Did Prince Bump Rita Ora From Jay Z & Bey?

Prince Dating Rita Ora

“I basically got a call from my management saying, ‘Prince would love to speak to Rita.’ And I was like, ‘Wait, like the actual Prince?” ~Rita Ora

HSK Exclusive – It’s looking like Rita Ora’s got Purple Prints all over her so-called comeback, slated for April 22nd. This, after speculations that Prince may have pulled a pimp move, bumpin’ Mr. and Mrs. Carter’s threesome smash-toy.

Rita ‘Radioactive’ Ora has revealed she recently spent an entire week with the Purple Bandit.. at his Minneapolis residence/recording studios, Paisley Park. The British bombshell says her decision to take Prince up on his offer, “was the best thing I have ever done in my life.”

Here’s what Rita Ora, who’s been on hiatus for nearly two-years, had to say about her Purple experience:

“Yeah, we did a few tracks together. I flew to Minneapolis and went to Paisley Park, which is like his iconic studios and we just made music. I was there for a week.

He plays like 50 instruments so you could do anything and he’ll fix it. He has an answer for everythingHe’s a genius.

When we connected I basically got [the call]…I went that night and met him and we listened to music and it was amazing.”


  1. Prince go that majick dick. Either the woman get saved after fooling around with him or go crazy

      • Yeah…..pretty much! Mayté is still in love with her ex. Can’t deny that for nothing! But, he had to divorce her not because he cheated on her with Manuela whom Eric Benet had married and has a beautiful daughter. He took the oath. And if thateant he would have stayed with Mayté, she would have been a MK sex kitten.

          • Yep! That’s the real reason. Remembered when Prince and Warner Brothers had that dispute about creative control about his music? Remembered how he wrote Slave on his face? Not to mention changed his name to the symbol: 0(+>? Now, you and I both know if he stay in that contract, it would have been nasty.

            • Also, he also didn’t let Mayté get prenatal checkups. The son died of Pieffer Syndrome. Prince wanted everything for his wife. But when they lost the baby, he ended up doing Musicology. Now ask yourself why would you throw yourself into working another album and you just lost your son?

            • Prince was in love with Mayté! Made all those beautiful love ballads! The song: The One is beautiful! The video was directed by Mayté. Imma upload the link.

          • But can you put your wife in a predicament like Prince’s? Prince is a fool but not a Dan fool. He made have taken the oath, but he couldn’t put not just Mayté but any of the woman in that situation. Now Rita on the other hand, he could care less. Mayté oh no! Why do you think Mayté hasn’t remarried again?

            • (Stands up out of my chair….)

              “Hi, my name is Ms. Gemini, and I am a hater.”



            • @TEINTR (The elephant in the room) Its Prince’s glyphic sign. Its a combination of a male and female sign. Have U notice the sign on that guitar? Prince said it on Oprah and showed it too.

            • “Ms. Gem, I can picture U and Prince another Gemini in the room together..LOL!”

              LMAO!!! Gurl! DaR, If me & him are left in a room together I will have HIM swinging from that shower rod! Mostly cuz he’s smaller than me, but whatever…..LMAO

            • Ms. Gem..Imma buy U case of lube for that occasion! Lmao! Having the Purple Highness screaming! Lmao!

            • He’d be hittin’ those falsetto notes, that’s for sure! That is, of course, provided my arthritis in my knee don’t start acting up….LMAO…..plus, I need to wait until I get my new bewbs….LOL…I’m still as flat as a 10 year old boy….LMAO….#NOTCUTE

              But I’ll still take that case of lube, just so I’m ready should the opportunity present itself!!! #iwasagirlscout #alwaysbeprepared

        • Prince never took the oath.He and Mayte’s relationship was on the rocks when the baby died and more so after Mayte cheated on him.Prince recorded his album Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic during this time(1998-1999).The cd includes the track I Love U,But I Don’t Trust U Anymore,which is a direct shot at Mayte.A few other songs on this cd are also about her.Musicology was recorded 2003-2004,years after Mayte & Prince”s had already divorce .

          The Warner Brothers dispute was over them having ownership of his master recordings from 1979- the 90’s or so.This is why he changed his name to symbol & wrote slave on his face.Warner owned the name Prince at the time,so he used and copyrighted symbol. I believe his ownership for his first two albums, For You & Prince have reverted back to him.And his other albums will follow in the coming years.

          You should check out some of his later tunes,he speaks out against the establishment(Illuminati or whatever you want to call it)He is a strange individual,but I doubt he sold his sold.

    • He sure does. At least he’s consistent. He has ventured off a few times, though, so at least he keeps an open mind, although to a limited extent.

        • Heeeeeey DaR!

          I’m doing good….finally back to work, which means I’m back to f’n off a good portion of my work day reading this site….lol

          I missed ya’ll crazy behinds….xoxo

          • Hey there sweet Ms G!! I’m so happy to hear that you are back in the grind again. I hope you’re feeling as good as could be expected too. I haven’t been posting much in the past 3 weeks, but I may return now that you’re back.
            Mmmmwwwwaaaah! 🙂

            loved your 12 step hater intro

            • Hey Christa- Boo! XOXO

              I am finally back to work this week – that recovery was a monster. I did jump on the site a few times while I was off on sick leave but it took a lot of energy to just sit & type at the desktop computer.

              And I tried to use my tablet and cell phone to post but always got cut off mid sentence. #TALKSTOOMUCH I hate that auto-refresh function with a passion! I know Jacky has to get his coins, but I miss the old days before that feature was installed.
              I sure hope to see you here!

              I love seeing all the old familiar folks on here! And I see there are some folks new to me – some chick already told me to eat a dick or ride a dick or sumpthing! LMMFAO!!! I love HSK!

  2. Did y’all see the youtube where prince was in concert before September 11 happened. He was singing” Osama bin laden about to drop those bombs” it was weird I don’t know how that stayed on youtube. So when you mention the oath, I believe it

    • Cher, Saw them both! And that concert U talking about? I was so shocked! That’s why the brotherhood told him to perform overseas instead of the US. He’s there to have the concert goers to switch over to the brotherhood.

    • that was at his 1999 millennium party I believe.

      princve wrote 1999 for this same purpose an apocalyptic party and armagedon.

      George Clinton performed at that concert and he was doing an interview on a show strange universe where he said something was definitely going to happen starting in 2000.

      George’s appearance on strange universe was back in 1999.

  3. And the one when micheal Jackson and James brown brought him on stage, and he was high as hell, and almost fell off the pole, he through up the devil sign. These people are crazy. I want to see one of those holly weird parties, what goes on.

    • And how he came on stage riding on his bodyguard’s back? That scream…Omg! And the fool made that lamp fall! LOL!

      • prince did that often back at that time riding his bodyguards back.

        duded wasn’t complaining he was getting paid.

        Michael wanted a prince colab badly mj said prince couldn’t act having seen purple rain before it hit the screens but thought they could do a track together.

        prince and mj never got along maybe they was 2 feminine for each other then again they were both a couple of weirdos.

    • like mike and james wasn’t into it.

      check out the youtube vid where james brown sells his soul to the devil for 50 more years.

      jb didn’t wear that cape for bnothing. a sign of masonry and illumination and a symbolic of priesthood.

      james was a special guest at the white house and ate with every president and even hung out swith Sinatra and the rat pack.

      jb said he ate dinner with the Reagans, bushs, Clintons and gw bushs family.

  4. Rita was beat to the Gods at the MTV Movie awards Sunday. It’s the first time I ever saw her looking gorgeous.

  5. I love Prince, but he’s the kiss of death for most performers, just ask Sheena Easton and Shelila E.

      • Hell no over here in the UK she’s only known for being Calvin Harris’s gf and for being the face of Rimmel and the obvious industry hoe.

  6. I want to see RITA ORA in a porn, who with me here, fine ass bitch nigga p*ssy needs to be on camera

  7. Guess what? I read up on Hollywood Exes and that they will be back on April 30th. Mayté according to VH1, has reunited with an old flame! Its not Tommy Lee, he’s alr already engaged. Its not Jimmy Frederico either… So that only leaves U know who. Hmmmmmmmmm…

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