Aretha Franklin Throws Shade At Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj & Auto-Tune

Aretha Franklin vs. Auto Tune

In a recent interview Aretha Franklin said, Taylor Swift dresses good, but when the legendary singer was asked about Taylor Swift as a singer she was tight lipped.

The 72 year old songstress did praise Alicia Keys and Adele but when she was asked about Nicki Minaj the diva responded “I’ll pass on that one.

Here’s what Aretha Franklin said about auto-tune:

“What is auto tune? I don’t even know what auto-tune is? That’s ridiculous.”


      • Her age too. From what I’ve hard, your complexion can fade some when you get older.

    • Queen Aretha told nothing but the truth. Taylor Swift is a closeted lesbo who can’t sing. Nicki Munaj has ZERO talent with a fake jazz.

      What is Auto-Tune?

  1. Aretha Franklin is the QUEEN OF SOUL for real, she is an Aries, they always speak the truth, but Taylor Swift is not a culture bandits, she creates some good songs with her own style though

    • Taylor isn’t creating anything on her own, she buys her music the same way Beyonce does. The difference is she doesn’t get caught.
      I tried to watch Taylor’s “live” performance a couple of weeks ago and that girl still can’t sing a note. Nice legs though!

      • @Say Cheese,

        Let me say this in “this way” as so not to say too much or say the wrong thing. YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Taylor does in fact purchase a great deal of her songs. Rarely is any songs “purchased by her directly” but instead, purchased on her behalf.

        What’s funny is I’ve NEVER heard a single song of hers until very recently & I didn’t even listen to it through it’s entirety. I was surprised to see her getting a bit “funky with her dance moves” though. Still, nothing about this girl or her music strikes me as “hit making artist.”

        • @Anoymous @ 8:13 articulated it far better than I did by saying:

          “Someone said Taylor Swift makes good music?Sure,if you’re a white female teen,gay, or just outright don’t know anything about good music!Taylor makes music for teens!It’s bubble gum pop with a hint of country music!”

        • Thank you Ms Reg! I knew I couldn’t be the only person to see through Taylor Swift’s fraudulent ass. Oh I forgot to reply to you in the lil Wayne thread.
          I am always willing to read tea on any celebrity so you never have to ask, lol.

  2. Areatha did not insult Taylor Swift. She insulted NM. Come on don’t print lies about TQOS.

    • If the only comment a diva can give about a multi platinum selling artist is they wear nice gowns, it’s shade. LOL! Aretha knew what she was doing there.

  3. I wish people would stop idolizing Aretha! She was given a title damn near 50 years ago and it’s made her one of the outright rudest people in the biz!I mean she was so unnecessarily rude to the reporter conducting the interview! I agree there is a lack of true talent these days, but Aretha was even bitchy when there was plenty of talent in the industry!Someone said Taylor Swift makes good music?Sure,if you’re a white female teen,gay, or just outright don’t know anything about good music!Taylor makes music for teens!It’s bubble gum pop with a hint of country music!

  4. Aretha needs 2 shut da f*ck up after she f*ck u Adele song on dave letterman show she aint blowin like she use 2 she needs auto tune lmao

  5. Calm down people she was just giving her opinion. Leave Aretha alone she’s old school different times the real times. Nowadays it’s all phoney

  6. Aretha need to shut up she always talking about somebody. she has one foot hanging out the grave she better get right.

  7. “I don’t even know what auto-tune is!”
    Of course you don’t, Aretha! You’ve never needed it!
    Love that woman, she will always be the Queen!

  8. This Is The Same Woman Who Got Knocked Up By Her Own Father. Who Put Her Disable Son In A Home Because She Was Ashamed Of Him
    This Is The Same Woman Who Messed Around With Sam Cooke When She Was A Teenager

    Her Father Duped Her Into Sacrificing Her Mother, She Was Only In Her 30’s

    • First of all, please do not disrespect the Queen of Soul and Black American Icon with your lies, Aretha did have children at an early age and it was not by her father, she has never named who her children father was so people just made up their own assumptions and lies, do your research and stop reading gossip. Next what in the hell are you talking about, that she sacrifice her mother, she was only 10 years old when her mother died.
      Aretha has the accolades, critical acclaim, awards, record sales, and honors to state her opinion on any of these flops that you all love so much who could not hold a candle to her in her hey day. She does not have the voice of a 20 year old anymore being that she is 72 but she can still bring down the house with soulfulness, phrasing and expression, gifts of a real singer as she did on the above picture at the BET Honors when she sang a change is going to come. Whether you like her or not is your opinion but to outright lie is disgusting but so typical of the world we live in.

        • @Loveable Fruits
          OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!! It was on YOU TUBE?????
          Then it HAS to be a fact! No one on You Tube is ever bogus.
          You sound insane.

          • Amen Sharon Amen!! I am so tired of people thinking that YOU TUBE is the Encyclopedia Britannica of the internet. You, me or a shade tree can post any crackpot theory there and call it fact. And the craziest part is, a week later some dope will be quoting you on another site.

            • @Sharon

              Aretha being impregnated by her father C.L. Franklin has been common knowledge in the gospel community for over 50 year’s. C.L. Franklin was infamous for sleeping with young girls including his daughter as many men did at the time. He even carried on a public relationship with the famous gospel singer Clara Ward when she was 13 that is a fact.

          • @Sharon

            Slow Your Roll Sweetie, Look Online Do Your Damn Research All Celebrities Aren’t Perfect They Do Devilish And Evil Things
            Just To Make It Up The Top By Hurting Or Betraying Their Friends Or Family Member

            Remember Everyone Has A Past And Aretha Does, She’s Not Perfect. How Can A Mother Dump Her Disable Son In A Home?
            Just Because She’s Ashamed Of Him!! She Probably Thought Having A Disable Children Would Ruin Her Career!!

            • Everybody has a past, but danged if I will claim to know stuff like this and pass it on like it is the gospel and it is my obligation and right to pass it to others.
              I am gonna go listen to some Aretha SANGING “Freeway of Love” on some vinyl on my stereo… no better sound this side of heaven.

    • unfair. even if aretha did have a child by her father, it was not like she wanted to be molested and impregnated by him. the rumor is that her father not only engaged in incest with his own daughter , but he had a penchant for young girls and impregnated others. I feel sorry for aretha. she had a hard life. I mean son disabled, finding her husband on top of her son, incestuous rape, murders. I can see why she is so mean. she is bitter. and has a right to be.

      • Thats sad if that is true. Seems like church folks were/are the filthiest. James Cleveland diddled with children but it still doesn’t deter my great aunt( with White Jesus in a gold frame) from liking his music. I guess that dont ask/blind eye policy child molestation policy has always existed and they wonder why kids of this generation act out and rebel against his insanity instead of holding it in and passing the fuqery to the next generation.

    • EVEN IF ALL THAT WERE TRUE – all that crap you wrote doesn’t make what she said untrue. Face it, the so-called entertainers of today are mostly using electronics (auto-tune), buying other people’s music, and are generally manufactured bots created to extract money with a look, style, generational appeal – and no talent necessary. Aretha came from an era where you actually had to have talent, and it didn’t always matter what you looked like. Whatever happened to her in her personal life doesn’t change the facts, and your statement is typical “arguing the man” statement – which means it has no impact on the facts presented (example – if Aretha had children by her father, does that mean Nikki Minaj can sing? NO. If she put her child in a home – does that mean Taylor Swift has talent? NO. If she did some immoral things in her life – does that mean she can’t speak the truth about other entertainer’s lack of talent? Has NOTHING to do with it…)

  9. Aretha didnt really take care of herself or her voice. People act like she is Leotyne Price. At least she took the high rode and did not say anything derogatory even though Faith Evans could say something nice about ice jj fish.




  11. I wish some of you was sitting on the sofa with Aretha talking trash about her and telling her to “shut up”. HA! She would tear your little head right off your soulders and throw it in your lap.
    No one can touch Aretha. She is and always will be the top of the line.

  12. LOL! What you expect from a ol lady lol aretha sum Else she’s a legend, queen of soul, she up there so expect her to say just about anything, she’s a mean heffa too lol, she gets into beefs with Whitney Houston’s mom, cissy, patti, anita baker, she beef all the time lol

  13. I could care less how mean she comes off. I love her music. she will always be the queen of soul and not to be touched.

  14. on another note. black people have to be the most petty, dumb, overly concerned about skin shade ass folks in the world. just pathetic. shut the f*ck up about light skin and dark skin please. for once.

  15. Aretha is a legend. She has earned the right to criticize these fake auto-tune singers.

  16. The music industry blacklisted and blasted Milli Vanilli. One of them was so hurt, he committed suicide! Twenty years later, every single popular singer is doing what Milli Vanilli did. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna, J-Lo are a bunch of fake ass auto tune singers. If you go to their concerts, you aren’t hearing live music. What’s even worse is that these chicks can’t even properly lip-sync their mouths to match the music.

  17. It is what it is! The music industry is just that….a BUSINESS!!! These days more than ever, it’s not so much in having TALENT. It’s being able to adhere to and uphold a particular branded image set up by those behind the scenes twisted devils.

  18. Aretha ain’t nothing but the TRUTH and in her prime she would have blown all these no-talented bitches out the water. This generation don’t have no true singers so average and less than average people are being called great singers or divas. You motherf*ckers use words too loosely. Aretha is the real deal baby. Aretha was a kick ass singer in her day….she could sing anything and any style. At 72 she still can sing better than most.

    • say it again…..r-e-s-p-e-c-t her!!!! She is one to tell bishes to BOWDOWN!!

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