Phaedra Parks To Face A Judge Over Ripping Off Music Royalties Allegations!

Manuel Seal vs. Phaedra Parks

“When the judge views the evidence of what Phaedra did to Manuel Seal, she’s going to jail for theft.”

HSK Exclusive – Phaedra Parks is back at the center of a rip-off scandal! This time, the RHOA star is being blasted for ripping off a popular hit songwriter for his music royalties.

Court docs, exclusively obtained by HSK, reveal Manuel L Seal — who’s credited for chart-topping hits including: Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” and Usher’s “My Way” — “recently filed for the criminal arrest” of Phaedra Parks, his former legal rep.

A “Warrant Hearing for Theft” is now scheduled for April 25th, in Fulton County. That’s when Phaedra Parks will be expected to provide financial records, and Manuel Seal’s production contracts — which we’re told “she refuses to turn over”.

“The court will decide whether there is probably cause for a criminal arrest.”

Here’s the drop:

“Manuel sang at Phaedra and Apollo’s wedding and she paid him back by ripping him off for his royalties and publishing.”

Phaedra Parks Arrest Warrant Issued


  1. The same Manuel that was arrested for trespassing & stealing used tires? Lol….Think its a ploy to get media attention for him

    • Yeah the same one Phaedra is not letting get his files so he can get his money from records like “My Boo”. Bringing up petty cases compared to theft by an attorney. One is way more serious.
      Phaedra will lose her license and be closer to Apollo.
      Phaedra you so funny…I wish Manuel would play your level. You are rank

    • Wow this is crazy Phaedra is always in some legal shit… and she a lawyer. Wow! She is going to go down hard. This real reality TV

  2. What’s done in dark comes to light. I hope she burns. Theft by people you need and trust is the worst

  3. Teflon Phaedra is going to get caught sooner or later. Everybody cannot be lying on her.

  4. Dang….I burned my lips on that tea!

    Phaedra is so slick that she leaves a trial of oil behind her where ever she goes….

  5. Phoney Phaedra and Appollo stay on that criminal hustle. I hope dude gets his money.

  6. I guess she’s going to try to sweep this under the rug too, that hoe bedn fake and phony..

  7. Peep this y’all: The case has ben filed in Magistrate Court, also known as small claims court. The amount being argued cannot exceed $15K. Traditionally the plaintiff doesn’t even retain an attorney.

    I smell BS.

    • In order to file for a warrant it must start in magistrate. It will get moved to superior once the warrant court date is over.

  8. I believe Angela Stanton because I don’t know not one high powered attorney that has married a convict fresh out of prison.I mean,even the hardest working man doesn’t get that lucky.Something doesn’t Compute.

  9. Though she was fooling somebody with that Southern peach/belle bulls*it.Sneaky deaky Phae Phae.

  10. I hope this is not true of Ms. Parks, but when you have people who are suppose to be representing your best interests, but at the same time envy the talent whose best interest they are supposed to be representing and want to be celebrity figures themselves this makes for a tacky, messed up situation, remember Melvin Franklin? he was supposed to be representing Richard Pryor’s best interest but as soon as he thought Pryor was going to die from his wound from the self inflicted fire, ATTY Franklin tried to steal MILLIONS from Richard Pryor, ATTY Franklin was also sued by Roberta Flack TRUE STORY

  11. Something’s fishy about all of this. Why wait until now to do this? The feds want Phaedra for something. For what don’t know? From everything that has happened thus far between her & her husband, the feds appear to really be aiming for Phaedra because of something she won’t do for them, i.e. flip, snitch, etc. on somebody else. If law enforcement can’t get you to do something for them, they bring the heat, until you finally comply with their demands……These people want Phaedra to waive client/attorney privilege for somebody she represented. All of these allegations suddenly coming out about her, Angela Statton, etc. should have been dealt with way before now.

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