Jay Z & Bey’s ‘On The Run’ Film: Stereotyping at its Worst!

Beyonce & Jay Z On the Run!

Sex, Drugs & Violence…

The Carters have sold out, once again! This time, Jay and Bey have made their own personal contributions to the continued stereotyping of a marital union between a Black couple! It went down in the short film ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ released over the weekend, to plug their upcoming “On The Run Tour.” The flick, with Jigga portrayed as a drug kingpin, doesn’t miss a beat in Beyonce raising the bar as the worst role model for our young girls.

“Who wants that perfect love story anyway? Cliche… Cliche… Cliche.” ~Beyonce

Know why? Bey’s packin’ guns, blasting bullets, baring bruises, stripping, running from po-po, and dodging gunfire… all because she loves her D-Boy, Jigga. Queen Beysus has even taken on a role that seems to be ripped straight out of ‘Set It Off’, pulling a bank job. On top of that, The Carters are apparently glorifying being on the run from the FEDS. This, while rapper Rick Ross uses the disrespectful lingo he knows best… seeming to refer to Bey as a b*tch.

Take a look:



  1. Really????? It’s a 3 minute clip… It ain’t that serious. Do you only post about the Carters to get hits????

    • Ciara and her Future will bring back Peaches and Herb, so let the low lifes do their thing, for their low life trashy peers like themselves.

  2. I thought it was stylish and very tongue in cheek.
    They must have the juice because the copped some impressive talent for the film including Sean Penn who won an Oscar.

    • You may find it stylish and tongue in cheek but I find it ignorant and glorifying of violence and foolishness. It’s no wonder the black community is in such a sad state. We have more young black people in jail than we can count. Jay Z and Beyonce are buffoonish coons who need to just disappear because they are a poor example of a married couple and a terrible example for young black people. Anything for money and fame with no regard for the welfare of our youth. I have no respect left for either of them.

    • Is this the same Sean Penn who while married to Madonna had her tied up to a chair for 8 hours beater and only let her go and by having her do some horrible sexual act?! oh yeah he also beat her w/a baseball bat and slamed her face into a toilet,wow that’s some great talent. Its funny how Solange totally embraces being black in a cool positive way and is not more popular than these fools. And it also seems that Jay Z cheats with a lot of women who aren’t black, and he calls himself JIGGA that rhymes with you know WHAT…. so, therefore a lot of white people are calling him you know what….do I have to type it out, it rhymes w/JIGGA

  3. They are in the run from debt collectors lol…but this is corny, DATED and played

    • sigh..yes. everything those two do is shit. that’s why they’re so unpopular with the masses.

  4. Why are they doing so much for this tour what is this going to be there last one will this be the last time Beyonce and Jay z will be together I mean come on why are you trying. To go all out.

    • That’s why I get the feeling their marriage is on the rocks. The Carters are trying too hard to prove to us they love and ride for one another. Their marriage was more believable to me when they were private about their relationship.

  5. I can’t stand what this couple represents BUT I can’t blame them for all the promotions when their mindless fans are willing to spend their last dollar on tickets to see them perform.

    • I agree, these two are excessive, dated & boring to me. the most entertaining thing thing that’s come from their camp is Beyawnce fake pregancy and mosr recently when Sologne kicked the champagne outta Jay’s ass..The entertainment biz is #DEAD..thanks to her, her hubby a few reality “stars”

    • me too. “ahhh com’on!!!!” I thought that was cute….but that all I got!!!!

  6. These two are so desperate to stay in the public eye. Everything looks very cheap and played out. I think the Solanged elevator whoop ass might have been staged for publicity for this stupid tour.

  7. Y’all some HATERS. That’s why the still getting money while y’all broke. If they have not another fan they still will be making money with their investments and royalties.

    • You are an idiot and pathetic baffoon! Black people who wants to see their people portrayed as something other than fools and criminals are not haters. Money can’t save your soul or life idiot. Get a clue

    • Bitch u broke also so shut da f*ck up u dumb ass ho! Stop dick riding bullshit. You following ass loser! Bitch go apply to be Don juan hoes cuz its Over for yo stupid ass!

        • Its women like you who raise your suns to be fake pimps and who are the fools spreading legs for thugs. How do you know who is broke or whatnot but by the sound of your language you are just another dumb hood rat.

    • Hater for what? Bey aint got nothing on me but a healthy bank account. I have beauty, good job, good family, and most of all a PIECE OF MIND, your precious Bey with all her MONEY cant buy that. Now take your wishing you had some money,investment/royalites NO MONEY having ass somewhere a get.

    • Why when people speak their opionions about some celebrity who does some doing, or done some dumb shit or making total buffornary of the black culture, there is someone always trying to defend that gargabe with whats in their bank account? who gives a dam!! You think the blood on their hands and the sacrifices, and dumbing down our youth is just gonna dissappear and keep people quiet because of what they got in thier bank account? you are delusional. Problably the same person who would defend a rapist just because they look good or drive a royal royce

  8. ShellyP you are one ignorant fool. Money will not save you. It won’t help you sleep at night and it won’t save your soul. You are focusing on the wrong things. You probably wish you were Beyonce but you have no idea who she is. She is a sad excuse for a black woman and will never be a role model for free thinkers. Only dumb b*tches like you can respect her.

    • Non spelling ignorant ass they are living their life and making money now you go get one. I don’t expect her to be a role model.

      • That is how we got here ChellyP. Tryin’ to get paid by kidnapping and selling our own to YT during the slave trade.

        I am sure the roving gangs of black men who kidnapped other black men and women were livin’ life and getting’ paid. They were paid with trinkets, rum, whiskey, cloth, and guns, of course, to use against other Blacks.

        So according to your thinking, anything goes, as long as you can give a nigga some bullshit and make him think it is valuable.

        There is no price worthy of destruction of a people, either physical or spiritual. Learn it.

      • Chelly, Are U ok? That shit that Bey and Jay are doing is dumb as hell! If anything, they need to do some reverse psychology and we take over! Hell, with these hard headed knuckleheads that call themselves this and that, why not! We may not have blood money but slow money good money any day! Look at The Hollering Brothers that own The Harlem National Bank!

  9. Even though she only spoke a few lines in the clip, it was by far the best acting performance that I have ever seen by her. Again, let me reiterate there were ONLY a few lines spoken.

    • So what Sean Penn’s used the N word WE call each other that and Jay Z has a song called Niggas in Paris so you’d better recognize. We can’t control the free speech from others not when we’re the ones training them to us the N word!

      • he’s brat of a son called a paparazzi a n1gga
        to look cool

        like most spoilt white rich kids do

      • I was just about to type the same thing. Some of us like to delude themselves into thinking there is a double standard when it comes to using the N word.
        My ex husbands friends used to call him the N word all the time. He never said it back but he would’ve gotten his ass kicked if he would’ve slipped up and called them one back.

  10. I’m starting to agree that this pair is paying off a debt. Like seriously go sit down for 2 minutes.

  11. beyonce needs to retire she’s old years ago she was every where hogging the limelight. now that she’s getting older she’s getting annoying

  12. Yeah they might just be in some debt just watch dish nation and they were saying for front row seats are 5000 dollars

    • That means they are in debt? So is Justin Timberlake in debt too? How bout the Miami Heat?

      I’d say that asking 5K for a front row seat id an indication of how popular you are.

      supply=demand If you can get it why not ask for it?

      Wocka Flocka can’t ask $50 for a front row seat.
      No demand.

      Just so you haters know, it’s been reported that Kim and Kanye are super pissed that The Carters are getting all the media attention that they think they should be getting the week before their wedding. THAT’S how popular Jigga and his biz partner are with the mainstream. You have the 2 most photographed and requested couples in the world, according to The Daily Mail, in a competition to “out- paparazzi” draw each other at a mega event and so far the Carters are winning.
      I think Kim should have not fought so hard to get them to attend if she wanted all the press to herself.

  13. Although the clip was mildly entertaining, it was rife with clichés. I do find it ironic that Bey’s tough “Bonnie” to Jay’s “Clyde” was no where to be found in the Solange elevator clip.

  14. Damm what’s sad back in the 90’s we loved jay and beyonce the rocafella days some of the best years in the hip hop history some would argue. I remeber the hard knock life tour and the line up you saw for a reasonble fifty sixty bucks. How do they repay there fans who made them what they are before they knew about promotions and shit like that. By charging fans five thousand dollars to a 100 dollars for a ticket. Are they sellin tickets to mayweather vs pacquia???it use to be at least 20 bucks to be in the nose bleeds now you want 100 bucks to sit in the nose bleeds f*ck both of these losers like they don’t see what’s going on this country. White artists never do this to there fans .

  15. I mean like kid rock,u2 and a lot of other rock bands f*ck however mainstream you get you don’t rob your fans in a recession and watch how many dumbass people blow five stacks to see they washed up asses gtfoh……

  16. love how people assume that anyone who does not like them or support them is jealous and broke! There is nothing to be jealous of, they are satanic and the only god they know is money! nothing here to be jealous of…

  17. bitchonce is a punk ass bitch. f*ck waldo, searching for jiggas balls . the elevator fight is hilariously funny.

  18. role models pffttt…safety first people safety first. should be wearing helmets when on motorbikes

  19. This is deep. “When the shyt gets bigger than the cat, get rid of the cat” What does it mean. Sounds as if Mandela or perhaps Krishnamurti is speaking from the grave. They are robbing bank, a fancy old school one with columns, not the local credit union or bank of america – is this symbolic of robbing the establishment or extorting fans with ticket prices? What does WHITE mean on Jiggas fatigue jacket, an allusion to Cathy White or the race of the elite families? And Where do I buy those tickets!!!

    Actually have a sundress with a similar poker print as Bey. Kidada Jones is funny liked her character on The Office.

  20. Black people need to stop blaming others for their circumstances. Beyonce ain’t never said she was the damn poster child for the black community. Do better as a whole, teach your children the difference between entertainment and reality. What y’all want beyonce to do, raise y’all kids?

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