Solange Gets Schooled By Rosie Perez & RZA


Ground 40/40 may still be buzzing with word of Solange’s attack on Jay, reportedly on behalf of sister Bey, but those working inside the NYC Carter cave seem to be choosing their words wisely. Know why? Because they’re shooting TV scenes there.

Here’s what Rosie Perez had to say:

“When I’m in an elevator, I shut the F-up.”

RZA lending Solange these words:

“Calm down.”


  1. We may never know what caused Solange to act out but I know if someone disrespected my sister I may want to get up in that ass too. Rosie needs to STFU because she’s not walking in Solange’s shoes and she is not in a place to judge. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone and we all know that Hollywood types are major sinners.

  2. Shooting tv scenes? For what? Why?

    This elevator crap better not have been for some stupid reality show..

    Enough is enough!

  3. Love Solange – my kind of friend.
    Does anyone know where you can buy that t-shirt “women of the world, thank you Solange”

    • what she being thanked for? i swear its some stupid bitches in this world smh do some of you feel that damn powerless? waiting for an immature comment to come in 3…2…1…

  4. I have so much respect for Solange. Rosie and the RZA need to fall back. I dare someone to talk bad about Solange because she will whoop that ass!

    • yall gonna juice that girl up into thinking she bad and somebody gonna end up laying her ass out somewhere

      • Agreed.

        What did this crazy, probably drunk, girl do? She went off, was restrained, was tryin’ to get in the middle of her big sister’s marriage.

        Please. Hardly. Not impressed.

        And no fan of Jay-Z, the 45 year old manchild adolescent.

      • I completely agree she will be layed out if she acts a fool on the regular but I believe this is an isolated incedent. TEAM SOLO !!!lol

  5. If Jay said some disrespectful sh*t about my sister and she’s just standing there (in the corner) the most I can do is be there for her. She feels no need to be upset why am I all on 10?!

    I don’t believe this story. Solange you going in like you f#$king.

    • u have sense unlike some of these other idiots. beyonce f*cking smiling and shit how the f*ck is the shit about her? these hurt hoes just need to believe it happens to everyone

      • Or we watched the video and saw what really happened. That’s a possibility too.

  6. Just like a Black man to run his mouth and expect for respect but cant give out any.

    • But black men aint on a blog wondering why no one wants them. Speak your mind Larry.

      • Naw, I just watch television and commercials and magazines….have you had a chance to glance at any lately? Maybe its not that no one wants black women . Maybe its just you that doesn’t because you are busy following Massas program for you. I’m not mad. spill your seed elsewhere.

      • We ain’t wonderin’ shit; we know you hate yourselves.

        Just look at your communities, especially the crime rate.

        Then you get the Latina, Asian, Brazilian, Filipina, etc., and you beat and/or kill her ass too.

        Can’t you black men just get along with folks??

        • Half of you imitation white women bout the head (weave wearing for the slow witted) and we hate ourselves? Foh

          • White bitches wear weaves also! But don’t trip, if you want a white women go get her, just stop trying to degrade black women. Like mom, grandma, aunt, sister!!!

  7. When I’m in an elevator, I STFU?

    Why is Rosie saying this? Are all elevators bugged?

    Just askin’ ‘cuz it is so incomplete a statement.

    • Right … Sounds to me like Rosie is saying – ” All elevators are bugged so I stfu– there is audio to this footage floating around somewhere.

  8. no one is helping chris brown but their helping solange???? she’s only famous because of her self hating sister

  9. All the Prissiness and Luxury, we find out, that we all have FAMILY DRAMA.

    What ever she busted JayZ doing must have been serious.
    They say flirting, but her reaction seemed like she busted him in a ” compromising posion”

  10. he should have slapped her teeth out of her mouth. she never has her son and her sister’s daughter hair is a nappy mess and the child dressed like a bum. tina should be so proud. two ignorant ill bred losers.

  11. All of you guys need therapy back n forth like little damn kids. Grow the hell up! Damn! What is this Brothas vs Sistas. What in the hell happen to us???

    • You beat me to it.
      This site used to have grown-up and intelligent commentary. When exactly did it get hijacked by partisan us vs. them men and women?

  12. Did Rosie get rhinoplasty or the image is manipulated?. Always respected that she is one of the few peurto rocks on screen who didnt go blond or chop her nose.

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