Jay Z’s Business Partner Cooperated With The DEA


    Dame Dash recently called Jay Z a police informant. Know why? Because, Dame saw court transcripts revealing that Shawn “Jay Z” Carter’s current business partner, Desiree Perez, cooperated with DEA agents on numerous occasions.

    Court transcripts shows Perez wore a wire to bust Colombians moving cocaine shipments of 50 to 100 kilograms.

    Perez’s father, Epifiano Gonzalez, owns 50% of the 40/40 club in Las Vegas, and Desiree is a part of Rihanna’s management team.

    Here’s Florida Panthers executive Michael Yormark praising Desiree Perez:

    “I am honored and humbled to be joining Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports as President and Chief Strategy Officer. I am thrilled to join an exciting, innovative organization led by Desiree and Juan Perez.”


    Here’s excerpts from Desiree Perez’s court transcripts:

    “Perez was a 26-year-old mother of young children in 1994 when she was arrested in New York for possession with intent to distribute 35 kilograms of cocaine.

    Perez has really worked closely with agents, assistant U.S. Attorney Laurence Bardfeld told a judge that day, arguing to keep Perez out of jail.

    Miami-based defense attorney Alan Ross told the judge that his client wore a wire on no less than the four or five occasions when she’s been down there in Puerto Rico.

    ‘And I think the court knows from its experience that you just can’t do anything more dangerous than wear a wire and go into an undercover meeting in Puerto Rico with a known violator, one whose (sic) suspected of — or being investigated for — a murder case down there.

    Perez helped DEA special agents she worked with to bust Colombians moving cocaine shipments of 50 to 100 kilograms.

    She has gone the extra mile.’

    Perez was released that July and placed on five years of supervised release. She began working at nightspots in Miami Beach and was scheduled to meet her probation officer at one of them, Club Onyx, when she skipped town without notice in early August 1997.

    The fugitive resurfaced nine month later in Brooklyn, where she was arrested on March 5, 1998. Perez was charged with grand larceny, criminal use of drug paraphernalia and criminal possession of a firearm.

    Her probation was revoked and she was sentenced to nine months in prison and three years of supervised release.

    Perez appears to have been in business with Jay Z since at least 2002.”

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    1. Meh…I’ve said it 100 times here: show me a half billionaire whose hands are squeaky clean. One doesn’t achieve that level of success without utilizing some unorthodox and possibly shady methods.

      And Jay, in your case, clothes DO make the man! Your manner of dressing, particularly your flawlessly tailored suits, make you seem more attractive than you were in your prime. When it comes to fashion, Kanye could learn a thing or two from you.

    2. Damn! Dame was right! So the 50/50 is nothing but night club covering for drug laundering. Damn! ( singing Nelly’s Hot in Here)

      • Dame if you check any of his past interviews he’s always referred to a certain associate of JayZ as a Snitch whom was assisting others according to Dame isue in lawsuits against him who is Steve Stoute btw.Trust me,his comments had nothing to do with this female and he hates the fact that he’s been supplanted by JayZ for the Commissioner Steve Stoute whom he hates passionately.

      • So if she did snitch shouldn’t she be somewhere in hiding ,or underground anonymous ? She standing there all calm and shit I would not trust anyone .

    3. This ninja here is getting ready to smash, he took his tie off already. That suit don’t look right with the Mexican button up job on the shirt.

    4. Dame better STFU or he’ll be swimming with the fishes. Them Columbians ain’t no joke. Nucca’s like Jay always get off clean though….

    5. Why do the Carters associate with so many criminals? At this point you would think they would be working with a better class of people. At any rate they better be careful messing with those Colombian gangsters because they will take out your entire family without batting an eye.

      • The power of a machete is no f*cking joke to the Colombians. Cut your hand, head, and arm off if you f*ck up over three things, money, product, and family. Jay and Bey need to leave those fools alone.

        • For Real. The odd thing is they have the nerve to be selective about who they associate with socially while doing business with criminals.
          I remember someone around here explaining street taxes to me. This makes me wonder if the Carters are paying a street tax to the Colombians or some other criminal organization.

          • Cheese I remembered that post. I think it was Drake, Chris, or was it Rick Ross. But any who, they are living a real liver Bonnie and Clyde . The Colombians! Now they are straight up fools! What Jay and Bey trying to do? Build a cartel of their own?

      • Someone asked the question why do the Carters associate with so many criminals? hahahahshahahahahshshaha OMG they are part of the industry that alone should answer your question.

    6. I wonder if Desiree is Colombian herself? She looks like it to me. It’s a little different look from PR and Dominicans. Maybe that’s how she and her family were connected.
      Ever since I saw that documentary Cocaine Cowboys, I have no doubt that those involved with the cartels will stop at nothing. And from what I am learning now, the Mexican Sinoloa cartel is even more deadly and ruthless.

      • Go to hell bitch! With y’all your split personalities! Y’all CB is back again!

        • The same bitch that was messing with U, me Rah and a few others. She changes her name like Choco , loveable fruits, CB,. U can always tell when she comes on because U see a repeated pattern.

          • And I guess it was you and Ms reg who warned us of this choco and tippetoes it was you who told Hsk 1st I remember!

    7. Interesting to see the name of an executive from a professional sports team mentioned in this story but there needs to be some clarification. Michael Yorkman ran the Florida Panthers until 2014 then left that job to run the business side of Roc Nation as their Chief Strategy Officer. In any case, exposing this woman as an informant puts her at risk as well as those around her. One wonders what kind of relationship she has to hold onto this kind of job security.

    8. LOL!! REALLY? What a joke, like nobody knows the dirtyness of jay Z he been a snake what’s new about that? GTFOH!

    9. Look at Beyoncé in the middle of it – she needs her Daddy back. Too late, though.

      Major mistake in her career and now she has to concentrate on saving her life. Poor Blue in the middle of this corrupt, raunchy life.

      • True and thats why I tell people these people in the “industry” are not to be idolized you never know who they are surrounded by and involved in .How the hell can a person enjoy their riches and good lifestyle if they have to keep looking over their back.Shit it aint worth it.

    10. I’ve said it a thousand times – Bey / Jay are on their way down. When you do so many people wrong you have to know that at some point you have to pay the piper. Trust and believe their reign is almost up for somebody is going to put hands on their dirty dealings…Next up….IRS

      • So true. Bey is not selling cds like she use to. People are sick and tired of them. Yep they are going down,

        • NO ONE is selling albums like they used to. That isn’t a gauge of popularity or Q factor anymore. There are many media consulting tests which determine who is on the up and who is on the way down, but album sales no longer represent much in the downloading age.

          For those who are waiting with baited breath for the decline of the Carters, better grab a comfy chair along side all the religious folks who have been predicting the end of days for 500 years.
          Ain’t neither one happenin any time soon.

          • @15:07 you must really be an idolizer of the Carters to really believe they are exempt from declining lol You don’t know how the higher ups (the big bosses)in the industry work.Better yet you definitely don’t know how the Super boss God works and he can take anyone down who thinks they are much more than they really are …..pride before the fall The Carters are not untouchable and haven’t you been paying attention to the music industry lately? or how God operates? oh how they idolize their queens and kings lol

            • Is that the same God who’s going to perform a miracle on Bobbi Kristina? lol

              If God had any power, do you really think those who prosper most would be where they are? And why do only the good die young?
              Never mind. I already know the answer: we cannot understand the ways of the Lord and how He works. riiiiight.

              • Yep you have the answer it is called the Bible – and yes the good sometimes die young…Jesus was 33. = Have a good one.

              • @12:20 God does things at his own time and maybe will not perform a miracle for Bobbi Kristina.If God performed miracles for everyone facing death none of us will ever die from this wicked earth and there would be no need for salvation or a need for God.One thing I will never do is try to push my belief on anyone because when we die we will face the same judgement and I rather take a chance believing in God and my faith and find out God really did NOT existed than deny him and find out he really did exist …..Blessings.

          • That’s what folks said about her father Matty as well. You do remember him ….right? How’d that go for her…after commenting that her family was not like the Jackson’s – hell Joe is doing better than Matty.

            • @facingreality you are right about that but people worship these celebrities so strong from their heart that you better not dare think anything negative .

    11. Reports like this is what makes Hollywood Street King the best urban site in the internet! No other urban blog has gone into detail about this story. HSK is the only urban site that has brought useful facts and information about Jay-Z’s involvement with Federal Law Enforcement! It’s true, Jay-Z is a snitch and a sambo similar to Al Sharpton!

    12. There will always be treacherous black men like Jay-Z, Jesse Jackson, Michael Jordan and Al Sharpton. Why? Because there is no consequence when black men or women betray our race. Until there is a painful and harsh punishment for committing treason against the black race, there will always be a heartless, greedy sambo willing to betray us in exchange for money, fortune and fame!

    13. Dame snitch on him ,,, didn’t he shot up a guy for no reason in new york and or definitily knows some thing about the guy who got mudered and was resurrected after being up 23 times ,,, he knows some thing about this murder …

      { http://www.gofundme.com/mqlyc8 }

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