Stevie J Arrested For Trafficking Molly (MDMA)?


HSK Exclusive –  Was Stevie J arrested for dealing in MDMA?

Word on the streets is that Love & Hip Hop’s, Stevie J, whose real name is Steve Jordan, was just arrested in Clarke County Georgia for trafficking in MDMA, commonly referred to on the street as Molly.

We are still trying to confirm all the details. Stay tuned…



    • So sick of sistas doing the most to try and be relevant. I guess Kim Kartrashian set the norms for success in the industry huh? MIMI yes there are a lot of things wrong with her having a sex tape. This dizzy broad talks about sending Ava to college with those funds! Really MIMI we all know it sounds good in theory! Then there is Jocelyn who enunciates her words like a kid with mental challenges! I.E. short bus rider/ ! What in the world does stevie have that controls these dizzy, No self esteem, no sense of relevancy, ignorant broads? I am so blown away by the actions of these two women!

      Then there is Stevie OMG! How many baby mommas? NO CHECK HAVING IGNORANT BROTHA! I am so tired of the one on one exploitation in the black community. Mona young should be ashamed!

  1. An old fool was once a young fool. Stevie will never change. He fled NY because of the debts he owes people. Now that this situation is rearing its head, it may be the nail that literally seals his coffin. And for what, a rented house and leased vehicles?!. Smh

    • Stevie stole Anna Bensons furniture and Versace dishes. She was in jail and she asked him to put it in storage, when she was in jail she saw her shit on tv in his house. Why he keep pressing his luck is beyond me. Nigga gone get faded, cause that bitch is gangsta as f*ck!

        • I read that story and those tweets too…I don’t think that crazy white lady is going to be about that play play….he better apologize quickfast before she come for him like her husband.

      • Redbone V:

        Thank you, sis!!! I was wondering where that broke nucka got money for Versace dishes. I forgot he is renting Anna’s house. Those dishes weren’t in Rosenthal boxes, so I knew they were either older or fake (that, and those patterns are dated).

        Good looking out on this magnificent tea you posted. Looks like he will be run out of Atlanta like he was run out of NY!

        • Bella no problem. Word is Joseline was on her Twitter airing out with pics how Stevie J beats on her and has been doing it since the beginning of their relationship. When and if Joseline turns against him ALL hell is gonna break loose. She is gonna tell it on a mountain top. She already said he is gay because he always love to do it in her butt.

  2. O well stevie with sum like this going on the court won’t award you custody of your daughter you and mimi both are unfit parents she run’en round Maken pornos and you trafficking drugs wow sad po baby

      • Right I know a lot of bitches and niggas mommas that got f*cked for free or paid for the dick and would put a nigga before her kids so he can have money. I respect a hoe!

    • Ummmm… STOP hatin’ on Mimi. She made the “Porn” tape with her man (It sure aint a Sex tape. That this is professional). I wouldnt be mad if she released a sequel (they keep pointing out that there are 4 more tapes). Hopefully the next one has another woman in it. Stebbie just MAD that him and Joseline didnt do it FIRST.

      • You are right with that last sentence for sure. We all know that Jose and Steebie were presenters at the AVN’s in Vegas last year touting their upcoming sex toy line, and you know they were hoping to field some offers from Hirsch and the other top porn houses.

  3. My phone was going in and out. My bad Jacky it was Crawford County. He had 11 lbs of weed too.. You know it was me cause I told you that I f*cked with you at the end of my message

    • First Apollo, Now Stebbie. Tryin to keep these reality shams up is breakin’ these nigga’s.

    • That nigga wanna get laid down f*cking around down south those rednecks and educated black folks don’t play that shit.

  4. Is he gonna play the “pressure of reality tv” card?? Like polo Cuz we ALL kno it’s not going towards his child support. Take his worthless fag ass to the booty house. Although I don’t kno if that’s punishment or rewards. Jose aka the Puerto Rican Prince will be o.k .

  5. A fool will do anything for money and is never satisfied no matter how much he has.

  6. Stevie J is the kind of blackman we need to get rid of…Hip-Hop Fools! They bring us down as a people, i have no love for d-boys…Period!!!



    • More than that CC. Marian, The Lox, and etc. Its not just the remixes, Stevie is a Grammy Award winning producer. He helped a lot of folks with their songs. The only reason he is not doing so much producing is ________________!

  8. Joseline, if Steebie goes to the joint you know what that means. Back to the strip club with your negrorican ass.

  9. I’m sorry but when the hell is this crap show going to be going off the air? they’re making Atlanta Georgia look like, Typical stereotypical mess with trashy black people and so is real Housewives of Atlanta Georgia! Its really funny how black people went to have their own community and yet, they(those) stereotypical black people happy continue stereotypes and ruin something that was great. (not saying that its still not)

    • I said all along out if town muafukas be bringing the bulkshit to the A. Like before freaknic you couldn’t find that Gay shit in my city.Freaknic left and it like overnight then ningas landed here. Go back go back go back.

      • You are right, you didn’t hear this type of stuff about Atlanta. Now Atlanta is the new San Fransico.

    • You’d be surprised of how much money these people are making to be ignorant. Any money make you want more money, especially if you ain’t living right.

      • Mimi was only reportedly making less than 4 stacks an episode to look this stupid…

    • You are real “stupid” they don’t make enough money to maintain the lifestyle they portray to have on the show. Therefore they try to make an income to uphold the image.

        • Who makes 200K? I know you aren’t talking about anyone on Love and Hip hop because that’s not true.

      • They make 200 k a year on the show, need more money and I’m the stupid one? Bish please.

        • You are obviously slow as well as them having ignorant monetary values. No one is justifying what they do, we are simply explaining the mentality. We have intelligent people on this sight and we also have some dumb asses Damn

          • U r a pseudo celebrity worshipping slore trying to justify their f*ckery. I on the other call stupid when I see stupid. My life is much too interesting to watch the show so I know nothing about them rocking bentleys.

            • I tens to agree. It’s CraY how they actually make more money on reality tv than they did in real life, but suddenly its not enough. They trying to floss houses and shoes bags watches etc that’s beyond their means. Plus they have to pay agents, publicists, hair and nail people, makeup, buy clothes etc. They would be alright if they could live w in their means. Truly, it doesn’t make no got durn sense

        • 200K is enough to be riding around in Bentleys and living in mansions??? o_O you MUST be a child -_-.

      • They’re in Atlanta renting. Most mansions come fully furnished. Now, if you are a good enough jester, the show is going to pay for rent and transportation. You have to make a real fool of yourself to make it big on reality TV. Think about it, that’s all Kim did. That is why Stevie chose Joseline, she makes better TV. Porsha and all the dumb comments (stereotypical black girl). Do some research, people are watching more reality tv than regular tv. They are the new stars. Duh that!

      • Exactly..all of those reality show people aren’t making the big money that they pretend to be , so they do start to look for ways to compensate and make more money.

  10. I use to live in the A and Jose is a known prostitute so MiMi ain’t lying about that! And this nigga Stevie is the pill man…poor little Eva

    • And Mimi is an alcoholic that would try to buy the Brooklyn bridge if a man told her he would sell it to her.

      • An u r a hatin ass broke hoe! Mimi own a business an is obviousky a Bidnizz cuz that tape still selling! She aint sold no p*ssy or molly an aint frontin like she big willy! Fuck u Bum hoe! Stevie an his man is mad just like yo ugly ass! Beyouuuuuuuccccccch go fall off this Dick i slapt u with!

  11. I wonder what will happen first… “Exploiting You Mona” gets the cameras rolling or “Exploiting You Mona” sees to it one of her cash cows gets bonded/bailed out quickly?

  12. I’m hearing he was trying to buy weed. The real T is why is ex Baseball Wives Anna Benson all over Twitter claiming Stevie J & Mimi looted her house while she was in jail. She’s claiming all the furniture & even the Versace plates Stevie had on the show were all stolen from her.

    • That is some good T. why am I not surprised that them 2 was mixed up with her crazy ex-stripper ass?
      She crazy as hell, but only a ninja would be dumb enuff to steal shit and then floss with it on national tv.

    • Just Stevie not Mimi she said Jose was an ignorant slore and he did steal it if yall believe bhim and that man leave like that then we all on Mollys and coke didn’t the photo of powder on his nose let you know what’s going down…mimi has workers and clients go to

      • oops live like that LOL please don’t believe this hood Novella but Mimi make $350K a season jose $200K first season only $50K stevie $275K

  13. It does make her unfit not if her sexual activities remained behind closed doors that’s different but it’s not its out here for anyone to see and that means family and strangers and the fact she got paid for it seems like a ho she knew what she was doing in the first place and Steve and his drugs and hot stripper wife yes your right that is the ideal coparenting a mother that does porn before everyone and father that’s on his way to prison for drugs and he’s married to a known prostitute yes this is a great family whatever like i said poor kid

    • Stevie can’t pull that card with Mimi when he had a sex tape with Eve that leaked years ago. Stevie also has naked pics on the web. If he claims Mimi is an unfit parent because of her Vivid deal, he was unfit before she was because of his own “porn” and his unpaid debts. IJS.

      • Lol@ Bella I see that you have such a classy fan club, by the caliber of it’s speech it couldn’t be more than a teenager. Lmao

      • They are both dysfunctional the difference is he and Eve’s tape was homemade for them, REALLY WAS stolen and NEVER sold like Mimi’s by her man on purpose, Eva was NOT born yet and they were in their 20’s.

        • Stevie has 5 or 6 children, so he was a father then despite Eva not being born. Nice try printing a double standard, though.

    • Bitch shut up! You unfit to be a Tired f*ck but yet u still are… Worry bout washing yo funky assss! Beyoooooooouuuuuuuuccccch!

  14. Wow, “Jacky.” I see you’re moderating comments that aren’t in need of moderation. That’s interesting…

  15. What a loser! This guy was a somewhat decent producer under Puffy. What happened to this guy? This guy is a prime example of wasted talent!

    • Under Puffy?!. And I’m guessing you believe Dre produces the songs he puts his name on, too. Dre and Puffy paid in-house producers to make beats for them. Puffy would walk in, listen to a track, say, “Do this” or “Change that,” then Puffy would earn his Executive Producer credit and his check. Same goes with Dre. When they lost their producers, there went their hits. That’s why they ventured into liquor, headphones, clothing, etc. They can’t make that money in the industry anymore.

      • well they makin more money now anyways so what?
        who want to be a millionaire producer when you can be a billionaire figurehead?

        • Neither Puffy nor Dre are billionaires. My point is, they can’t “produce” music anymore because people finally got hip to how Puffy and Dre maneuver and won’t work for them.

      • dre at least played keyboards on his work.

        puff could’nt even do that.

        dre’s a bigger producer than puiff.

        dre had musicians and he told them what he wanted to hear and how he wanted them to play.

        • But he can’t execute what he wants heard. That’s like me calling myself a clothing designer because I told someone what I want to wear when they sketched it, chose the textiles and sewed it. I know people do that all the time, but it’s an insult to people who can read music and play live instruments.

          • Dre is more talented than that. He may not be a musical genius, but to say he is just a front for others who do all the work as so many folks say is just not true. Back in the 80’s and 90’s he came up with some very decent stuff.

            I’m not addressing YOU Bella, I’m just commenting in general.

    • @ Ed: Access to beatmaking software like Fruityloops and ProTools on Macbooks is a game-changer. Why deal with Stevie J if hiphop/r&b artists can use new blood, new sound for new ears like 16 yr old Wondagurl without industry bureaucracy and costs? (JayZ did with MCHG and previously with 9thWonder on Black Album).

      Some producers especially old school ‘i can play a real instrument’ get comfortable and arrogant instead of honing the craft as if their stuff sounds better than e-DJ produced beats on a pair of Sennheiser HD Pros. Should take notes from ?estlove, Timbaland, and GZA oddball self in order to stay relevant and generate cashflow which he so desperately needs.

      No arrest records/mugshots has appeared on any of the GA county databases at the moment.

      • As a true music lover , and not only of what is considered hip or current I happen to think that music was better back in the day when real talent was required and musicians actually could play real instruments.

  16. Real MDMA or powdered crap(Molly)cut by at least 30% with caffeine and hydrochloride stuffed in caps from Whole Foods? If its crystal that would be impressive.

  17. You trying to address anyone on this or any other gossip site is foolish. “Sit boo boo, sit”. Every person on reality TV is an attention seeker, so why not get paid for it. Fault the ppl like yourself for viewing. Take it off the DVR and stop making it the topic. Do something productive “BRING BACK OUR GIRLS”

  18. don’t care about mimi making a sex tape with nikko it was 2 consenting adults big deal.

    nobody was hurt they agreed to do it for money.

    what stevie mad for mimi was never married to him and hes with another woman so she can do damn well she pleases.

  19. I question stevie’s sexuality just by penetrating eve with a dildo sorry dudes don’t stick dildos inside women thats lesbian chit.

    • no really…men can use toys for play with a woman to warm her up or for fun…who said they dont?..U better watch a porno again…..some men like to see a woman turned on.

  20. Atleast Mimi doesnt have to rely on childsupport since she wont be getting any. I guess the porn tape came about at the right time

  21. Sex tapes used to be an embarassment, a shameful act, to be hidden, denied, a career ruiner, and always leaked against the participants will, Now it’s how you get famous SMDH…. I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for that baby!

  22. No new post(s) yet today?

    Oh well, back to work, I guess…..boooooo!!!

    Happy Monday to you all.

  23. Wannabe a list celebrities on a z list salaries. stevie j been broke for so long he got that little money and thought he was rich lls. Puffy said it best just because I’m worth 500 mill don’t mean that’s what’s in my bank account that’s the only thing he’s ever said out his mouth that I belive. This show is good for somthing after all kids pay attention if your parents aren’t live within your means …..

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