Andrea Kelly Divorces Brian The Bisexual Barber!

Andrea Kelly & Brian Divorce

HSK Exclusive – It’s been less than two-months since Andrea Kelly married the barber… and now, we’ve learned she’s through with Mister McKee!

According to our tipster… “Andrea divorced Brian, 36, after she found out he had a girl on the side.”

This news doesn’t exactly mean Andrea’s checked herself into Heartbreak Hotel. Know why? We’re told Andrea may have tied the knot with Brian all for face!

“Andrea married Brian to give her character some interest and to create a plot for when she divorces him on Hollywood Exes.”

Here’s the drop:

“It was getting boring for Andrea to keep crying about R Kelly on the show so she decided to get married and divorce for TV.

Andrea knew Brian’s a bisexual, and she also knew he was smashing the chubby White girl, JayLynn Umbleby.”


  1. Crazy!!! His side chick looks like the Bride of Chucky. Women have to stop being so desperate for love.

    • No he don’t! Being an attractive black man makes you zesty these days. Just because a man looks gpod doesn’t mean his dick will get aroused for another man.

    • yes hes does and when I watched the episode where they went to dinner with Sheree and her hubby, I was distracted by the waves in his hair..I got seasick!

      • I was just about to ask if she had one. I’m sure they probably had some kind of agreement. She can’t be that stupid.

        • Shiiittttttt…Cheese what agreement? Of all the women up there who is REAL is Mayté. The rest I just shake my head.

          • They had to come up with some type of financial agreement if what Jacky is saying is true about the marriage being for the show.
            I haven’t seen the show, is it any good?

          • Girl mayte is a idiot! Prince still eatin off Purple Rain an she living with her momma smh! Aint no way she aint pose to set after Prince???? Nicole might of made bad decisions but she dont look like she worried bout shit an her new man got bread! Drea my chitown sis an she gon b good!

            • More, U know U my sis and all, but actually Mayté is doing real good! But as far as Prince, why in the world he resigned back with the same record label he was fighting for his master recording, publishing rights and creative control of his stuff?

            • Oh Mo I forgot one thing. Prince got folks watching her(Mayté). Prince was Mayté’s first in Everything! Hell, José Conseca is flat broke!

      • I dont think they need a pre-nup since they havent been married that long……………maybe

    • 40 million what, sticks of gum?!. Nicole didn’t get $40 million when she divorced Eddie Murphy, so you know Andrea didn’t get much from R. Kelly.

        • Yes. she certainly did get 40 million.
          It is well known that Nicole Murphy agreed to one of the most idiotic settlements in Hollywood divorce history. And then the dumb bitch lost it all in bad investments and scams.
          40,000,000 is a lot of money, but it’s not even in the top 100 divorce settlements of the past 10 years. Many ex-wives get that much and they didn’t even have to keep their mouths shut about their husband’s sexual proclivities with their children. Ooops, did I say that?

            • Nicole had a “financial adviser” who blew threw her divorce settlement. She still had her house in Calabasas that she rented to Kim K.’s first ex-husband, but he stopped paying rent, so she sued him. Nicole seems to have a mind for real estate, which is a blessing.

          • I KNOW Eddie and let me tell you, Nicole did absolutely NOT get $40million, she walked out that house with $15m, plus her clothes, jewels and surgeries. Nicole is BROKE. She spends like she’s muthaf*ckin’ Shrek her damn self. smh. Strahan has mad dough coming in, BUT he’s wary of marrying her b/c he knows how Nicole moves and he’s already been burned by his previous marriage. But Nicole knows ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL of Eddie’s dirt, so he still breaks her off when shit gets tight and money gets funny. Hell, Eddie told me to my face, that “there isn’t one person in his life that isn’t in it for money, including his momma, kids, friends, Arsenio, EVERYONE.” sad ass, confused nigga. Nicole is a freak. A nasty one. But she’s definitely nobody’s $40mil freak. That’s why she’s always advertising her ASSets on tv, and the blogs, constantly selling her image to any potential bidders. lol. Oh well, to each their own.

            • Um, no one said Nicole received $40 million in her divorce settlement. They were trying to convince me that Andrea received a $40 million divorce settlement, all the while looking like a penny waiting for change and crying about money woes. I know what Nicole received.

        • I’ve never known anyone who received $40 million complain about how they were going to pay 2 mortgages. Andrea has been whining about not receiving child support. Again, who does that after just receiving a $40 million settlement? I definitely question that report.

      • Heeeeeeyyyy Bella! Here are The Hollywood Exes net worth. I hope this can help you, ok?

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        The Net Worth of The Hollywood Exes
        Home › Articles › Entertainment
        June 26, 2012 by Brian Warner

        Ever wondered how the ex-wives of some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers live today? Well On Wednesday, June 27th you can find out when VH1 debuts its newest reality series Hollywood Exes. Hollywood Exes follows the lives of five women who have each been married to and divorced from a major Hollywood celebrity like Will Smith or Eddie Murphy. The show will give the user an intimate look into the world of high profile divorces where millions of dollars, children, houses, cars and all the other trappings of the fabulous life are at stake. So keep reading because today we are revealing the net worths of each of the Hollywood Exes!

        Hollywood Exes Net Worth
        Hollywood Exes Net Worth

        Nicole Murphy Net Worth: $5 Million
        Nicole Murphy is a former model, actress and singer who was married to comedian Eddie Murphy from 1993 – 2006. The couple have five children together. After separating, Nicole Murphy chose to give up permanent monthly support and was instead given a $15 million lump sum divorce settlement. Unfortunately, just a few years later Nicole was near broke after being defrauded of over $7 million in an investment scheme. Court documents at the time showed that she also owed $5 million on a mortgage, $900,000 to the IRS, $600,000 to a law firm and $60,000 to a landscaping company. Today Nicole is engaged to NFL player Michael Strahan and claims that Eddie is totally cool with Hollywood Exes, especially because his step brother is one of the producers!

        Jessica Canseco Net Worth: $3 Million
        Jessica Canseco is the ex-wife of former MLB player Jose Canseco and more recently the ex-wife of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher. Jessica and Jose were married for three years and share a 15 year old daughter together. Her more recent husband Dr. Garth Fisher is famous for his appearances on shows like Access Hollywood and Extreme Makeover. Prior to marrying Jessica, Dr. Fisher was married to and had two children with Brooke Burke. Jessica Canseco is now managing her very own cosmetics and medical tattoo business throughout Los Angeles.

        Mayte Garcia Net Worth: $2.5 Million
        Mayte Garcia is an exotic beauty who began dancing professionally at the age of 8! Her mother eventually submitted a video audition to music superstar Prince who instantly hired her to join his European tour. She married Prince in 1996. They had one child together who tragically died a week after birth. The couple divorced in 1998. Mayte had a two year relationship with Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee but the couple split because Tommy did not want any more kids. Mayte Garcia now lives with her mother and her seven dogs, two cats and four birds and is hoping to meet Mr. Right soon!

        Sheree Fletcher Net Worth: $6 Million
        Sheree Fletcher is a fashion designer and the former wife of box office mega-star Will Smith. The couple was married from 1992 – 1995 and they share one child together, a son named Trey. The divorce was amicable and she and Smith are still friendly. Sheree eventually re-married retired NFL player and current pastor, Terrell Fletcher. They live together with Trey in San Diego where Terrell’s City of Hop International Church is located.

        Andrea Kelly Net Worth: $40 Million
        Andrea Kelly is a dancer and the ex-wife of singer R. Kelly. She got her big break as one of R. Kelly’s backup dancers. They were married for 12 years and share three children together. Andree stood by R. Kelly throughout the worst points of his legal problem related to underage sex allegations. When the couple divorced, Andrea as paid a rumored $50 million divorce settlement.

        • The only one on that list I have personal knowledge of is Nicole’s info. I would question her net worth being $5 million after all of the house flipping she has done, though I may stand corrected. Thanks, DaR1.

          • who cares Nicole is more set for life than she was with Eddie Michael Strahan is going to own the networks the ay he’s getting jobs these days

            There aren’t many women who can and will do what Nicole does for Strahan discreetly.

            • But Micheal may dump Nicole. There is no telling with him. He has not married her yet. Anyway Nicole is a GoldDigger. She depends on men to take of her.

    • Its already been reported that Drea busted this dude via Text plotting on expenses,and how much money he was gonna steal from her.

  2. Why would she even consider coming in between him and his tubby pastyface gf, when you see true trash u dnt mess with it.

  3. What in bloated Persian cat hell does that side chick look like? He head is octogon shaped. Seriously is this supposed to distract us from the fact that he is obviously GAY. That’s the de evolution of mankind for ya. Now we are happy to find out a man is cheating on his wife w a female as opposed to a trans (hey V!) Or a dude. That’s how low as a society we have sunk….le sigh.

  4. Why did Andrea have to go to such lengths to fake a marriage to this man when the other women on the show are just as boring. These reality shows are very much scripted because without the scripts these women are lackluster.

  5. How did R Kelly go from Aaliyah to Andrea? Im sorry but Andrea looks like a very unkept woman. She seems like the most ghetto of them all but gives good laughs. I dont know why this show is still on.

    • But Mayté bring that Latina heat! Mayté is a Scorpio just like Drea, but that Mayté I wouldn’t put nothing passed her. One thing those ladies don’t realized that Mayté is an Army Brat! Born and raised as a G.R.I.T.S.! Girls Raised In The South!!

      • Mayte isn’t bringing any heat. She is physically ill and mentally and emotionally unstable. The fits she throws over fur are ridiculous, considering her diet is the reason why her son was born with physical defects.

        I don’t see it for people treating animals well and treating human beings poorly. Mayte and Sheree have no storylines. I hope Nicole replaces them next season.

        • Now that diet part, I blamed Prince on that. And that’s not the only baby she lost. They lost two together. On the last episode, Shamicka, Sheree, and Drew all agree that Mayté and Prince really need to talk. God knows they need to communicate bad!

          • Prince has moved on from this hoe! An she shud have known better while being preggers to eat better! You need alk the Nutrients you can get! She acts like a gotdam fool! Remove her stupid ass lol An the bitch wud b eating the fur if she had of burned my shit!

        • The fur situation for some odd reason I notice most Scorpios can connect with animals real good. In Mayté’s case, she has the animals as a replacement of the kids she lost. Plus, the divorce and starting over.

          • I love animals, though I’m not a Scorpio. As much as I dislike the thought of eating flesh, I dislike the thought of me dying prematurely because of an insufficient diet. Lol. Regardless of Prince imposing his will/wishes, Mayte had a choice as to what she would and would not eat. If being a vegan wasn’t her best option, I would hope she would have adapted her diet so she can prolong her life. In short, I feel bad for her. I don’t condone her actions towards the others, but I feel bad for her. You can tell she is really damaged. I don’t believe she deserves what she has been made to endure.

      • Mayte will get her ass stomped! An how u know drea a scorpio? That explains her marryin the gay dude lol

          • I think Mayte is very very pretty and delicate looking. Like a fragile doll.I read in a book that Tommy wants all his chicks to be super skinny, and that may have messed with her head some.

              • Exactly! Shamicka is every bit a lady. She is very humble, unaffected by celebrity and an awesome homemaker. Martin screwed up big time by losing her. Then again, his ex Patricia is a winner.

            • Mayte aint shit w/ o make up! Homely dry lookin bitch! Killed her own baby an mad cuz the other wives got residuals! Jealous really. She married Prince an she know damn well she didnt Divorce prince! Yea right! He got rid of her ass for not eatin right during her pregnancy. Who divorces prince? She a scorpio an they are all about that $$$$$ so she can save that lie! Prince still eating off Purple Rain… Mayte a dumb hoe. PERIOD?

              • Mo, But Mayté will grind for her bread. Only her, Jessica, and Shanna I’ve seen have actually have jobs.

    • Drea is a nice lookin Black woman with a Bad ass Booty! Plus she down to earth! Mayte shud b off the show wit her stupid Homely lookin ass. She has no shape at all an is childish. Team Andrea AllDay!

      • cosign. drea is adorable and her body’s bangin’. Thank god she isn’t taking the HGH like Canceco and Murphy. Unkempt? She’s anything but.

      • She’s pretty to me. I don’t find her unkempt at all. And this show started off slightly more positive than housewives or bad girl club or LAHH, in that the women were genuinely friends and dealing w the fall out of their divorces. Now its as fake and contrived as all the others. I really hope Drea hasn’t gone all Hollyweird and faked het marriage after what she went through w Robert. Some thing s should be sacrec no matter what.

    • and shes the realest of the crew everyone else besides sheree confused ass and mayte crazy ass looks like they are gonna melt in the sun

      • I betcha them women won’t cross Mayté, . One thing for sure, if yoi, one parent or both parents was in the military . 9 times outta 10 you going to learn some kind of defense technique (military that is) to protect yourself. Now on Mayté’s situation, yall can call her crazy, but not one woman up there won’t step to her. There is another reason behind that too. I can’t reveal that part.

        • Chile… you goin a lil too hard for the hoe! Got love for u but really??? Mayte aint shit! She killed her own baby by not eating right! Real talk an i kno 1 bitch who will whoop her mothafyckin ass….. Drea! Thats Southside of chicago at its finest! My girl drea will mollywap dat ass. Aint nobody scared of that homely puerto rican hoe! You see she didnt get cray wit drea wen she checked her ass… None of tgem bitches can whoop drea an im willin to put money on that! I know some peeps who know her personally an Homegirl can fight! Real talk. Fuck mayte an she stupid an didnt get no Purple Rain money! Dumb lol

    • You r right. She is ugly and looks like R Kelly in da face. Nice girl and lucky she has a dancer body. Mayte is the prettiest

  6. R.Kelly probably wanted her for small, tiny frame reminded him of young girls. This clown wanted money

    • So the man has to be gay because God gave him eyes different from yours? Get the f*ck outta here with that bullshit. This is the kind of comment that a closeted uneducated homosexual would make…

      • Ok I get what your saying. Im not trying to say that technology something as “gay face” exist but, as a 6 ft tall black woman w/a square jaw I can be taken for a Transexual an often do(and get yelled at BTW!). I think in todays society we my need to take a look at certain human features is all I’m saying.

    • T.I. is very pretty, but he still has a masculine boyish look which saves him from looking too gayish.

    • Both them niccas is gay/bi and it shows in both they face. puffy ugly as fuk and so Fiddy but they gay too

  7. RKelly Sings:I’m Standing Here Looking In The Mirror Saying Damn To Myself I Should Of Known The Day Would Come That She Would Find Somebody Else”Lol.

    • I wonder how her foot is doing? On season one she torn some ligament in her right foot. I hope it has been healed up since then. But anyway, another broken heart.

    • Thank you 20:21 < everyone saying why she arrange this marriage when the others are boring too? That's the point. She wants desperately to be out of Kell's shadow and be a star on her own. Sher doesn't want to be another boring cast member. She's a little old to "make it" now, but I like her the best of all the wives so good luck Drea.

    • He shouldn’t be laughing at anybody else. I just read an article in RS which laid the blame for Gaga’s album Artpop flopping on her “unwise” collab with Kells. The album sucked on its own, but that pairing prolly didn’t help things.

      • agreed, the weird overly sexual performances and the fact that lady Gaga is overrrr may have had something to do with it as well. so sad he has a BEAUTIFUL voice what a waste

        • he can sang people need to stop making fun of him

          what about these white celebrity’s who do nasty stuff

      • lady googoo is overrated didn’t like now she used Christina verse instead of r kelly’s lady googoo is a shady lady

  8. Sad, to be marrying and divorcing for “reality TV”

    Playing around with something for sacred.

    Karma is a….you know; a B.

  9. andrea should of kept her big mouth shut about r kelly reading and writing

  10. Mayte eating habit was NOT a factor in her child’s defect. She was unable to conceive with Tommy Lee her boyfriend during their relationship.

    Pfeiffer syndrome is believed to be caused by a sporadic gene mutation. Not caused by anything the mother did or didn’t do during pregnancy. -Parent’s Guide to Pfeiffer Syndrome

    • I made the comment re: Mayte’s diet and her issues with pregnancies based on what she stated on Hollywood Exes.

    • Mayte also said she wanted a baby with Tommy but he didn’t want any more children, which is why they went their separate ways. She stated this on Hollywood Exes as well.

  11. Now Mayte was engaged to Tommy Lee a few years back. Tommy contracted hepatitis c from drug use back in the day. Im wondering did he infect poor Mayte the same way he did Pamela Anderson.

    • Pam accused Tommy of infecting her until he produced negative test results. Then Pamela retracted her allegation and said she contracted Hep C from a dirty tattoo needle. She is with Rick Solomon, who has the herp (Paris Hilton’s ex). She was with Rick before as well as Kid Rock. Kid Rock was never excluded from having given Pam Hep C.

      • Bob may have Hep C, but he sure doesn’t look sick like Pamela does. And he might be the most sought after unmarried man in the music industry at this given time. I’ve seen some shit, but I never saw anything like the number of women that literally throw themselves at him everywhere he goes(worked catering on his last tour.) And if you think that black chicks would not be interested in the white boi think again, and he returns the interest.
        He’s alright.

        • hell you say kid rock looked like he just came from a smoking or shooting heroin spree.



          YES RAY J HIT PAM.

          • Chris I agree that Bob used to look like a scuzzy flea bitten mess. But since he cleaned up after he broke up with Pamela, he looks VERY GOOD.

        • Anon:

          I am a big Bob fan! I just couldn’t lay a hand on the man because my health is my greatest wealth. I sure have pondered a lot about him, though. Lol

        • Ironically, Nicole Murphy slept with R.Kelly at one of his concerts backstage. smh.

  12. I think Tommy and Mayte was married for a few years.I dont know what these women saw in Motley Crue particularly Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx. Poor Vanity(singer n actress) ended up being an alcohlic and drug addict.

    • Nikki definitely played a part in getting her to use heroin. He is apparently very charismatic and as weird as he seems to be, he always does the dumping. He’s had a list of gorgeous women way longer than even Tommy. smh

    • Vanity is a born again christian and an evangalista. she preffra to be called Denise . No more Vanity.




  13. For the love of money! He is nasty to be with men and women. She is stupid and making herself look dumb. No wonder R treated her bad. Look at her. She forgot she has a daughter who will see what she is doing to herself.

  14. She has been beaten and pissed on in her last marriage. Bisexual is a step up. Real talk. Lost and turned out.



  16. All Drea is to this trick is a hook up to other players in the industry. Besides, this nucca can’t sing worth crap. He has a whiny, tinny sounding voice. Very irritating. He should stick to barbering in Crenshaw, and hustling women on the side. Drea, move on boo-boo. You were a joke to him and his friends in the 1st place. Don’t let him use you anymore. Desperate people do desperate things- now keep it moving and serve those papers to this lying trick.

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