50 Cent Posts Cryptic Messages After MIA From Son’s Graduation!


You are the company you keep.” ~Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson

That’s just one of the cryptic messages Fiddy posted to his IG, just hours after reportedly missing his son’s high school graduation. Did we mention that message was paired-up with his own image… alongside the likes of Jesse Jackson and Oliver Stone? *PAUSE* *PAUSE* *PAUSE*

“It’s no secret that 50 Cent and his son Marquise haven’t been getting along for a while.”

This after a post made to Marquise Jackson’s FB account reveals the 16-year-old is heartbroken over Fif’s absence at the ceremony. “He never showed up,” Marquise stated. It now seems that Fiddy could use a bit of schooling in basic spelling from his educated son. Know why? Take a look for yourself:

50cent-Bad-Father 50-cnet-disses-sons-graduation


  1. True but how do you explain him missing his son graduation. No excuse!!!!! 50 has all the money in the world and if he wanted to take full custody of his son, he could have.

    • Absolutely no excuse. He.could have sat on the other side of the room. He needs to grow up.

      • EXACTLY and all these excuses when it takes a few minutes to take pictures,give a gift hug your son,shake his hand and congratulate him tell him you are proud THEN BOUNCE THE HELL ON that takes less than 20 minutes

  2. Fifty needs to separate the mother from the child. He’s as ignorant as those bit*ches who beat their children because they look like their absent father. He needs to be a father first and a hater second. All he is doing is showing his son how to hate.

  3. So by 50 saying “you are the company you keep”, is he trying to call his son a bitch??

    • 50 is a joke and look at the company and crowd he keeps .The son should be more worried about the company his father keeps .Dont need that atmosphere

  4. 50 was wrong for missing his kids graduation. He could’ve sat on the other side of the room if he wanted to avoid his baby mama. 50 and his cryptic tweets remind me of a a teenaged girl, people need to stop with that stupid shyte.

  5. I know that feeling all too well! My dad missed my high school and cosmetologist graduations. It hurts..God knows it hurts!!

  6. True ignorance will always shine through….he is truly that. The company his son keeps is that of his mother if he was not an absentee parent he could of kept company with him too. Dummy….

  7. Fifty losing points for this shit.u cant be a rich man without being a father to ur babies.grown up fif before ur son beat u to it.

  8. Dude, rub some sand in your coochie and get back in the game. You are not the first dude whose dad missed his gradation. When I graduated, a few of my friends had to go looking for their dad to get money from them, we found em on their favorite corners, DRINKING. I’m not saying its cool but, there are a lot of kids going through the same thing. I’m not taking up for 50 cent, but the son is using this social media thing like scorned lover. This is not a good look for a young black man.

        • Hey there! You’ve been the one M.I.A., but I know what time it is. I trust that all is well with you. Glad to see you back on, if only for a minute.

    • Damn some of y’all just don’t understand these type of dynamics…it’s really sad. I’m not even going to argue about this one.

    • No way. Dads a Fuckin milli. Not some drunk who can’t pull himself outta the bar. 50 a super bum for not going. Things like this make kids feel like it is Everyman for himself. If you have kid be there. They need somebody to respect.

      • Like I said, I’m not taking up for 50. But, there are many many teens going through this. So be strong, learn something and grow thick skin. He just graduated, so life is about to get rea l and he’s gonna deal with much more so h need to get ready for many heart breaks

        • Sorry ed but I got strong feelings on this topic. I understand and respect your point tho.

    • Cosign needs to ditch the skirt and understand life and not to air family grievance on social media.

  9. Absolutely unacceptable! He is so busy minding everyone else’s issues in the industry, Tweeting every five minutes and starting trouble. He could have sat far away from the mother, saw his child graduate, gave him a hug then bounced.

    • You are right and sorry I typed almost the same exact thing you did I sid not see your comment until now …oh well great minds think alike lol

  10. My friend who did not get along w/her dad was graduating from hs. He was going to D.C for a job interview. I told him that it was really stupid that he was going, he told me that she doesn’t even like him anyway (which,was true I wasliving w/them long story)I told him my dad wouldn’t come to my grad, and even if she says she doesn’t want you there she does. He went to the interview, somehow made it to the graduation and when she walked across the stage and saw her dad in the audience and me pointing at her dad it was this really awesome moment for her . My friend will always have this moment of her dad seeing her graduate and even though they really don’t get along they will always have this moment together . Curtis Jackson you are an absolute idiot, you always talk about absentee fathers and this and that and get rich or die tryin. well you got rich and you did absolutely nothing with it! now you have to live with it and the graduation were you could have done something and shown MILLIONS of people how its done I hope friends graduation makes a lot of you dads out there feel like shit because you absolutely should! Because if your kid didn’t graduate or you weren’t there that, is the bear necessity that is required within our American Society. My mom smoked crack and my father was an alcoholic, I ended up going to homeschool and graduating by myself and got my diploma with nobody thinking of me and no congratulations. I don’t want a pity party I’m just saying it can get done. You can get it done! For those of you who got it done, no matter how you got it done congratulations!!! No matter what the spelling errors may be! 😉

  11. I am going to reserve judgment. I do not know the man nor their situation and there is always two sides to a story. There is obviously something going on here where the father feels under no circumstances that he wants to deal with his son or the son’s mother. Perhaps he has been disrespected to the point that he just doesn’t care anymore.

    We can’t honestly judge because we do not know what’s going on in that family dynamic.

    Why would the son put that business out there anyway? To humiliate, embarrass, and shame his father. I understand he is hurt or whatever the case but if I had a disrespectful child who kept coming at me mouthy and disrespectful I don’t think I’d want to be engulfed in the negative energy either. Granted, the father’s reactions weren’t the best but some people react without thinking. Clearly this is what is going on here.

    It’s high time the son and his mother pipe down and stop running off at the mouth on social media and the tabloids when they want to stick it to 50. Move on and grow up. If he wants nothing to do with them, accept it and keep your trap shut about it.

    Enough is enough!! It’s high time 50 just stops responding and reacting but his ego isn’t going to allow him to sit quietly. So in the meantime we have to be privy to all this nonsensical bullshit.

    • You have a point about there being two sides to the story.

      Not excusing his absence, but Fifty is saying he wasn’t invited to his son’s graduation.

      Hope they get it together.

      • That could very well be true. Son is expecting him but others telling 50 not to show.

  12. Doing things like this surely isn’t going to bring them closer together. So what’s he going to do? Keep harping on his fathers absence the rest of his life? Blame his life’s failure’s upon his father?

    Grow up!!

  13. Is this the son whose mother was burned out of her home, a fire that was ruled SUSPICIOUS, but the perpetrator was not pursued…

    C’mon fiddy, you gonna burn the boy out his house AND miss his HS graduation????

    And you wonder why there is beef?

    • Ridiculous, his son is 16. Grow up? As a parent sometimes you have to be the bigger person. I don’t know what type of parents you have or what type of a parent you are but obviously the relationship was not at the point of no return if that young man broke down like that.

    • Exactly, my father nor grandfather never dealt with their children like that. We are not talking about a grown ass man, his son is 16. And to be fair woman shouldn’t allow their children to be disrespecting their fathers. My mom didn’t allow it and neither do I.

      • women can’t teach a men to be a men
        men can’t teach a women to be a women

        men need to grow up

        • If the father is not around you can’t force him to be. You find other alternatives instead of yakking on social media and tabloids all the time.

          • true but 50 cent is a grown azz man he should know better he doesn’t know his father either

            he should do more

        • Maybe Marquis’s mother wanted more money than 50 was willing to give her and in turn she turned his son against him and here they are because of it.

          Come on ladies. Tell me that never happens and how that can’t possibly be the case here and how its all 50’s fault.

          I’ll wait.

          • yes that’s why men to day are childish and bitchy

            these men need to act like men

  14. Yes, GROW UP!! Absolutely!! All women aren’t respectful of the men they have had children with and if you think they are because of what you saw in your own family then you need to get with reality. For real.

  15. 16 OR NOT the mother should not be allowing her son to come at his father on social media and the media in general. It is disrespectful regardless of the relationship. I know my son’s father is not the greatest nor do I particularaily care for him but I would not allow my son to be blatantly disrespectful to him.

    The mother is no f*cking saint. In the beginning he had a relationship with his son. Taking him places, doing things with him. Photographs with him, etc. Then the relationship broke down and here we are. Now why is that? 50 is no longer in his environment and things have drastically changed. Now why is that?

    You people need to learn how to critically think instead of running based on emotion only. There is ALWAYS two sides to a story and everyone should learn to view both sides before passing judgment upon others.

    A 16 year old does have a thinking, working mind. They at that age do know the difference between right and wrong and should. If not, then the custodial parent is to blame for not instilling in their child right and wrong behaviors and teach then how not to act upon their emotions. A non bitter custodial parent would do this. Now, don’t go off stating teenager and lack of control because that is a bunch of bullshit. If you think as a parent you can’t control the behavior of a 16 year old then you have no business being a parent in the first place.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste!!

  16. he’s ugly dark skinned men are sexy as hell but he looks like a monkey can’t find why women find him sexy

  17. No 50 should NOT be responding and I hope one day he stops but right now he feels he needs to. He also needs to grow up as well and just let them rant and ignore it. His ego is standing in the way of doing that.

  18. I am pretty much done with this thread because I cannot have a rational thinking conversation with those who post based on emotion.

  19. 50 cent should take some pointers from diddy. Diddy has taken care of all his kids even those that are not biologically his. Now you alledgelly have a child with Daphne Joy. Why knock these chics up if your not going to help raise the kid.

  20. Make excuses fir 50 all you want. He is the one that paid his son’s tuition at his school. He could have called the school to get the graduation information. He didn’t plan on attending. He is holding grudges against his son’s mother has nothing to do with him not being there during his son’s special time. It’s good that his son did it all without him because 50 haven’t been there in quite some time for him.

  21. 50 could’ve swallowed his sorry ass pride for this momentous occasion, he’s a total busta, whatever disagreement he has with the boy’s mom, keep it at bay, his son will never forgive him, & he will always regret this!

  22. @Glutin Putin, you truly have been through a lot in life and its inspiring that you had a difficult childhood and still standing strong. I also gratuated with neither parent there, my mother had died six years prior and my father was a deadbeat scum who never cared if my siblings were alive or dead, but such is life. But back to the topic, Fifty just needs to stop making excuses and man up and this kid’s mother needs to effin grow up, like someone here posted that if Fifty wanted to be at the graduation he would found a way to be there. People shouldnt be mad at this kid because he is just doing what his father is doing by airing out the family’s dirty linen. The apple doesnt fall too far from the tree. This whole situation is just tacky and messy. Things just cant go on like this for the sake of this kid. Fifty and baby mama have to do better before this kid turns to drugs and other vices in order to cope with all of this mess.

  23. For one his son should be old enough to understood he shouldn’t get in between both of his parents drama. His son needs to understand he might have a child with someone he may not get along with later. Stay out of it. He big enough to talk to his dad one on one. Maybe she mad that child support is about to be over soon.

  24. 50 was quick to respond to the JZ/Solo mess and he got his own drama. He needs to reach out to his son and forget the drama with his sons mother. His son looks just like him!

  25. Doesn’t matter what the YOUNG MAN’S mother tried to do, clearly he wanted his father there for his big day, and as the young man’s father he should have been there, even if he was on the other side in the rear watching….he should have been there.#NOEXCUSES

  26. Fuck all the excuses! He played his own son for some personal shit he has against the mother,and that was a bitch move period! Real fathers dont do what he did!

  27. Not sure about this one 50. I cussed my dad out, told him not to show up and did not give him a ticket toy graduation , but he still showed up. My cousin did the same to her dad, kinda fir cheating on her mom, they did not talk for years but he still showed up un invited. 50 no excuses for that one. Thats horrible, real talk drop the ego . This yo baby

  28. 50 treating his son like an enemy. He took the fight to far. That is a baby, the only person that truley love his dumb @$$ . I lost respect for him on this one.

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