Kevin Hart & Denzel Washington Team Up With Sony Pictures

Denzel Kevin Hart Movie

HSK Exclusive – Kevin Hart and Denzel Washington are both currently filming a yet to be titled comedy film together, for Sony Pictures.

Dig the drop:

“Kevin and Denzel were downtown L.A. a few weeks back filming a movie together. I can’t give away the details, but expect it in theaters sometime next year.”


    • If Denzel and Kevin had of help crucified “SONY” which his a racist company owned some Japenese people they could have help ushered in Black people to run the studios and get some better films greenlighted (made)SAD that this didn’t happen, some of us loves being a slave

      • Amy Pascal being pushed out by Sharpton is symbolic at best. The real power is in the behind the lens. Our problem, is that, we love to be the center of attention. Meanwhile, the other side is content to play the background. Flossin’ Season has come and gone. Being able to greenlight this and that is what’s up. Explains why Shonda Rhimes got ABC kissing her ring. From her vantage point, she can aid and abet Kerry Washington and Viola Davis among many. We’ll see if Lee Daniels can flip the success of Empire into broader opportunities for more blacks in Hollywood…We Shall See!

        • Please if they are hanging my half breed ass by a army. Let them hang me, Don’t call Jessie Jackson no count coon asshole or let them burn me to death. If u see him there , please do it for me. I’m so sick of the NIGGERS selling our souls for their luxury lifestyle. I can stand alone n strong for my convictions.,be centered and stand for something or we all will be like Jessie n Al. Stealing from tt he poor n needy. Al sharp ton bubby head, is a waste of TV time and blacks especially.
          The gov been paying these two niggers for decades.. What exactly is there job title. Title—General flunky, steal from their people in need and stir up trouble and leave. I’m so happy I’m not from America.. But the freedom ALL have here compared to oversees is remarkable IMO

    • Thank u I don’t like his attitude and his jokes are stale and boring.. I don’t waste my monies on movies.. Cheaper to rent Than to watch Kevin Hart act an ass on screen.sorry Denzel. I don’t pay to see you..
      All of these wealthy actors—can’t they start their studio and green light their films..

    • either. Hes just the token negro of the month that white folks feel safe around which is why he continues to be in damn near every movie lately

  1. Im sorry is this the same SONY that talked sh!t about both of these guys
    during the infamous email hacks…wow. Neither N. KOREA OR MICHAEL JACKSON could get it through these peoples thick skulls that they are nothing but pawns in game.

  2. The sound of Kevin Hart’s voice is so annoying…and no he is not funny…just foolish

  3. Huuuummmm….
    I have to ask Anonymous 1874U about this.
    I guess everyone wants to make money off that runt Kevin Hart. After all, he is one of Hollywood’s current cash cows.

  4. SInce this movie is produced by Sony, should we as black people boycott all Sony Movies and products?

    P.S. When was the last time Denzel starred in a comedy?

      • You thought Training Day was funny? I thought is was rather sad. A black man plays a crooked cop and Denzel gets a false idol award for it. Denzel’s acting was outstanding as always, nevertheless, the message of the movie was evil black cop defeated by straight, by the book, good guy white cop. You must learn to see what is hidden in plain sight! When you do, you will see that these black celebrities are nothing but puppets that are used, abused and discarded by the hollywood mafia.

        • plenty of crooked people are played and portrayed by whites in movies and Denzel has been in films in which he’s been a good cop against the white baddie……. hence ‘Training Day’ is what it is ….just another movie!

          black against white or vice versa makes things more interesting.

          Id been more concerned if Denzel played the good guy all the time.

        • @NBA—they skipped over him for the award he DESERVED in
          “Remember the Titans”. The football movie during segregation was OSCAR WORTHY, but no they had to wait until he played a no good cop, stealing and getting shot in the ass to when an Oscar.. But heybthatsvHollyweird for you..

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