Vybz Kartel: From Convict To Police Informant

Vybz Kartel Turned Snitch

“Kartel allegedly approached the police about cooperating with the investigation into the death of Williams when it was clear he would be going down for the murder.” ~The Jamaican Observer

Vybz Kartel may have had no problem with taking a life, but the dancehall star doesn’t seem to be down with holding up his end of the deal — namely, serving a life term for the crime. Know why? According to the Jamaican Observer, “police sources confirm that Kartel helped authorities capture several wanted individuals and recover 17 illegal firearms.”

Vybz Kartel Murder Victim

You’ll recall.. The body of Kartel’s reported murder victim, Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, was never found. Now.. there’s word of the possible murder of one missing woman, who may have held the key to finding Lizard’s remains.

“Police say they have evidence that shows Edwards was killed to cover-up what happened to Williams’ body.”

Here’s what a source told JA Observer:

“He wanted to meet with the commissioner who assigned a member of the high command to meet him. During the meeting he offered information on wanted men in Portmore and also coughed up a number of illegal firearms. He was trying to broker a deal to get the charges dropped.”

Police are also investigating the disappearance of funeral director Jennifer Edwards who went missing back in January.

We believe she was killed because she was the weak link and she knew too much, but we are still investigating. Kartel and a funeral director also allegedly met with a police officer to discuss whether Williams was cremated.”

Vybz Kartel Murder Victim Witness


  1. If he’s freed he has a target on his head for sure. I personally think he needs to remain locked up. The people there are already terrified with all the crime going on there.

    • I felt the same way, for some reason I really did believe that Kartel would be found not guilty, but imagine mi shock when he received a life sentence..keep in mind it not over yet and I do feel Mr. Palmer will be set free soon..the devil is alive I feel him breathing..

  2. This ones haunting, demonic it seems. The twist of bleaching out his skin’s eerie. Deep rooted darkness in between these lines.

  3. Everyone is a gangster til someone gets hurt or the FEDS (police, soldiers) get them. Then you see the real. Anyone really living that life should be able to see right through a fake wayyyyyy before this fukkery even goes down.

    Never liked Kartel. Always got the impression that he created this persona for himself, got caught up in it and started to believe he was a badman. Real badman do not move how that clown moved.

    Fk Adidjah Palmer!

    That being said, anyone heard any of his son tracks cuz that kid sound good! Just hope his character is the polar opposite of his p*ssy ass poppa own.

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