The-Dream Xposed: “He’s going to jail because he beat up his girl”


Exclusive Details – An insider confirms, exclusively to HSK, The-Dream “beat up his girl“.. back on April 20th 2013, when Lydia Nam was pregnant with his son.

Now, just two-and-a-half hours after the ‘Turnt’ singer — whose real name is Terius Nash — turned himself into the NYPD around 8:30 (EST) this morning, we’re told he’s being booked at NYC’s Midtown North Precinct. “He’s going to jail,” says our source.


We’re learning these details exactly one-week after a judge issued a warrant for The-Dream’s arrest. This, after cops accused him of “punching, kicking and strangling his pregnant ex-girlfriend.” He’s now facing two felonies and three misdemeanors, including: assault, reckless endangerment and child endangerment — stemming from the Lydia Nam’s police report filed in November 2013.

Here’s what The-Dream posted to IG, just before turning himself in:

Screen-shot-2014-05-07-at-2.26 Screen-shot-2014-05-07-at-2.27


  1. I dont recall r&b singers having such a bad rep back in the day but now since Chris Brown beat Rihanna everybody got a case now.

    • Yeah 2014 will go down as woman the beating year with Kevin McCall, Columbus Short, Dream and some others I’m probably forgetting. Shyt’s fkd up!

  2. It must be very frustrating being on the DL. I’m guessing they are lashing out on the BREADS. Yep, CHRIS BROWN too (THAT’S WHY THEY STAY SO HIGH)!!! I know I’m about to get racked over the coals saying that<- IJS

    • Hey, I agree.

      It is why they beat women because they are too much of a coward to be with a man.

      But I think Rihanna was beating on Chris and he just let loose on her.

  3. @Laylajane i agree. Most DL men abuse women or beards which ever. They are all Gay ok Bi…smh

    • In which they turn into so called jail religion once they enter those gates. Once U enter those gates, whatever you did on the outside of those gates, I can guaranteed you that those who are on locked down will f*ck his ass up! I betcha that fool will straightened up and walk a chalk line for now on. And if Lydia Nam don’t press charges guess what? THE STATE WILL AND ITS A FEDERAL LAW AND TO MENTION YOU WILL BE REGISTERED ACROSS THE 50 STATES INCLUDING THE US VIRGIN ISLANDS, PUERTO RICO ANS GUAM!!

  4. Ewww he got titties!! And I bet he has a teeny peeny! Most women beaters do…

  5. Real talk. Ask anybody in Toronto about this THOT, she is the devil. She is setting this nigga up. Ask her ex boyfriend Manny about this bitch. Due your research, you’ll find about her other boyfriend who was a drug king pin in toronto who is locked up. She stole money from him and is actually in the US hiding from him scared. Dream is far from gay, the only thing that he is guilty of is tricking off on these hoes.

    • Well, he had to have that Filipina, Samoan, whateva.

      And, he got her.

      Kneegrows always be reachin’ across the pond, aisle, ‘hood, tracks, etc. and they always pick shit, but be the first to talk some shyte about a black woman.

  6. I dont know what those singers Christina Milian an Nivea saw in him. I guess money. I hope Lydia Nam knows he has 4 or 5 kids. Dont know where his money will be coming from after this stunt.

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