VH1 Overrides Mona: Terminates Yung Berg After Brutal Assault of Co-Star

Yung Berg Fired

Too Ratchet for Ratchet Reality TV!

After the arrest of Yung Berg, who beat his co-star Masika Tucker black and blue following the filming the LAHHH reunion show in NYC, VH1 has stepped up, overriding executive producer and creator, Mona Scott-Young, by terminating Berg from the already filmed series.

VH1 released the following statement:


Based on the severity of the allegations against Yung Berg, VH1 is terminating its relationship with him in connection with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, effective immediately.

Yung Berg was arrested on November 5th and charged with criminal obstruction of breathing in connection with an assault on fellow cast member Masika Tucker.

The arrest took place in a New York hotel several hours after the taping of the reunion special for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood had wrapped.


  1. Young berg is a punk!!! No doubt!!! Not that I expected anything of great or moral substance from THIS show, it’s just that his bit*hness rang out louder that the blast of an atomic bomb!

    He did play mind games with that girl, Hazel, not that she shouldn’t be blamed for the crap she fell for, it’s just that he completely denied it (PUNK)

    Not to mention The slim ass white tights he wore sagging off his a** when he poured all the contents of Hazel’s purse on the ground. (PUNK)

    I don’t give a pluck about the “talent” this insecure prick has! when your as inauthentic as he is, “talent” does not matter because eventually people will dislike you!

    Then…he has the nerve to have chipmunk cheeks, a big a** head, short a** legs and torso!

    Give me a break! Where are the real ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Then…he has the nerve to have chipmunk cheeks, a big a** head, short a** legs and torso!

    Cough! Coffee meets computer screen **chocking*

  3. He is really an asshole. How he us going to pay that CS now! Hazel was right. I give the girl credit. First Teairra, then Masika, now Berg. Damn Karma came in threes.

    • @DaRadiant1 did u know that Hazel E is a silent executive producer of LHHA? She did a interview stating that she selected half the cast including Young Berg and that the show was entirely her idea
      She said instead of getting an executive producer credit she opted for more cash
      The interview was with Elbro on Hot 97
      Im not sure if thats the correct spelling of his name but u know who Im talking about, Lol

      • Damnnnnnnnnn!!! Lmao!!! Say what!!!! Lmao!! Oh shit!! I wonder if Masika and Teairra knows this tidbit?! Bit I know the radio host you talking about. Lmao! Like I said Karma came in threes. All Hazel wanted was a listening ear. But noooooooooooooo…Berg outta the show, Masika got beat up, Teairra f*cked up, and Nikki, *sigh* where shall I began!

  4. They mad they didn’t catch it on tape. Dumb Berg gets what he deserve tho. He going down further and further down hill from here.

  5. Good, to condone domestic abuse is f’d up. VH1 did that right thing. I know Mona is hot and she probably is gonna fire Mashika for pressing charges, like the did Benzino and his girl.

  6. Let’s see if the Rap Family disowns him the way they did Chris. IMO Chris didn’t deserve it. Riri started it and Chris defended himself, then JZ made her play victim because all he cared about was making money. He felt that Chris had to much control over her. This is why Riri showed her TRUE self after the situation. She felt bad for placing all of the blame on Chris. Think about it. Before Chris Riri had a good girl image. After everything happened Riri became more kinky, sexual, and rebellious.

  7. These networks exploits ignorance & stupidity but when its criminal like June/Honey Boo Boo, a line is crossed and they have to go

    • Oh they let her June ass go and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is cancelled. They are in investigating as we speak.

        • Rural White folks acting dysfunctional like stereotypical ghetto Black women. Poor uneducated obese unrefined young mother with children by different felons. Alaina is an overweight rowdy kid with no manners who likes to shake her ass and interrupt people. June was a grandmother at 32. Sadly we are apart, know, or know of families like this and they are content in their ignorance, poverty and generational stagnation.

          I caught some of the first season and questioned why cps didnt intervene with the grandchild being in that filthy ass house with bugs and June had gnats flying around an infected toe. The episode where Miss Georgia attempts to show Honey Boo Boo poise and etiquette during brunch while that kid kept belching and farting was too funny. Felt sorry for that lady. Guess thats the dormant hick in me who also liked Swamp People, but they arent dysfunctional, just country and cajun.

          They should keep it on especially for city mice. It shows many people outside of developed and metropolitan areas live. If you ever take the Amtrak through the States through those towns outside of city limits its depressing especially the south east where manufacturing left 30 + years ago. Many people live in shacks or houses with tin roofs with no running water and America never broadcasts this. Only poverty we see is urban plight which is not real poverty since jobs,churches, food banks and social services benefits office(infrastructure) is a metro/bus stop away.

  8. Another DL queer acting out because he’s scared to come out the closet. Ok Bisexual. Either way having relations with a man. Yung Berg isn’t alone Ray Gay, Omarion, Mally Mal, and Soldier Boys not sure about Lil Fizz.

    • couldnt have worded it better. this loser is reaking all types of gayness from his blood. it’s usually the undercover, on-the-downlow, scared-to-come-out the closet-ass niggas who usually hit women…let along beat ’em. he beat her because he thought that she was much more prettier than himself is my sentiment. sad sack of sh*t. vh1 did right to override Mona’s money-hungry fluffy-face ass. they need to yank this overly-ratchet crap off the air because it’s getting way beyond the ratchet phase. and let all of them broke-as-a-joke cast members seek another way of getting paid, rather than depending solely on the checks of vh1.

  9. he’s a faggot-a** bitch-nigga sissy. real men don’t beat women nor lay hands on ’em like they’re their own gender. loser-ass fag. i hope some nigga sneak up on him an bash his gotdamn head smoove the f*ck in for beating on this woman like she’s a man. whoop his muthaf*ckin a** good, somebody. i wish the hell I could find his punk b*tchass and do it.

  10. These corporations are not playing when it comes to DV. Like Hazel E said he will hit a female but not the people who jacked his chain or busted him over the head. Glad VH1 stepped in to check this fuquery. Pretty sure Mona was shopping for a spin-off Nov 6.

  11. Mona “Satan” Young Is Nothing But A Money Loving Haitian Who Exploits Her Own Race Just To Make White People Feel Good About

    People Like This Are Poisonous To Black Community Many Black People Are Betrayed Their Race Just To Rub White Skin
    There’s A Documentary On Netflix Is About Black Informants, Black Preachers Would Go Back And Snitch On Their Race To White People

    • The ppl who watch it aren’t much better. It takes ratings to keep this BS on the air. It’s all over the blogs. All in my FB and Twitter feed. None of the posts or comments are from blk ppl. As soon as they stop watching, the show will go away. Can’t blame her for giving the ppl what they want. #celebsanddrama

  12. That’s what she get, she deserved that ass beaten, she was supposed to have been so called cool wit hazel and went behind her back and did all of this, lol so she got what she deserved! Hazel you should feel extra stupid leave that low down busta ass cat alone, now will you wake up?

  13. Callin this nigga a failure is not givin him enough credit namsayin. This is the only nigga to get his chain snatched more than Yuckmouth. Technically this nigga has already mastered failure n moved on to the level that comes after failin tho. Son has evolved past bein a regular failin ass nigga. This nigga has developed his own science when it comes to that shit….its “quantum failure” nahmean. This nigga can fail without even bein awake yo. Son can fail in a dream n bring that shit back wit him to his conscious state namsayin. The nigga can inception fail his way thru life. The nigga can find the fail buried 4 levels deeper under the failure that you actually see. The nigga can fail about 78 times per heartbeat g. In fact by the time you finish readin this sentence the nigga will have failed approximately 468 times namsayin. This nigga is usin methods of failure that niggas aint even seen since the ancient Mayans n Egyptians was on earth still yo. This nigga is usin approaches to failin that brought upon the destructions of entire ancient civilizations son. Think its a game yo? This nigga takes his failure very f*ckin seriously son. He dont want no failures happenin unless he involved. No chains snatched…no faces smacked…no nothin. A nigga falls off his bike in the park….he wants IN.

  14. I saw something yesterday that I cannot divulge to you all as of yet but I can say this…IF any of this article is true Masika deserved every bit of what’s happened to her. She had NO business associating herself with this idiot “Young Bug.” I don’t know how much of their wretched show is scripted but IF any of what happened is true this sorry ass excuse of a man needs to be underneath a jail.

    Plus, word is this all got started over his own stupidity by taking Masika out to a restaurant for a meal HE could not afford.

    “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” personality Masika Tucker was attacked last week by co-star and boyfriend Yung Berg, aka, Christian Ward. Allegations came out that out that the rapper got pissed off because his credit card didn’t go through when they went out for dinner after the reunion taping. According to the police report, when she confronted him in their hotel about acting a donkey, Berg “allegedly grabbed her by the neck, threw her to the ground and dragged her by her hair” and “hit her in the face.” After initially being charged with “obstruction of breathing,” that charge has been dropped, and the rapper has since been charged with three counts of assault and one count of harassment. And on top of that, he has been fired from his short-lived gig on the reality show.


      • DR1,

        Seriously…a man tales us to dinner & can’t pay then they get mad because we express the embarrassment we experienced & get assulted for it???
        Is THAT what dating has become or is this “that bulshit THESE people portray” because even in my professional mind…”he’d be off the grid for a minute & his people would be looking for his little ass hoping he wasn’t permanently missing!”

  15. Was catching up on episodes.. YB is a very disrespectful mf.. calling out Tierra Marie on the reunion show.. real men dont do that shit …by the way, noticed he told Omarion “go on and turn up” when O was pretending to show … now im reading that this mf beat Masika right after the show.. its clear he hates women, is afraid to come out and be gay and hes a coward…

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