Terrence Howard Xposed Smashing Chi-Town Prostitutes… AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!


When The Cat’s Away…

HSK Exclusive – Terrence Howard is being exposed for creeping on his new wife with a pair of Chicago prostitutes.

According to our tipster… the escorts — identified as Napa Cook and Marlene Lopez — engaged in threesome smash sessions with the actor, last month.

We’re told… that’s when Terrence Howard was in the Chi for the film production of Lee Daniels’ Fox TV series “Empire.” It’s also reported to be after wifey, Mira Cristine Park-Howard, “left Chicago and flew to Korea to visit family for two-weeks”.

“He was staying at the Park Hyatt Chicago Hotel and the room was under his wife’s name.”

Here’s the drop:

When she got back from Korea, Marlene told Mira… she and Napa where having threesomes with her husband while she was away.”


    • ^^I agree, me and you both..Am tired of him, so he can act so what? there are many talented known ad unknown actors..NEXT…

  1. It’s okay Terrance – I’m still your fan. You needed to get your groove on….I thought those hookers are supposed to kiss and tell. What’s up with that? They were paid and they’re supposed to go away, right?

  2. All I know is a High Yellow Green Eyed Ole Smokey Robinson Lookn Boy wit a Pint Size Package prolly work it like its a NINE..Terrance Dashon Howard Fine As Frogs Hair..He gets Past Present and Future Pu$$y……#wudhitdatcuzhefine#shallowlikethat#alwayswasalwayswillbe##

    • Lol men should be well endowed and stay erect a minimum hour + . Nothing more disappointing than a baggy ass Magnum. A Lifestyle large is somewhat acceptable depending on circumstances – anything else would be uncivilized. Gorgeous eyes and good hair is not a substitute for good wang and he talks more junk in the sack than porn star Wesley Pipes yet doesn’t have balls or enough bass in his voice to back it up. Probably gives a backhanded tap instead of a Real booty slap with sting and underhand throws the sex towel like a softball pitcher with his ole cotton candy self 😉

    • I used to see Slickback Ivanhoe out all the time. Whenever I saw him, he was with a woman or women. He and his woman would be walking down Sunset, holding hands, in color coordinated outfits. He always looked nice and whomever he was with was attractive. I never saw him with anyone suspect looking, unlike another Black actor that did a brief stint on Single Ladies.

  3. the only point in the shower scene was to expose black men naked and being humiliated for the gay mafia

    whites in Hollywood love when black men expose their dicks and asses and also love humil,iasting them.

    • Stop blaming White people for every Damon decision a grown man makes. Just because somsome ask you to take your clothes off don’t mean you have to.

      • Yeah, but if it means one’s livelihood; most would gladly strip naked, wear a dress or demean Black people especially women.

  4. Terrence Howard is beyond pathetic. Honestly, the anglo and asian women who mess with these blackmen know they’re full of s**t…Period!!!

  5. And the sorry ass wife will still stay by his side. They are all a bunch of coons.

  6. Omg ha, ha, ha, terrace is sum else it can’t be any worse than when I went to mediatakeout.com and Kanye West had on a woman’s leopard stretch pants out fit a in tirewwomen’s leopard body suite he looked like a female in the shit ha, ha, ha all he needed was some heels u would think it was a woman til u get to the face ha, ha, ha, ha so terrace it not that bad mane ha, ha, ha these fake people are sicking I’m over here laughing to hard

  7. GIIIIIIIIIIIRl!!!! It couldn’t have been much fun in that for those two hookers because it’s like a childs size dick!!! I guess his head game may be off the charts or something but he is NOT attractive to me so I guess money is the only motivator for them.

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