Macklemore Does Seattle… In Jew-Face!

Macklemore Anti-Semite

Macklemore seems to have stereotyping Jewish people as one of his things to do in Seattle… when you’re a fake-out. The GRAMMY AWARD-WINNING rapper pulled the stunt during a “surprise performance” Friday. Witnesses describe his getup as “an outfit seen by some as a collection of offensive Jewish stereotypes… that included a large prosthetic nose and fake beard.”

Macklemore has since denied doing anything of the such, dropping the ‘I didn’t do it… I have Jewish friends’ card.

Check it:

Macklemore Hates Jews




  1. He’s not a J e w? That’s the real shocker here. He’s got Jewface all day even without any of the add-ons, and he’s very pushy too.

  2. Fake white Jhews do not even look like that, that is how they want to be stereotyped as, so that they can somehow appear to be not white. I am sure the ‘rapper’ received approval from the Jews. You know, it is to make it appear as if someone would dare mocks Jhews too.

  3. There’s no such thing as the word Judaism or Jooish in the Tanak or the Torah.These people are frauds and fake as a 21 Dollar Bill.The real Joos are black.Jer 14:21

      • Yeah, BA, how do you view Sephardic Joos of color? They don’t look Hamite at all, and they definitely don’t look anything like European fake Joos. I knew a Sephardic Joo from Spain and he looked kind of like a lightskin black with a touch of Arabic thrown in and a little Italian too. What say you?

          • Those Sephardic fake joos are no different from the fake white joos because all of them knows whom the real Joos are.One again,you have to be horn a Joo not try and convert and claim others nationality.We negroes and Hispanics are the real Joos.The word Sephardic means Spain.The real joos are from Jerusalem. Shalom.

          • There’s no such term as a Sephardic joo and you won’t find Sephardic or jooish nowhere in the Torah.The word joo comes from the tribe of judah and if you ask any Whitman claiming to be joo what tribe he’s from or where does the term joo come from you’ll hear crickets. The bible says the real joos would be at the bottom jot controlling the media and the diamond districts. We Are The Real Joos.Ask the united nations.

  4. BM yall allowed BW to be erased in hiphop. Now this white boy and white boys have taken over hip hop and R & B. BM, conquered. I got no beef with this white boy at least he’s not talking out the side of his mouth about BW being b’s and h’s.

    • I agree. Every white girl in Rap, RnB etc has a black man standing proundly besides her whilst there are zero black women to be seen anywhere in the picture.

      Good luck to him and all his kind 🙂

        • well fwiw Scorpiess, back in the 90’s when Kid Rock was still a “rapper” he was always with black chicks. That porno star who is Jody Whatley sis was his long time gf and his baby mama from high school is black, hence Bob Jr is mixed.
          He didn’t go white until he started switching to country and rock.

  5. I would love to know why this thread is even on HSK. Why should Black people care about Mackelmore, more or less about him spoofing Joos?!. They’ve been spoofing Black people for ages, and they continue to do so. Personally, I get a kick out of seeing white folks argue amongst themselves, because they always try to act as though they are the peacekeepers of the world when we all know they are war mongers, amongst other things.

    • I’m white and i HATE Mackelmore. And get it right: the white JEWS are the warmongers NOT the regular white people. Sounds like those jews got you real mad though ha ha Calm down little one.

      • The little one is in your pants. No one asked you who you liked because, quite frankly, no one cares. Mackelmore has a platform on white owned and operated sites like TMZ. That’s where he and his foolishness belong.

        FYI: The “regular white people” are and have been full of shit since the inception. Go study history, then get back to me.

        • Back to the no one asked routine ha. Get a cup a tea take a seat cuz a white gay guy gunna tell you bout all your favourite toys.

            • If I throw stones, elbows, fists, parties, confetti and/or dollars, what are you about to do?!. Not a damn thing. Anywho…

            • Hahaha. You are funny when you wanna be.If you only used your powers for good.

            • No one is here for you or your amusement. Try stepping your own actions and IQ up rather than worrying about what I post here. If you actually posted something here based on factual accuracy versus opinion, the site would probably crash.

            • I’m a self confessed idiot. Your right, opinions is all I’ve got. I’m not up close with none of these celebrities….

            • You aren’t up close with decent grammar, either. Physician, heal thyself and stop wasting time attempting to antagonize me. Lol.

            • Hence idiot. I will stop. I’m gunna get me a kid rock face transplant and come a hollering. Till then, gods love.

            • You could roll up in a Brinks truck full of hundred dollar bills, park it in front of my home, ring my doorbell, carry every bag in by yourself and still get passed over.

              I have God’s love and protection. They serve as shields to keep devils such as yourself and the Anon troll below you off of me. Goodbye.

            • You sure are obsessed with what I do, what I say and what you think I’m thinking about. You should really try getting some constructive hobbies.

            • The only person who is obsessed with Bella is Bella. And that’s her primary problem.

          • Someone must have turned the lights on in a project tenement, because you emerged yet again. Crawl on, girl. Crawl on.

            • Ha ha ha. The sun is up in Australia. I don’t know sometimes you are intelligent then you stoop to name calling. Girl. Wtf

    • Who are they. They ain’t regular people. That’s the entertainment industry. And we all know what entertainment industry is about. Don’t get it twisted.

    • Hey, Larry! You know the deal. Al Jolson may be dead, but his work lives on via the likes of Sarah Silverman, Ted Danson and Julianne Hough, just to name a few famous people.

      I went to the Farmer’s Market at The Grove several years ago. I saw a Mexican woman working in a little gift shop that sold mammy salt & pepper shakers. It took my everything not to tear that shop up (only because I knew it wasn’t her shop). Some trash bag who owns a bakery in Beverly Hills also sold mammy salt & pepper shakers in his bakery. I contacted him to ask him why, and he said he never received a complaint about them. Naturally, having a predominately white clientele, I doubt he would receive complaints about them. He tried to convince me that they were not offensive and that his Black female celebrity friend (whom he never named) loves and collects such garbage.

      I refuse to fight battles for people who blatantly disrespect me and mine.

      The Japanese were big on selling Sambo merchandise years ago. Once that fad died, they were trying to grow dreadlocks and tan their skin so they could emulate Black people. I know all of these people purporting to be Black and conscious on HSK know better.

      • Oprah has the biggest collection of old time “negro” memorabilia. She has like a warehouse full of the stuff.

  6. Macklemore is a joke and wish people ignore the talentless rat and let him fade away, no rapping ass

    • Compared to Macklemore Eminem looks very good. Talent wise I mean. Macklemore is just 50 kinds of wack and even white folks don’t listen to him. Who buys his shit? I know Em’s audience is mostly white suburban boys, but yall know that some black folks like him even though most say they don’t.

  7. Macklemore is just another black wannabe white people like to out do black people to makes us look bad

  8. If ya wanna see how some regular Aussie White boys can get down, u tube, bullet and a target by bliss and esso.

  9. white people are politically incorrect they do’t think what their say and sadly they get away with it because their white

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