Warren Sapp Arrested After Biting & Stomping On Girlfriend’s Head

warren sapp girlfriend abuse chalyce moore charges

NFL legend Warren Sapp is under arrest for beating his girlfriend, Chalyce Moore.

Sapp faces three counts of domestic violence and they all come from one blow up in Las Vegas where he bit and stomped his girl’s head.  According to the reports, Warren got wild on Moore at the M Resort in Las Vegas.

They first started fighting poolside where Sapp was seen throwing a drink in her face.  Then she thought it would be a good idea to go back to her place with him.  Along the way words were exchange and the massive NFL veteran took a big bite into Chalyce’s hand.

One of the reasons these charges have stuck – unlike a lot of NFL domestic violence cases – is because police have video evidence of the attack.   After the beating Moore had a concussion, bruises on her lips, and shoulders, and an actual imprint from where he stomped on her.

The court hearing will be July 23rd.

[h/t BlackSportsonline]


  1. that’s why u’re not supposed to date guys way uglier than u. the money doesnt change their ugly mentality. LOL

    • He’s not even ugly. I would love to see what you look like. You’re probably a loose bootyhole loser.

    • Missing the point who bites someone’s hand ???
      He throws a drink in her face poolside where everyone can see !
      Knowing he’s being watched since they caught him in a sting paying for p*ssy ! She set him up now she gets paid $$$$$ can’t trust anyone all for the love of money !!!

  2. I bet she will stay with him. Even better, marry him and have a few kids.

  3. I want to know her motives she waited 3 months to say something. As a woman it pains me to say you can’t trust women these days.

    • Exactly way too involved with trying to take money they didn’t work for
      A damn shame !!,

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