Full Video Of Suge Knight Hit & Run Made Public

Suge Knight Murder Video

Full video of the Suge Knight hit and run; which caused the death of Terry Carter and left Cle Bone in critical condition was made public this morning.

Be warned, it’s very brutal and probably NSFW!



      • big 3+ 3 =9
        3 x 6 =9
        mars ares aries
        blood red
        big killed 6 months after 2pac.

        9 13 1996
        September 7
        makaveli 7 day theory

        and we wonder why earth, wind and fire made a song called September.

        • Yep september.11/711= new yr also near the fall equinox we’re about to approach the spring equinox now plus solar eclipse and third blood moon. So look out,earth quakes,WAR/MARS/Aries, Money/venom collapse more blood rituals etc.

  1. Bros and sisters in Christ, guard your ear and eye gates. You don’t need to see this.

      • The only folks who NEED to watch it are the ones who swear he will get off because he is an informer and/or working for the Feds. Because, even if he was at one time, one cannot do something this blatantly evil and expect that you will be saved by TPTB.

        • Shut the f*ck up! Tmz released this shit not Suge and dude shouldnt have ran to his truck starting shit! And because of his actions now he is dead. Sad but sometimes when u look for shit… You get it! Self defense and them niggas had guns!

  2. Suge is so on his way to prison right now. Never getting out. Blind, cripple or crazy doesn’t matter. This is vicious and totally on purpose.

  3. For all we kno those dudes wuz running up on suge!!! I see like 4 dudes approaching the car… If I’m in a car and 4 motherf*ckers is running up on me if I get the chAnce, of course imma speed off..

    • I don’t think the problem is Suge speeding off it’s running them back over after he sped off – there were some seconds in between him running over Bone and then deciding to run over Bone again and collide into the Terry.

      • You’re correct. Speeding off and hitting him is self defense. Backing up and hitting him again is aggression.

  4. they don’t care bout suge going blind if hes going blind at all they got blind, crazy mf in prison too.

    they gave my gay aids infected cousin who was bipolar life in prison for bashing his maMA IN THE HEAD WITH A HAMMER.

    • Right! Dude ran up to his vehicle and it looks like he hit or kicked the car also! He feared for his life cause it look like a gun was pulled out and them other niggas i bet had guns too! Suge has a good chance of walking . His diabetes prolly was f*cking with his sight like it is now and he could walk! Free da Homie Big Suge! And again dumb asses Suge didnt have anything to do with pac death so Stop! Them ignorant mothaf*ckas rushed him and he panicked and got out of there and all of us would have done the Same shit! Free Suge!!!!

  5. Another one who thought he was untouchable .Hopefully prison will contain this beast that has feet that are swift in running to evil. Suge Knight will encounter many in prison face to face with the same exact cold,heartless, wicked spirit as he has.His heart devices wicked plans ,one who sows discord among his brethren.Well now he can no longer walk with a proud look because God has him on a leash to keep from shedding innocent blood.Let the journey began that he created for himself and the masters he so willingly served.

  6. Suge bout to spend a minute or two inside. If he gets off for this, he’s a bad man!

  7. I guess he won’t be around to kill anyone when they start filming Tupac’s biopic.

  8. How did the other man survive? Poor thing he must be paralyzed. I don’t know why anyone would run up on Suge knowing what he’s about. It looks like someone had a gun in the video.

    • They ran up on him, that’s enough to show reasonable doubt & proof that he feared for his life…self-defense

  9. Im sorry but dont believe he is going to prison, but a vacation in another country. He is working for the man. All we know he could have been hired to kill these people. Something about this aint right. People have gotten away with killing others a lot more grusome than this! If you are gngorders to take someone out, they dont care how you do it. The more blood the better to them.

    • Not on tape they haven’t. If you think the man can save your ass when you commit such a crime which is documented for all to see, you don’t understand how covert ops work. Ever heard the phrase, “if you are caught or captured we will disavow all knowledge of working with you” ???

  10. Anyone hear any gun shots? They had plenty of time to pop him before, during, and after the murder and attempted murder.

    • You don’t have to wait for shots, if they bold enough to pull it out you have the right to PROTECT yourself & take them out!!

  11. I expect this kind of behavior from young dudes but not men in their 50s. I can’t understand.

  12. I’m sick & tired of folks killing, stealing, & disrespecting, especially our own. Attempting to justify this shit is well beyond my comprehension. GOD bless the deceased & injured.

    • Only a fool would allow someone to attack them while they are behind the wheel of an automobile, they picked the wrong man…

  13. all this be vcauise suge wanted some money he thought cube and dre owe him something.

    dre and cube don’t owe suge nothing yes suge plays a part in the nwa story mainly because he started deathrow with dre, and doc but that’s all.

    suge doesn’t own deathrow so he deserves nothing.

    we know dre and cube ain’t gonna fight nobody.

    kam said that back when him and cube was beefing that cube ain’t gonna fight and hes gonna send his goons to do his dirty work.

  14. A demon behind the wheels. Kills a man over what? Allegedly, Dre and Cube were bringing up his name blah blah blah. 3 Strikes is in effect…Life w/o Parole! In his case, blood is on his hands multiple times…Death Becomes Him!

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