The Husband of Chris Brown’s Baby Momma Defends His Estranged Wife

Nia Amey Husband Betrayed

Terry, the husband of Chris Brown’s baby momma, Nia Amey, filed for divorce after he found out Nia, had an affair with the singer. Turns out, at first; he believed he was the father of Royalty, before learning via a paternity test that actual father was Chris Brown.

Nia and Terry Amey, were married in January 2003; they lived together as husband and wife until 2014.

Here’s what Terry Amey said:

“It might be a shock to the world being that Chris Brown is a father and now he’s going to have to step up to do right thing. But at the same time I’m a god-loving person and I have to forgive to give my message.

She was young and she had obstacles and made mistakes and now you have a child involved.
Social media is making it worse than what it is. But nobody is perfect. When you’re in this industry all types of things are going to happen. It’s not just happening with my ex wife – it’s all women in the industry. When you allow persuasion and [being] misled to guide you, things are going to happen. It is what it is. It’s a part of growing.

Social media is saying this and that and that she’s a gold digger. … Nia is not the person who they portray. She has a past, but who don’t have one. She knew whose that baby was, so that name ‘Royalty’ came about because she will be royalty.”

Nia and I also have a 13-year-old daughter, Zillah. I’m upset social media is blowing this up and two kids are involved and they’re young. Nia is a great mother. She’s been raising Zillah and Royalty” with the help of her own mother.”


  1. Wow, I commend dude for being so mature and a man about it. Hope he bounce back. As far as Chris Brown, how can you hit a random raw much less a married random? All that ink done gave the poor boy poisoning.

    • Yes you are right that young man is very mature on how he’s handling it and we need more people to step up and be mature in similiar situations.

      • This guy is a stand out. Its too bad he will now have a negative opinion about woman. Just because one, and the one’s like her are evil, doesn’t mean we all are! I no longer think Chris can turn it around, he let the evils of his childhood shape him into the man he is!

        • @Gluten the young man seems to be handling it in the best way he can and he never bad mouth the girl although she was wrong so he may not have a negative opinion about women it seems he knows one bad apple don’t affect the whole bunch lol

    • O wow! He is more than mature! I guess! She might have had a past but why did she go on allowing this man to believe this was his child? That speaks volumes about her character! Yes she had a past and yes we HAVE ALL MADE MISTAKES however when do you step up and taken ownership of the crapola you created! SHE is no victim! HER husband and children are! He should stop trying to protect her Ratchet ass! It was and is wrong!

  2. I agree Telka….This is tragic to say the least. Chris Brown cannot have a relationship with anyone he loves, yet alone his own mother and the amount of thots including Coochie Coo-coo, who has low self-esteem and keep running back to him. I will say that Rihanna put her foot down and as much as her cooch has been a turnstyle for many *icks, at least she had enough since to get the hell away from Chris Brown.

    I feel that no matter what happens, I hope this child has this man as a father in her life. Sperm and childsupport don’t make a daddy these days. My husband who was a stepfather to my children is living proof of this. He came in and took my four kids as if they were his, because my ex-husband was a bum! Good Luck to dude and this whole debacle.

    • I agree 100% I have been married 16 years and I had 2 kids prior to meeting my husband. He has loved them and raised them as his own. He can still be a father to this baby. He doesn’t have to give her up. That will give her 2 dad’s that love her. I doubt Chris will really be in this child’s life. So she will need her stepdad.

      • I totally agree with you when you say you doubt Chris is gonna be in this child’s life, and her soon to be ex husband would be more than happy to raise that baby as if it was his own….. the problem is I don’t think she really gives a damn who the father is, what’s important to her is who’s pocket’s are deeper.

    • ThatBKchick blessings to you and your husband who stepped up and that is a real man for you .These men today are fukin all over the place making babies and just walking away and I am glad the courts have DNA test and get child support from them .How you gone create life and walk away ? Fools gone learn and the women too who easily aint responsible.

      • hmmm but who is the carrier of the baby….it takes two ..women can also prevent themselves from getting preggo by putting their foot down and telling these dudes to strap up or no poons!!!

        its not just the men at fault here

        MEN and WOMEN are to blame

        • AGREEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDD this chick knew she was married! It is and was not all of Chris Brown’s fault.This heffa was MARRIED and sleeping with this crazy dude without any protection to say the least. I am no morality police. However it is amazing how the story is reflecting onto CHris Brown only. SHe participated also! She was just as much at fault in this as Chris Brown’s psychotic ass!

  3. Damn my heart is sad because he done loved this child and to hear that she is not his? Man, I really feel sorry for this young man. Now that Chris is the father, he really have to man up, change his ways, and look at the fact he has a daughter now. The things he had to women in his past, he has to look at it from a standpoint now he has a daughter.

    • To the men who want to be father’s, this is the worst news you can get. At the same time thank God she is a baby. When kids are older and a man finds out itnot his, they truly lose it.

    • Most likely Chris wont step to the plate. Also, that ladies ex-husband does not owe that baby anything. Women need to understand the choices they make impact their children. It would be nice if he stayed in this child’s life, but no one can demonize him if he chose not to. Also, I am tired of black people giving sluts a pass. She cheated on him, brought a baby into it, and truth be told her first baby was taken away from her because she was deemed unfit. I hate to say it, but a lot of black men are self hating and they give mixed or non-black women a pass they would not give a true black woman. This woman was plain ol nasty and disrespectful to her marriage, he looks like a fool defending her. However, so many black women will applaud this foolishness because they want someone to forgive their nasty behavior.

      • I dont think he looks like a fool defending her he possibly does not want to harbour hate and resentment and can’t change the situation.Too many hateful people out here and he said everyone has a troubled past and no one is perfect .We need more level headed people like this in the world.

        • people like drama and fighting so when they see someone handling a situation the right way they call them fools lol well we create the drama we bring so let it go hun and let God.

          • That part! I’m very proud to know that there are still men out there! He could have very easily switched reels, it was duly within in his rights, he chose not to. May GOD continue bless & keep him!

      • Yep! U hit the nail on the nose with this 1
        I wonder if this was done by a black woman
        would it had been the same response

  4. My heart is heavy for this brother and the child. As for the woman, it’s pity. Sounds like she broke up a good home. She lost her man and will have to explain this to her children. YUCK

  5. As for Chris Brown, for all his money… I wouldn’t want his life. He’s gone from a 17 yr old sensation…to WTF. I don’t even think he’ll live long ( not the reckless way he’s living) he’s gonna need Oprah ‘s help to sit down and even explain this shit to his children. A rich loser.

    • Um.. WHO r U.. ro say how long he will live! First off HE didn’t KNOW about the baby till a week ago! She was the one fooling everyone. . And HOLLYWOOD STREET got it WRONG AGAIN! THIS is Not Nia ex husband! ! This dude is who SHE said was the father initially. . Her HUSBAND the father of her older daughter is a whole bother guy! Leave Chris alone. . He stood up an d took reapon sibiky

      • @20:23 I understand your point yet we don’t know if Chris Brown just found out about his daughter.We can only go by what the media feed us and what Chris Brown’s camp(spokes people)want us to believe.He could have known and privately tried to deal with it or not but either way hopefully this child getsa fair chance in all of this.

  6. Dude she cheated on you with a famous rich guy, then went raw and had his baby. You married a certified Thot ain’t nothing you can say that will make ppl think otherwise. You need to rethink your life choices and choose a better chick next time.

    • I agree, she made him look like a complete fool. Him defendng her behavior makes him look even more stupid. He needs to rebuild his life, make better choices in partners and get some self respect.

      • So he defending her and that does not make him a fool .Too many abusive men out here ready to swing or verbally act crazy now they are the true fools.This man just see the situation for what it is and now he can just move on no drama needed or name calling or speaking bad on the woman .Learn something people hate is not in everyone.

  7. No, you have things mixed up. The man pictured is the boyfriend of Nia. He loves the baby. The husband left her when she got pregnant. 2 different men in her life.

    • Ooohhhh okay!!! Got it. So she just all over the place. So the husband left her over her thotness and this dumb dumb scooped her up. Lmao. Got it

      • Yes you are correct. The husband had a DNA test and found out the baby was not his–He left her.
        2. Then she told Yaya He was the father. He supported her for 18 months then he had a DNA test, 3. then she requested a test of Chris Brown.
        Chris is the dad.

        • Ooohhh wowww, thats crazy. Oh my! Yikes, she off the chain. Lmao. I skim through the story and missed all the details. Lmao

        • Damn thanks for explaining Wren .Now this chick did all them DNA test well she might as well go do many STD test too.

    • Wren no disrespect but I think you got the story all mixed up go re-read it please otherwise I’m going to have to act a fool up in here for being confused .

  8. Bottom line is you wanted a child with some good hair that bad you played yourself for a Thot who wasn’t loyal to you. Stop trying to paint the picture she’s sweet and loyal because clearly she ain’t. That is not a little mistake, that’s a huge F–k up, one that is unacceptable to another man. Either you really don’t want her or you trying to get some money out of this. My husband would have me on 48 hours if I made this mistake. I can barely talk to another man without him giving me the side eye, let alone cheat. Fool you crazy, you can’t posibably love this girl.

    • I almost was understanding your comment until you through in the “good hair” part.Please explain what that has to do with anything? or is that just your hang up and only focus?

      • It’s not her hangup. I am tired of black people not recognizing this issue. There are some black people so ignorant and self loathing, that if a woman is light or white with non-black hair, they will accept all sorts of foolishness. I’m a chocolate man, light skinned curly haired women throw themselves at me all the time, but I noticed that they are arrogant even when they have nothing going or themselves. Sometimes they think they look good, but they don’t, they have been mislead by color struck men. Color struck men are ignorant, pathetic, and not a prize to have, but they do exist. To say they don’t or that this is not an issue in the black community– shows your ignorance or denial.

        • No one said it does not exist we know it does but what has that to do with the story and not every black man goes with a woman to get a child with so called”good hair” .Thats an unfair assessment .That’s like saying a white man wants a black woman because he wants a child with big lips see how ignorant that sounds ? ….moving along

          • Your comment makes no real sense. She didn’t say it was every black man. She is talking about this one. Looks like he overlooked the obvious fact that she is a total slur and impregnated her anyway. It’s a well known fact black men will put up with shit from a non black female that they would never tolerate from their own. They really do get sprung over light skin and a loosened hair pattern. Btw. White men often will pursue black women because they fetishize their skin, butts or lips. So its not unheard of.

        • Preach @Thomas! Tell the truth about it a expose the devil! U got a good strong independent thinking mind on you bro 🙂

      • My dad was that man, my Mother used him, cheated on him, and divorced him. But today he thinks he’s in love with her. She told him from day one she was using him but he still married her and had kids with her. We asked him why and his response was because she is beautiful and he wanted beautiful kids. Many men have this same concept and I understand wanting a beautiful wife but not to the extent youre willing to sacrifice your dignity for it. Then today we have an even worst bunch that axed out beauty altogether and only care about skin color and curly hair. I’m not saying all men do this because I know more men that prefer loyalty above everything. But I know men who are dating and marrying some of the most thottiest woman over beauty or hideous woman over hair texture and skin color. So based on my personal experience with my Dad and a few other men I know, the only way I can see a guy tolerating this non sense is if he’s infatuated with looks or using her.

        • Pls with this lame and bullshit story Ho save us this garbage next time like…. gtfoh !

          • @Stuntman Yeah I know, it’s super sad, because it really messes up the household in the end when ppl don’t have kids for the right reasons. I’ve personally been through what appears or could be the same scenario and this stuff needs to stop. It makes no since to praise a Thot like this. If she cared that much about her kids, she would try not to put them in these situations. Cheating on your husband and having a baby for some money or fame is not signs of a Good Mother. That’s called signs of a hoe and a selfish woman. The name Royalty kind of makes it seem as this was planned and not the average accident. I mean I could be wrong because I don’t know these ppl but based on whats reported that’s what I see.

      • @10:55 you are absolutely right “good hair” is hair that is strong ,vital,moisturized,clean and not damaged from excessive heat and broken off due to chemicals and dyes (color).My sister we are both African american and she always had the long shiny curly silky hair known as the”good” hair.People complimented her on it and I was never jealous because it’s just hair to me and mine was short and very course and hard to manage. As the years past my coarse nappy hair grew long ,thick and strong very healthy .My sister hair has broken off and gotten very thin due to her using perms and chemicals which I felt she never needed.I am perm free all natural for 5 years now .She couldn’t understand how my hair grew out so healthy and long it’s because I moisturize and take care of my hair .She said I have “good” hair and I correct her and said no I have healthy hair and explained the difference to her.Not everyone is caught up on so called “good hair” it’s just dead protein growing from our head and our hair does not determine our life ……………(long speech version )lol

  9. Sucka ass nigga. Wtf is wrong with these p*ssy ass faggot muthaf*ckers. Yo wife f*cked another man, had his kid, told you it was yours, but named her royalty because she knew what she did. But shes a good person. Fool. Chump. Educate yourself you f*cking idiot and stop allowing a bitch to run the show. All this is your own fault. Stop acting like some victum you male bitch. I’m supposed to give a bitch some credit because she raised her Own kids with the help of her moms, and a whole bunch of lying and f*cking to get paid? You don’t get credit for that! Hoe!

    • Exactly! lmao I was thinking the same thing about the name royalty too. She knew she cashed in on CB. Lmao. Wonder how many more non loyal girls chris want now. now he has to pay child support and lost his girl. Because we all know karauche on to the next baller 5..4…3..2….1

      • Girl Koochie koon ain’t leaving. She will be right there threatening to leave. She had no self esteem. When it’s over he will be the one to drop her. Not the other way around.

        • From what I read carachute has left him saying the baby was the last straw.Yet you maybe right some women still stay regardless ,but guess we will find out in time if she stays .

  10. Yall ain’t dissing this mexican chick for playing two bm? if that was a bw being played by two mexicans yall would be calling her sell out bed wenches these modern bm are dumb as hell and easily played by nonblack women.

  11. how that bitch 32 years old and got her mother raising HER kids ????? ctfu Tacky

  12. Let’s not forget Chris Brown was diagnosed as being bipolar. Whether he’s on meds or not that illness is genetic. I feel bad for this child to have an irresponsible mother.

  13. Sorry Bruh but you can make “manure” look , taste , or smell like anything but what it is no matter how many flowers you put on in or around it …its still manure . You got played , we feel for u. But your ex…shes a hoe and we keep saying you cant make a hoe a housewife , no matter how much you try.

  14. Yeah everyone has a past…some are good, some are bad and some are ugly. DaRadiant has an ugly one.

    • 19:25 No that was icing on the cake. And trust and believe that is a simple one. Like I said before it is my life. But U have to understand one thing, I didn’t have a childhood. I had to sacrifice my childhood and teenage days to take care a family member while my mom works. Was it worth it? Yes it was worth it. And when you’re young like U said we got the good, the bad, and the ugly. But what I did was simple compared what major secret that I still hold on til this day. So let my situation be a closed case. I learned from it, so did everybody else. At least I am one of the honest ones out here that would tell the truth.

  15. Lady lovely and Obama got straight to the tell it like it is…and you made me laugh..thanks

  16. awwww hell no! that bitch probably laid up with this sucka carrying another’s man semen in her ass, p*ssy and throat! FOHWTBS

    • FOHWTBS =figuring out how words tell better sentences……………………… your mouth lol

  17. Damn she is a old messy Thot. Her and all these men need to be checked for every STD. I am embarrassed for her teenage daughter, hope she doesn’t follow in her mother’s foot steps.

  18. all I can say is, men stop wifing up these sluts, what did He really expect He married a whore who sleeps around.
    men Your problem is Your attracted to whores that wear short and skimpy outfits, who wear too much make up

  19. Why are they hiding the babies face we been seen her lil adorable self, she’s absolutely adorable I wonder if she’s really Chris baby or is this a trap? Chris you really should find out if she’s really yours, she’s so pretty and little doll, some how though I think this could be a trap or something it seems kinda fishy why didn’t she say this when she first got pregnant? because she was married? ok well she’s still married and she’s saying its Chris’s baby so what’s the difference? Between then and now? I think he should get a D.N.A.test,when will people learn to use protection?

  20. Didn’t the story say a DNA test was done proving Chris was the father?….ain’t much of a trap now is it?

  21. First of all I’m sorry I don’t feel bad for this Nigga he really thought that baby with that hair was his? He wish!!! And he talkin about he been here for her all her life, I commend him however, she ain’t that old.

  22. I can’t believe people are really buying into this bs. America people are that gullible and easily misled. I guess so. This fake story is not even news worthy. Well atheist the government thanks CB for keeping black people’s mind distracted while they pass another bill. Smdh

  23. I was thinking the same thing that this is a fake story to keep Chris’s name relevant because he’s concerts are not selling. Why would this woman wait until now?

  24. I am just waiting for some reason Kim Kardashian’s names comes out fo someone;s mouth because every blog that isn’t about her people seem to find a reason to mention her lmao

  25. @on topa thangs baby! and anonymous i saying everybody just jumped on the bandwagon chris is the daddy cause and old lying thirsty thot him and group of other celeb used up with a white looking flat haired baby say so ! i haven’t as of yet heard it from chris mouth nor have i seen a test saying you are the father. she just had the baby last yeard were in the third month of this year wasn’t chris doing rehab all last year was he not locked up for along time. no one is checking for the holes in the story all we have is the woman word and thats it. i would believe her if she said chris gave her a diseases before i beleive he gave her baby weres the proof.not tryna paint chris up cause he has his issues and if the baby is his rather he wanna except it or not needs to step up to the plate and take of his child but if not demand a test.

    • I read that a test was done and proved he was the father which is why the media is all over this story.

  26. Bitches like her turn good men bad she probably didn’t think Chris was going to take the test and put it on this man that he’s the father smfh oh well what goes around comes around

    • Well the men were not good to begin with if they can allow someone like this situation turn them into bad men.

    • How does what goes around comes around? innocent babies and kids are getting hurt out here more than eva these days so what did they do to have something bad go around and then something bad come around on them?

        • Well Einstein I was using all innocent children and babies as an example about how does what goes around come around when many are being abused or neglected I was not referring to this baby but guess you could not answer the question ….Karma does not exist.

  27. Well she is light skinnded with gud hair thats all that matter
    But Chris dont seem to thrilled about it

    • U sound ignorant as f*ck she’s light with good hair that’s all that matters!? No the hell it ain’t he had a baby with a thot and in case u didn’t know Chris brown is light skin and karrauche is as well and they both have good hair texture smfh that was such a coon comment

      • Many coons learn from the upbringing of the coons in their household or learn it from their peers.Unfortunately the coonish beliefs still linger on into adulthood which you would think one has learned better.

  28. Nope he don’t, because that’s all she got! She look washed up.

    My theory is, she played these other two dudes on purpose. Because Chris appears to be unpredictable and is well connected. He probably would’ve tried anything and stopped at nothing to stop her washed up behind from having this baby. But she blindsided him on purpose. Guess these “hoes ain’t loyal” song came right back and kicked him in his behind. I like Chris and the song be hittin, but I guess he learned his lesson from taking a broke nigga bytch. lol

  29. Now her, the ex husband, the boyfriend and the baby about to come up and get some fame action and money off Chris Brown dumb azz. That’s why this dude gave that dumb silly speech about her being a good mom, he trying to get in the mix and capitalize. Chris played his on self, with this one. That’s what he get, in the end the rich nigga got played. Lol he better leave ppl woman alone.

  30. I still say this story is fake and a bunch of .bs. Until there is concrete proof that my eyes can see, I’m not buying it. Celebs will do and say anything to keep their names out there. Their managers and puppet masters will pay anyone to be a part of it. Not buying it.


    • Watch most of these reality shows and you will see the camera focused on a statue of saturn sitting on a desk or shelf right behind the cast members it is shown on purpose as if it’s their code.

  32. when it comes to “Non Black Women” you nicca’s are gullible!!

    they see black men as a 2nd choice when their own kind doesn’t want them which is f*cking ridicules
    you black men will rather wife up a white ugly fat bytch than a sexy looking black women will sexy curves and lips,
    you niccas will rather wife up a ugly fat light skinned bytch than a skinny black women with sexyful hair

    when it comes to “Good Hair” some black people are blessed to have long thick hair
    i had long thick hair but I got lazy so I chopped it all off three times

    • Preach smfh shit is sad af when I moved to the Midwest that’s all I saw black men with ugly at white women and I’m fine af they didn’t even look my way

      • @xoxo

        thanks, some people around here think I’m crazy!! but I’m just telling the truth!!

        • No I know some guys from where I live at who date unattractive females from the opposite race – but I mean that’s their problem not mine.

          • I was watching Steve Wilko on YouTube, and a black guy was because he’s light skinned girlfriend was f*cking some other nicca in front of their child!!!

            she wasn’t even that attractive to say the least she was fat and ugly, and she wore a wig!!!
            he was upset he seemed sweet, but again black men stop dicking down these slutty looking women just because their light and airy doesn’t mean they have a good personalities

            • Wouldn’t the most important issue be that they were having sex in front of his child as opposed to how the woman looked?….your priorities are mixed up and focused on vain issues of the heart.

            • Can I ask you what is your real problem with black men, race, professional athletes etc? If you are so pro-black why are you constantly ridiculing black folks?

            • Yes I was asking you that question. Sadly or maybe not I don’t know a Tommy Sotomayer like I stated before I try to stay away from nonsense. Okay I agree some black men can be misguided.

          • Perhaps they did not see it as a problem which is why they dated the unattractive females from the opposite race.

      • Don’t you all know by now it’s not about the beauty of a woman but the way she makes him FEEL as a man as a human being? Countless of nice looking men have chosen and even cheated on their nice looking partner for someone they consider”not so attractive” or even overweight simply because beauty is only to the eyes of the beholder and doesn’t necessarily carry the wight of touching the heart and spirit .The way a person carries themselves and connect with someone is the true key to unlock the heart:)

        • I’ve been known that hell I may have dated some men that some females deem unattractive but I found something attractive about them. I guess I’m a snob as in I could care less about the next couple and what race they are. I just want to be surrounded by positive progressive folks – they come in many shapes, color and sizes.

          • No Blank you are definitely not considered a snob.You are mentally aware and mature minded which we need more of in this world.

    • No one wants who the fat ugly females or the dudes that date them? You seem nice enough but you have very strong opinions that could hurt someone’s feelings without you realizing it. I think I’ve done the same thing in my past so pls don’t take this as me judging you – I just saw myself in you for a moment.

      • @Blank at least you are owning up and learned……Miss Baylis knows exactly what she’s saying and it is done intentionally .Someone rejected or hurt her feelings so naturally she has to lash out.That is what SOME women and men do ESPECIALLY women.You don’t hear too many men calling other men fat and ugly lol Some people don’t actually believe what they type they are just seeking a response to a ignorant comment especially to see people get hyped up .

    • Even you don’t believe that lame excuse lol….feel good about yourself and then you will not care what people look like but will walk in confidence from knowing who you are and it takes more than looking in the mirror checking your hair,body ,and make up.Confidence connects with confidence ,hold your head up and lift others up while self love and confidence manifest within you.

  33. That was kind of him – but if she is so forgiven and should be excused for her actions and he is so understandable then why divorce her? Just because the child is named Royalty doesn’t mean she will be Royal or treated as such. I think they all need to stay off social media especially since there is a 13 y o being affected by this.

    • Many have forgiven their ex -wives but felt a divorce was necessary in order for whatever negative behavior behavior not be inserted into their life repeatedly.One can only forgive so much.

  34. I get a DL vibe from him and he might as well kiss his credibility goodbye he is the one that posted the DNA test.

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