NFL Star Chris Johnson Targeted In Drive-By Shooting

Chris Johnson Targeted Drive-By

HSK Exclusive – Former New York Jets running back Chris Johnson was shot in the arm, and his youngest brother Dreekins Oriko Johnson was was killed, in a drive by shooting, Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida. Know why? Because, Johnson’s brother, Dreekins’ is rumored to be one of the biggest crack cocaine dealers in Orlando; he is a target for notorious gangsters in the city.

Here’s what a source told HSK:

“Chris knew his brother Dreekins, was a big d-boy in Orlando. It’s sad that Chris and Reggie got shot, but Dreekins got killed, because he was a gangsta.”

Here’s what the Orlando Sentinel reported:

“Deputies responded to a shooting call and arrived to find a Jeep the driver dead inside and two other men with gunshot wounds on the sidewalk. The victims, Reggie Johnson and Chris Johnson, both 29, said that an unknown vehicle pulled up beside them at the red light and opened fire into the Jeep, deputies said. The deceased driver was identified as Dreekins Oriko Johnson, 28.

Chris Johnson sustained a shot to his arm.”


  1. Why is his brother still selling drugs? I can’t believe with all the money Chris has his brother can’t find something more constructive to do with his time.

    • Some people get money, but want even more of it! You know how many black males are, if they run into a lot of money, they are thinking it flip it in drugs, as opposed to flip it into something sustainable.

      • Tony, you summed it up so eloquently. Pride is a positive and negative with us. Yes, he could take care of his brother financially. But, it would tear him up inside…Dreekins! Men don’t see money like that. Chris Johnson’s money is his money. Brother would never co-sign that—G-Code! Not depending on other people for money is ingrained in brothas from a young age. Many would rather risk prison and or death, before asking anybody for one red cent…The Life!

    • Because there’s never enough for some people. Also, some people seek and like that lifestyle of drugs and gangs. Had bro given him one million, he would be just a bigger player in the drug scene.

    • My dearheart, you can only be your brother/sisters keeper to a certain degree. I cannot continue to hold the hand of “grown folks” & they still want to play in traffic.

      • I know but it seems odd that a person would choose to keep selling drugs after his brother becomes a multimillionaire. I mean he could open a Sonic franchise or something, anything is better than putting your life on the line day in and day out.

      • Also if that’s the case Chris should have cut off all communication with his brother until he decides to get his act straight.

  2. sadly drugs are associated with the black community than other races, when people think of drugs they think of the black community……sad but true

    • That wasn’t the case with me when I read “Targeted in Drive-by Shooting” is what lead me to believe drugs were involved-it had nothing to do with the black community as I’m well aware drugs are not prejudiced.

      • @Blank

        white people have been poisoning the black community with drugs since 40’s 50’s 70’s and 80’s, they used black people like guinea pigs

        drugs and black people go hand in hand

        • I was raised in the 70’s and free hippie love was based off of all folks getting high. All races got high on drugs during the 70’s. I’m a black person born and raised however my parents who experienced prejudice didn’t raise me to think in that manner. I won’t ever think that because the color of my skin I’m somehow limited. IMO the person who looks at the color of someone’s skin has already lost half the battle in life. People were used like guinea pigs period all colors once again. Think institutions for mentally insane back in the 40’s and 50’s those white folks who were discarded by their families were tortured under a doctors care. Every human has a cross to bear!

    • Not true. I know Columbians and Italians who feel like people always associate their ethnic group with drugs. Especially Columbians. They hate the stereotyping too.

      • @Anonymous

        oh please!!! when it comes to movies, tv show and video games they will have a black person doing drugs!!!
        they won’t casted a white man being a drug dealer that’s for sure…. you know it and i know it

        Italian’s ain’t known for drugs, their known for shady business dealings

        black people are associated with drugs it’s the truth!!! look it up…. do your damn research!!

        • You must be real young! King of New York, State of Grace, Scarface just to name a few are movies with non-blacks dealing drugs – I could go on but I forget a lot of the movie titles.

        • Goodfellas – they were dealing drugs in that movie. I think you should heed your own advice and do more research you sound a bit small minded.

          • And Sopranos. Do people not realize that the mafia is about laundering drug money? That’s why I usually never reply to her ignorant ass. She is very weird, small minded, and petty.

        • Ok bitch it coulda been an interesting debate but you wanna curse at people so f*ck you. That’s why everyone hates your ass you are a f*cking weirdo. Maybe do your own motherfukkin research and figure out why we all k ow you are choco, tippie, lovable etc. Bytchhhhhh.

          • what do you mean everybody hates you? what are you 12 years old? but back to the topic thats why I don’t date bm they are dumb as hell and do silly bullshit. riding with a dope boy proves your ass is stupid and being a pro baller equals too dumb to live.

            • You sound as if you’ve f*cked EVERY black man breathing, & if you had, GOD bless you, & if you’re half way there, shut the f*ck up & finish up, if you haven’t f*ck you! I’m sick & tired of m.f.’s talking that b.s about my beautiful bm. Come at me bitch. Don’t worry I’ll wait………

        • So well-to-do Mexicans, Dominicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Ecuadorans, Peruvians or people with names that sound Latin American aren’t associated with drug dealing?

          Why would an Italian actor play a Latin American kingpin in a movie if they weren’t “known” for dealing drugs in media (Scarface)?

          Whenever Oliver Stone makes a movie about the drug trade he ALWAYS shows whites involved (Savages) and Steven Soderbergh shows how high-ranking whites are involved in drug trafficking and dealing internationally (Traffic). Joel and Ethan Coen cast predominantly white actors in their film about the drug trade (No Country For Old Men).

          WHITE PEOPLE ARE ASSOCIATED WITH DRUG SUPPLY, SMUGGLING, DISTRIBUTION AND CONSPIRACY. Pay attention to film and television better than what you’ve been doing.

          Research on that.

          • The sad thing is that Baylis is probably aware of all that was mentioned in our responses to her but she seems to be self-hating(???) if she is black if she is not black she is doing a lot of deflecting but anyone who seriously generalizes a group of ppl these days has been forgotten in time.

            • @Blank

              your wrong about me!! i’m not self hating i love my races, i’m just pointing out the facts if anything blame TV and music !!
              just making a valid point other races think so as wells

              if you asked other races about drug they will assume black people

          • @Anonymous

            f*ck you!! you decided to comment on my shyt yet again, some of your points have valid but
            what i’m saying is right!! if you asked a Chinese person or a white person about drugs they will assume black people!!! or black men

            blame it on tv and music and movies

            • Ok well Baylis if you are not self hating why would I go to another race to find out what they think about black ppl again you want me to feel validated by someone else from another race or you want me to find proof of how blacks are looked from another ethnic group. What will that do for me – I think I have a pretty good idea on how some blacks are seen but I still don’t subscribe to that mess. Like I said all races have their good and their bad. I mean since you brought up Asians most ppl in the world believe they eat cat and dog – but this happens to be fact. I can’t get with all that – that you are challenging me with. The real challenge is changing how you see the world and how you are seen in the world. I also don’t blame anyone or anything. I don’t believe such as you do that blacks are always associated with drugs.

            • @Blank

              that’s how other race perceive black people, they think all black people are into drugs

            • Baylis I don’t know it may have something to do with where folks live geographically – where I’m from the DMV I don’t think we associate drugs with blacks as the hoods are now integrated with all types of ethnic backgrounds – now I may associate with a lot of drug use to the hood but not only blacks live in the hood from where I’m from.

            • @Blank

              there are plenty of films/tv that depicts black people as drug dealers

              is funny how you people on here call me stupid and crazy, but TV is making black people look like fools

              Menace To Society
              Boyz In The Hood
              The Wire

              and many more films and tv

            • we know other races are scared of black people because of tv shows are portraying black people as thug’s and drug dealers
              they portraying black people as villains in some cartoon show!!! and books

              what i’m saying is the truth!! it’s not my fault, it’s the stereotype of black people cooning and buffooning on tv
              that’s whats f*cking up people’s persecution of black people

            • Baylis – I’m not coming for you I’m just replying you are being way to sensitive here. Now as far as the shows you are mentioning they are groundbreaking for black movie producers so on and so forth. Friday and Menace and Boyz were all produced and distributed during a time where it was unheard of for a black man to write, produce and get his movie on the Silver Screen. The content of these movies hit home to a lot of black ppl but the content of those movies were not soley based on black ppl and drugs it moreso showed the struggle of black folks good and bad tryng to get out of the hood. They were successful breakthroughs for us – Spike Lee, Tyler Perry and countless others were able to showcase their talent because of those break-through movies. At this point I’m going to sum it up as in how you see things and interpret them.

            • I don’t know Baylis I think we won’t ever agree on the same perception. So we will just leave it at that. I don’t necessarily use movies as a real life reference when it comes to real life – I do see them as an example though.

        • The most famous drug dealers in movies are always white. Baylis I don’t know where you get this shit from. Sure, there are very successful and smart black drug kingpins like Freeway Ricky Ross, but when it comes to BIG Hollywood movies, like “Blow” with Johnny Depp or “Scarface” with Pacino, they’re almost always white.
          Now if you wanna talk BLACK films, then yes, they show a lot of users and sellers as blacks in the hood. Big not in major movies(one exception: the one with Denzel as Frank Lucas.)

    • The reality is that white (mainly meth) have their own community of drugs and gangs, latinos, and blacks. No one is exempt. No one.

    • Yes, drugs…but small time stuff

      BiG TIME Cartels, the ones who REALLY make the money. usually white men or columbians.

  3. BM keep showing the world how ignorant and immature they are when was the last time you heard about a white boy baller getting popped will riding shotgun with his brother the dopeboy?

    ladies drop those zeroes and get with other heroes bm are passe! too much drama and too unloyal those hoes aren’t worth the trouble

    • Hardly anyone, and I know because I’m involved. Most crack heads have changed to heroin and meth because they are much cheaper and the high lasts 5-10 times longer. The only folks who still buy rocks are usually older males. The young kids switched to molly and they snort heroin now. Meth is for losers, but some people like it because it is so cheap and keeps you going so long. But it ruins everything in your life.

  4. Dear NFL,

    Save the theatrics. What is really going on with all of these black players? It is plain as the raggedy and tired script you are using, that they don’t want to go along with something. And so, you persecute them. A lot of us know how the upper strata gets down. The filth and evil you all really do surpasses all decent people’s imagination. What these guys are bring shamed for is nothing compared to what you guys indulge in, and you know it. One day the truth will come out because nothing is concealed except to be revealed.

    Parents: direct your gifted children anywhere but to the NFL.

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