild sex.

    • Who is it’s pappy supposed to be, because yesterday I read that it stated it is the child of a rape in court documents. They had the docs up too so “V” definitely said it.

  4. Sterling banned for life. Hates black people but is brought down by a black person…….oh the irony! Pimpin really ain’t easy!

    • Shim better be careful before it winds up with a permanent case of the deads…she brought down a powerful man and he is as despicable and evil as they come. And I think he must already be making power moves to salvage his rep because not one major news outlet is outing that she-boi , neither as a jazz legends kid or a transgender. I hope she stashed away some of that Gaul and goes back to her plastic surgeon and asks for a whole new face. That’s the only way her carcass doesn’t wind up on a beach somewhere. She bedda be careful.

      • Yeah if I was her I would be very cautious
        And by the way she is not black
        She is HALF mexican and HALF black

        • Half Black, Half Mexican, it’s all the same Hun! She still has Black in her. She also looks like she identifies more with Afr Am hints, the Pictures with Magic, Matt Kemp and catching a DUI in the car with a Black Child Actor. So you stand corrected, I’m sure with her having any kind of Black in her, the Old Biggot is probably livid because part of what he hates “SO” much has took him down. For her that’s called Checkmate…lol! HA!

          • Brains ,huh. So you are basically just here to stir shit. Got it. i will skip over your commentary in the future but as a parting shot, know this: I categorically resist all attempts and efforts to make me identify with the ruling class.
            With that in mind, I am NOT excluding those of mixed heritage from my race. I know all about Hebrew israelites and whatnot , but I’m not excluding people based on some false sense of superiority. That foolishness is why those cave people spend so many miserable minutes obsessing over race that they have damn near destroyed the planet over it. Certainly they have ruined the quality of life globally. You want to emulate that, be my guest. But to me the ladyboy is a person of color. Yes, black.

  5. What else can you expect a pimp ta say lol magic Don Juan been a pimp he knows the game inside and out he took her for what she was worth lol

    • In Mid-City! Yes, SB. I used to see him driving his old cars up and down the street when I used to hang at my friend’s shop over there. When DJ said he was an ordained minister, I was sick. He was supposed to be pastoring a church in Chula Vista. The last time I saw him, he was blocking the entrance to Sportie LA on Melrose. He was having a *ahem* conversation with a very young looking Hispanic woman who looked all of maybe 18. I’m sure he wasn’t inviting her to church.

  6. While i dont support or condone prostitution, this gold digger most definately wasnt low balling

  7. This makes some sense. Tonight Karrine was on CNN looking very very chic speaking for V.

    I’ll be watching for the next shoe to drop. Personally I think Earvin would make a good owner.

  8. He identifies her as a Light Skinned Latina or a White Woman.

    He refuses to even acknowledge she is Black and Mexican.

    he asked her doesnt she see how people perceive her?

    To me she looks Asian.

    But he has her passing.

    She said she thought having Matt Kemp on her Instagram was “OK” cause he is “lighter” than her…

    She was his mistress for 4 years. His wife is gonna drop kick her for messing up her money stream, and you know he is NOT gonna let some trollop take him out.
    HIS PHONE will surely, ring off the hook, for sure!

  9. I am sorry for saying this, but this broad looks like a space alien! Nah, she is just plain old ugly!

      • Might be a dude with a huge unit. That is probably why Sterling was dating him or her!

        • Rumor has it that Sterling was a cuckold and that he also has homosexual encounters. When he mentioned Magic Johnson to V. during their phone convo, Sterling said, “IDC if you f!ck him…” I take it that Sterling hired girls to screw guys so he could watch, because I don’t see a cuckold situation with him and Rochelle. That is all types of wrong and should be illegal in all 50 states. Lol

  10. You know what in these last days I am glad these crackers are finally showing their true colours, yet you’ll still get these house negroes defending them saying ‘oh he must have been angry etc’ tfoh crackers have always been racist it’s within their genetic makeup it’s been happening for centuries. The bibles prophecies are really fulfilling and this stinking kingdom is finishing PRAISE DI GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!

  11. Something about this chick’s face reminds me of a cross between Bugs Bunny (when he dresses up in drag), a ladyboy, and Chaka from The Land of the Lost (circa 1970s).

  12. Really Doe…This Chick Looks Like A Man. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, V got some explaining to do. Meek Mill, Jazze Pha, Tyson Beckford—Where You At???

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