Nene Leakes & Kenya Lied On Detroit Students

Nene & Kenya's Charity Fraud

Checked For NOT Putting Their Monies Where Their Mouths Were

Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore have proven themselves to be all talk, no action. You’ll recall.. the pair of pitiful peaches each promised to donate 20-rack$ to the Detroit Public School Foundation, during taping for RHOA’s reunion show.

Now.. nearly two-months after Nene and Kenya claimed they were about to give to their chosen charity, they’re being put on blast for lying!

“Neither lady has paid up… no checks were cut, and neither camp has even been in touch with the Michigan-based foundation to set up the hefty donation.”

Check out what DPS Foundation president, Glenda Price, had to say:

“We are aware of the segment that references the potential contribution to the DPS Foundation, however we have not received any official notification of a gift.

We are gratified that we are seen as an important entity in the support of public education in Detroit, and we will give due recognition to the donors when monies are received.”

Here’s a portion of RHOA’s reunion show transcript:

Nene: “Let’s put our differences aside for a day of charity. You pick the charity of your choice. I will donate $20,000 and you match me. You donate 20 along with me. How about that? 20K. You ready? Name the charity, and let’s go.”

Kenya: “Okay, well, we’ll play for the Detroit Public Schools Foundation.”

Nene: “I will write a $20,000 check, and I’d like to see you match me. We’ll write it together,” Leakes said.

Kenya: “All right.”


  1. Let’s not be so quick to criticize. The Detroit Public Schools have not received their money…yet. Kenya just finished up on the “Celebrity Apprentice.” The contestants raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for their chosen charities. How do you know that she did not “play” for the Detroit Public Schools? Give it some time.

    • I know one thing NENE is so full of herself! She need to have a seat! She had the nerve to say she is on a different level than all of the bitches that were at the fundraiser. Umm excuse me Mrs Leakes you are the ONLY one excluding porsha that DID NOT HAVE A PROFESSIONAL CAREER prior to RHOA. LEST NOT FORGET FROM WHENCE WE CAME! IJS

  2. Nene challenged Kenya and said name a charity I will donate 20,000 and you match it. Nene called her bluff because Kenya said she would set it up….of course she hasn’t because Kenya is broke. Watch it again so you can see exactly what was said…

    • You’re right Kim, that is exactly what was said. Nene was proving that Kenya is a broke pauper for all her bragging. But you could tell from the look on Kenya’s face that she had no intention of donating a dime.

      • Hehe need to take that money an get some new wigs a real makeup artist an give back the Petco chopoers! Foh. Kenya aint got to do or prove shit to no hoe! Team Twirl. An i bet kenya has money stashed away.. Seriously! The hate an envy over Kenya Moore is ferocious lol Damn hoes find yo life!

  3. This is not the first time these fools have pledged money to a charity and not paid.

  4. If Kenya is broke she should have not agreed but hopefully after doing the apprenntice she will donate whatever money was raised for her charity and give it to the school.

  5. Omg! These fools are B-R-O-K-E!! The only housewives that got money are in this order: Kandi, Phaedra, Porsha, (her mama comes from old money), Cynthia, NeNe, then Kenya.

        • Lol, yep $ sound bout right. And I believe when they say her car was a loan, she made sure it was shown on every episode, u barely would see any of the other ladies rolling. Even after kandis play when her and todd was on the side walk talking, the bentley sat there the whole time with the lights on.

        • If Kenya has $7 Mil, WHY did she get EVICTED???

          If she has 7 Mil, why not Own Buy a Home????

          Why make a Deal for the use of a Bentley if she is Paid???

          KENYA IS B-R-O-K-E, Which is why she wants to start Sh*t on da show 2 keep those checks that she needs coming!

          • Didn’t she win against the landlord? And I wouldn’t buy a Bentley either, people too focused on labels. Andy Cohen and Bravo never put the focus on anything positive from these women. Drinking, sex, fighting. And they cutthroat for a big check. I really don’t care for any of these fake broads.

  6. Da Radiant 1, the order was on point til u placed cynthia in front of nene, cynthia and peter together dont have more than nene alone, nene actually helped cynthia pay for her wedding and cynthias mom helped out too.

  7. What I don’t understand is why is everyone trusting anything these women say? They shuck jive and coon for a living. And with Hene’s attitude and the look on Kenya’s face after Hene challenged her, that alone should have been enough for no one to take either woman seriously.

  8. I hope Kenya will be off the show! She messed up when she tried to be with Appollo. None of the girls should ever do that!

  9. They all broke or was going for broke that’s why they on the show. Kandi had to rebuild her spent thru TLC “Scrubs” residual. She use the show as a platform to launch her other ventures and she’s good for the moment until the lack of prenup hits her in a few years.

    Now Phaedra followed in her footsteps by being a mortician and using the dead’s social security for payments. Ching!

    Cynthia trying to rebuild the money that Peter spent thru on the “Raisin in the Sun” mentality

    Porsha dumb behind was hustling trying to act like she got some status in the ATL. A fake fraud like her testimony sermons. All about profit.

    Kenya played her role for the check. Too bad her paid for men didn’t ride along to get their cut.

    Nene was no money on Greg’s sometimes money to new money. Spent thru that Trump check then thinking New Norm was her golden ticket. Not!

    Kim was a kept woman and when she found an opportunity she bounce on it . Produced 4 for keeps.

    Sheree was living off her past and trying to keep up with the Joneses.

    Lisa Wu thought her man was going to get his re-shine on that NFL comeback.

    Poor Deshawn now she was the epitome of the RHOA franchise but didn’t want to be messy and her husband thought she was boring like the producers at Bravo and went on to the next chick.

    • I agree. Bravo would only put these women on to exploit them. If they already had guap, they would not even consider this show. Now these women are stuck in this blood contracts. Embarrassing themselves, putting shame on the REAL housewives that live in the ATL. I know there are some sophisticated, educated, community conscious Atlanta women to be put in the spotlight.

  10. Nene said she would do it IF Kenya matched her (same time nigga I’ont know you) now while I don’t really care for Nenes BS I think THAT is why she didn’t write her check….. JMO

  11. NeNe did that to floss. If she really wanted to do it she would have just gone ahead and did it by herself. She didn’t have to wait to see if Kenya matched her. Then when Kenya didn’t because she couldn’t she could have had her day to shine. Dummy. Now she out there looking dumb.

    I’ve always been team NeNe but after the way she treated Cynthia on the reunion show, and just the way she was acting in general, I see her differently.

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