The Shield Star Michael Jace Book For Murdering His Wife

Update: Law enforcement sources say … Jace’s 2 kids witnessed him allegedly shooting and killing their mom.  The kids — both under 10 — were extremely upset and taken to the police station.

Last night (Monday May 18, 2014) Actor Michael Jace called police himself to report his wife had been shot, and he had pulled the trigger.

Jace best know as Detective Lowe from “The Shield” — was taken into custody and as of 3:30 this morning, LAPD has confirmed Jace is being booked and charged with the shooting death of his wife.

Here’s the drop:

“According to law enforcement sources Jace called 911 around 8:30 PM and told police … “I shot my wife.” Jace’s neighbors in the Hyde Park area of L.A. had reported shots fired in the home … and shortly thereafter Jace made his call to 911. 

Sources tell us the actor stayed on the phone, as instructed, until LAPD arrived and found his 40-year-old wife, April Jace dead.

Jace was home alone when his wife arrived with their kids … a short time later he allegedly shot her.”

Michael Jace Murder


  1. I had to Google who Michael Jace is, because when I saw this story initially, it was breaking news. I am totally taken aback by his wife’s murder. My condolences to her loved ones and to their children. I hope and pray that he did not murder his wife.

    • that makes no sense
      he turned himself in to the police saying “I shot her and she’s dead”

      • That info wasn’t confirmed at the time this story was published. It doesn’t need to make sense to you or anyone else. I hope he did not deliberately shoot and kill his wife, especially in front of their children.

  2. This is sad in so many ways. She comes back home with their children, and gets killed soon after. Something is in the atmosphere, not just in hollywood…Everywhere!!! Pray For Her Children!!!

    • Ephesians 6:12

      12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.


      • @Anonymous

        I Agree! A man has to have a lot of hate for a woman to kill her within eyesight of their children. Whatever the reason, it’s cold-blooded. Hollywood is so toxic, i’m amazed we don’t see more of this.

        • It ain’t just Hollweird.

          A black cop in NYC shot his Brazilian wife in the abdomen 9 times not only in front of his children, but blood was splattered on them.

          • @Anonymous

            The Mask is coming off. We’ve been living a lie for decades as a race of men. Sadly, blackwomen and non-black women are catching hell just the same. Denial has always been the crutch, as if, that will make it go away. The Mask has to come off brothas…It Has To!!!

            • Yu know, this was mostly the domain of white en, but now it is black men beating and killing their non-black wives. WTF is goin’ on?

              Michael Jace just threw his life away and made his kids orphan. He in jail and his wife dead!

            • there must be an epidemic of sticky keys on here, bcuz christa is always complaining about her keys sticking. lol

            • If that’s true and she wanted to make a comment anonymously about a sensitive subject , why would you try to out her?

  3. I remember Michael Jace’s character from The Shield very well! He played Julian Lowe a gay cop. Maybe his wife was going to expose him for being gay in real life. Hmmm?

    • A man can not justify his wickedness .If he is guilty I hope justice is served to the maximum.Those children hopefully did not witness this crime they deserve comfort and counseling.

    • That makes no sense, that is Hollywood 2014, not Hollywood 1974… being gay is the norm – no one bats an eye at a person being ‘gay’ anymore… something between the couple happend, either she was leaving, or he wanted out for some reason.. but to kill her, smh….

  4. I heard he shot her in front of the kids too! It was disgusting enough for him to kill her but even more so to do it right in front of their kids. Damn Julien!

  5. Wonder if this was cold blooded….or somehow drug induced. Appalling that the kids were there and apparantly saw it all. My condolances to those kids and her family.

    • that seems way more likely than the gay speculation.
      Frankly, he’s not a big enough of a star to kill his wife behind her threatening to expose his DL ways. Nah. He either on drugs or has some mental issue.

      Condolences to the family.

  6. I just googled him and he’s black and the wife April is white if I’m correct. May she rest in peace.

    • Regardless of what race she is, a woman was murdered for no justifiable reason. Why are people wasting time trying to figure out her race? If you saw her picture, you would know what race she is. She is a 40-year-old Black woman who was a wife, mother and employee at a university. May she rest in peace.

    • She’s half white. She ran on an over-30 track team a friend if mine was a part if. She was super cool. The hubby seamed like the jealous type.. Aprils mom came to every meet. May she RIP.

  7. If she was cheating with another actor then she got what she deserved. If more people did this then Mabel so many of these sluts would not cheat so much.

    • May God have mercy on your bitter ,wicked ,uneducated SOUL.Get some self esteem people cheat everyday just walk away its not up to us to take a life away because we were rejected and cheated on if thats the case.

    • You are just trolling for comments. There is no way a sane person could feel that way.

      Who is Mabel? What did she do to you?

        • @10:25 Apparently you have been hurt by a woman but when you call women whores remember a WOMAN gave birth to you .Now straighten up and quit bitching lol

  8. I saw him at trader joes a few weeks ago. I knew he was an actor but I couldnt place me he just had this blank stare.

    • When your wife is boning somebody else the blank stare precedes handlin that shit which he did.

  9. Whew… sad. His kids will be traumatized for life. No excuse for this. It’s called get a divorce and walk away……no need to kill and ruin so many lives.

  10. when I heard this my initial thought was that maybe he found out she was cheating…..or maybe one of the kids isn’t his? The heart will make one do treacherous things when hurt, sometimes the unthinkable………

  11. Blank stare anon9:23? Uh oh…we know what thats about. .checking to see if he was up for any major roles or did he defect from any agencies lately

    • He is half a million in debt and could not pay his bills. I don’t think he was getting any work that paid well. As good of a show that The Shield was, it didn’t pay well. And all those bit parts in Forrest Gump etc weren’t exactly high paying gigs either.

  12. This is truly sad, he is accused of doing the exact thing OJ Simpson another Hollywood Celebrity whom like Michael Jace is a Cancer of the zodiac was accused of doing exactly 20 Years ago on June 12, 1994

  13. This is outrageous.

    People need to know when to leave LA. If the roles ain’t no longer there, relocate. Clearly, the devil gets busy with those who have a lot of time on their hands.

    He is goin’ up for 25 easy. Sad, another black man who thought the white girl or the mulatto girl or the Latina or Asian was gonna do it for him.

    • An attempt at an a ass whoopin is not the same as murder. And you came up with the conclusion that this woman cheated. Either way why are you attacking her???? You need counseling for those issues you’ve got.

        • You need common sense. Solange did not attempt to kill Jay-Z. Neither Blue Ivy or Juelz were in the elevator when that assault occurred. A man shooting his wife with their children in their familial home is an abomination.

          • An abomination ? Really? How bout 35 shootings every weekend in the inner city? What is that? Is one women somehow worse than 30 young warriors? Get yo mind right to what an abomination really is.

            • Violence in the home is probably responsible for being the foundation for 35 killings a weekend in any given ‘hood.

              It is a horrible thing and yes, could be considered in the category of an abomination.

  14. Nowadays Black women are better off alone. Too much violence and evil and hatred coming our way. Who needs this sh*t? All my married friends are unhappy…..male and female. They are either cheating or have cheated. Just stay single……damn.

    • Marital problems are most often cay=used by financial stress and lack of adequate funds much more frequently then adultery. That’s not very romantic, but it’s the truth. People with money can be very unhappy, but they tend to settle things with more civilized solutions. Life isn’t fair or easy.

      • Michael Jace isn’t a person with money. He has been an unemployed actor since 2011. He filed for bankruptcy to keep his home from going into foreclosure. The area that he and April resided in is not what most people would consider affluent or high profile. But I agree with you about most marriages ending in divorce due to money woes.

  15. I am! I hAve lots of time to make my visions realities!
    I kick it with my choice of man from time to time

  16. Lol…97% , huh? Where did you get your statistic? The Institute of Bullshit I Made Up???… lol#obsessedloser

  17. Isnt Hyde Park the hood? Arguments over money can get dangerous. Feel sorry for the children who knows what else they have witness in that home.

    • Hyde Park isn’t that hood… It’s a semi decent neighborhood. A lot of nice families there.

  18. Selfish is the word that comes to mind. Despite all the money woes, April Jace had a long life ahead of her, and it was snatched away from her because Michael Jace couldn’t make it big in Hollyweird…Selfish! He didn’t have the courage to take his own life. Killing a female is evil in and of itself, but, doing so in front of her children is “Demonic.”

    • at least he spared the children unlike that man who took out his whole family in Tampa that was living in former tennis pro James Blake’s mansion.

      • @R in NYC

        Yeah, i saw that story on the local news stations…Tragic! A lot of men still view women as property, the larger issue. We need to realize that women are not slaves to men. My gut tells me she moved on with another brotha, and he snapped. No career, wealth, status, it messed him up internally. He couldn’t let go, and April is dead and gone, her sons haunted by her death forever. We gotta protect our women in all facets of life. I hate this type of evil, we’re supposed to protect women…Not Kill Them!!!

  19. This is why u dont play with black magic all these people have to mess wit alot of evil shit just to get your foot in the door. Just think wht he had to do and if u read the story u can see he was possessed by the way people were sayn he was acting and how he called the cops and they way he was just standing their by police car it was like he wasnt even in hi9s body anymore he is fighting the demons they put upon people and anyone try to say im crazy or im wronge plzzz do some f*ckinnnn research

  20. Wow, all these ignorant & irrelevant comments on the woman’s race. Nevermind that she’s dead and gone, huh? Just shows how desensitized society has become toward tragedy and malfeasance. Smh

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