Laura Govan Announces Miscarriage Via Instagram

Laura Govan Miscarriage

Former Basketball Wives LA reality star, Laura Govan, took to her instagram to let us know that she has been MIA the last few months because of a miscarriage and the loss of what would have been her fith child.

Govan went on to say that it caused her to go into a deep depression.

Here’s what Laura Govan revealed:

“I wanted to share something with U guys and why I’ve been out of the loop, well #NRealLife for the past three months I’ve been sick, and extremely exhausted and about a month ago I found out that I was pregnant with my 5th baby, which I thought was impossible. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage.

When it happened I didn’t want to talk about or deal with it, but now I’m ready to get my life back on track!

I gained a good 15 pounds during this rough time in my life. I want you to rock with me as I take this journey of losing the weight and getting ME back …. because this is something REAL that happens every day to women like you and me and it’s real easy to feel alone, confused and unsure about how to handle or deal with the struggle. Thank God for my REAL friends and family who allowed me to do me and take some time away to get back to focus.
#inRealLife I’m so thankful for all your support …. Let’s get it … And Thank You for the LOVE ????”


  1. OK really? Sorry about her loss but why does she think she’s a bonafied celebrity? I thought she already had 5 kids by Gilbert. Is she sad because that will be one less check if he dumps her again?****heavy sigh****

    • like who cares about her? Ugmoe for real? Gilbert Arenas has got to be the stupidest nigga I know. 5 babies with this ratchet piece troll? Where do they find these week baller dudes? She allegedly slept with Shaq and was friends with shaunie. No maam! WOW talk about a nigga that was whooped by an ugly troll looking wannabe troll! Girl bye don’t knowbody care!

    • Sorry but U have 4 kids and no husband.
      Why bring another child in the pictures….she needs to have several seats on the back uf the bus.. These women are baby makers
      Gilbert don’t want her, he’s never with her n her socialite

  2. this troll looking bitch needs her tubes tighted ASAP!! or better still men stop f*cking this ugly troll

  3. Sorry about your loss..but do we really need to know about it. Okay she’s supposedly so broken up about that she has to mention losing 15 measly pounds you probably can’t even notice. She is full of herself who ever she is..giggle

  4. Go away again..come back in a few days it will take to lose your couple of pounds.

  5. She has been around the block at least four times and she is confused. Now I’m confused…lol

  6. I’m sorry for her loss but did she really need to announce it to the world?

  7. Her clit is probably gone. She’s ain’t got no where else to go but lower than she’ll always been. The Jovon sisters are nothing more than glorified thots from Oakland, CA. Gloris is a convicted felon and her sister done sat here and stretched out her uterus for a nigga who aint got enough sense to wife her stupid ass….then the bish is on social media crying about another baby? Really?…..These haux are sad to say the least! Child get you a good lawyer and get yoru childsupport check and be gone…save whats left of your vagina and move the hell on!

  8. I REALLY wasn’t going to say anything on this thread because ALL of your summations are so dead on the money!

    More likely than not Gloria got pregnant by a dude other than her estranged hubby Matt & I’m giving her NO credit for even knowing WHO she was pregnant by. An outside pregnancy looks bad in divorce proceedings but she would have pinned it on Matt anyway.
    If she played the “I’m pregnant card” on Matt I’m guessing his only words to her were “not even a new baby could save this marriage” (at the moment anyway)

    Matt is seriously GONE & I’m happy for him.
    They are a beautiful “photogenic couple” with cute kids. That’s it & that’s all. The rest of that marriage was a dreadful mess.

    • Laura is the one who was pregnant and she isn’t married at all. She had all her babies by Gilbert Arenas whom probably won’t ever marry her.

  9. Have you ever thought you have enough kids? And your body can’t do it anymore? Your a woman of a certain age and you can’t do what you did, time to admit you’ve gotten older and no longer able to continue having kids, so there you go stop getting pregnant and except your time’s up, wait around for the grandkids

    • That’s God call to decide when she’s done having kids .Miscarriage does not mean she can’t have more.Women these days are successfully having babies at a later age.

  10. That bitch prolly got Vaginal Prolapse from having all dem chaps…lol and on some real ish she needs 2 keep dem 15 pounds cuz she look like she snorting meff with that sharp as nose..

  11. Omgosh is she serious? I don’t know many folks in my circle that like her and from the blogs I don’t know many females that like her. Why is she embarrassing herself with all this thirst? This is sad and I’m just stumped on why she thinks she will get empathy from anyone. #WEIRD!

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