Stevie J & Joseline: Posers Xposed!

Joseline & Stevie J Exposed

HSK Exclusive – If not for his ‘Puerto Rican Princess’, Stevie J would likely be ridin’ a bus rather than driving one! That’s because Steeebie is said to be lacking in the ‘owning four-wheels and house’ category.. and, reported to be relying on Joseline’s Benz to floss around in. Just ask Karlie Redd. Know why? Because that Tropical Bird is singing, Sun!

During Monday night’s LHHATL season opener, Stevie J was supposedly on that ‘All Rented Errythang’ tip — “frontin’ in a rented house for TV.”

Check out whatKarlie Redd is spilling:

“The Bentley GT, Stevie was flossing..on Monday night’s show..was a rental. Stevie J is driving Joseline’s white Mercedes Benz.. which she bought with her stripping and escorting money.”


  1. I doubt Stevie can keep any assets in his name, considering he is $1 million in arrears in child support to one of his BMs. Joseline should beware, because whatever she has is now considered community property. Stevie’s BM may come for Jose’s bank account and assets.

    Its no surprise they’re full of isht. Jose went from renting a cracker box to moving into an 18,000 sq ft mansion?!. That wasn’t believable.

  2. Dig that what karlie redd got? At least joseline tricked up on a Benz that’s hers and a house karlie redd a ain’t got nothen too much well Joseline had her time where she needed stevie j now he needs her I guess tell karlie redd to go get some escort money o but wate nobody gone buy a used up washed up singer wanna be back up off joseline she doen her thang

    • Joseline aint doin shit but frontin an acting stupid on t.v! She openly admitted to Splitting the bills 50/50. She aint a kept bitch! An if he married the heshe? Jose gon b payin mimi also! When u r as one, Husband or wife makes the difference on whats owed! Mimi Won an steebie an his man FAIL!!!!! Fuck steebie an jose hatin ass. She got the nigga an sill actin jealous over mimi an they not even together! Plus i like nikko better…

  3. No no no yall. Karlie got new titties.. member when she got Benzino to pay for them? And her ass is faIrly new too. Its not the one she was born with.

    And good for Joseline. It takes a lot of s**king & f**king to earn enough for a Benz. So good for her. Hard work pays off.

    Of course the house isn’t theirs! First, he can’t afford it it. VH1 must not pay much since his co stars have reverted to doing porn to make ends meet. Besides he ain’t had a hit since Ike hit Tina.

    And it can’t be in her name because she’d have to use her real name on the loan. Her criminal past and penchant for fake ids lead me to believe she wouldn’t want the paper trail.

    Who believes any of that (or anything on TV ) is real? Its gov’t mind control at its finest

    • True Willie. I dont watch the show just get the ‘As the hood turns’ summary online and overhearing casual hood convos. I thought LAHH NY was was awful but I seriously need subtitles for the entire ATL cast. And dear god my closed captioning would malfunction since Flocka Flame has on boarded.

      • Thanks guys. I do what I can. I live in the south. Ppl don’t have to talk as unintelligible as they do.

        I’m sorry but I cannot for the life of me stop thinking about the whole porn tape. Its a real mindf**ck. Why is it happening? Who leaked it? How much dId they get? DId they get It rIght away? NIkko acted lIke the check was In the maIl…Why dId she do It? Is she in on it? Is this real or just a storyline for season 3? Did she ever test him for HIV? Where’s Johnny when this is going on? Did he have to wait to use bathroom?

    • “A Hit Since Ike Hit Tina”.. Nigga Do You Know This Man’s Pedigree & Track Record? He Might Owe Child Support & Can’t Afford A Uber Luxourious House But He Aint Flat Broke.

      • “Pedigree & track record “.. uh yeah. His track record is of being a dead beat dad & not paying child support.

        Even Nikkos g*y ass called him out .. “you were broke 18 months ago ”

        “Track record “.. those records were long long ago.. like when I was in college. Those songs didnt exactly appreciate in value. Hip hop music usually doesn’t.

        I may not know him personally, but I know quite a few like him in sports and banking industry.. AKA .. real money 😉

    • Well at least Joseline got a goal, not a plan caused plans never fall thru. If she needs a backup, she can always go back to stripping. But I can understand why not go back to that. But I don’t see shit that Keisha oops I mean Karlie did shit every since she was on that show.

  4. I knew they was renting that house. They in a new house each season. And who is Karlie Redd again???

  5. Is Stevie J really that broke? He has writer and producers credits from alot of hit songs, the Life After cd should be enough for him to retire in suburbia with a modest special edition Audi Q7. There isnt that many 8 balls in the world. A sincere question. Eve dodged a bullet.

    • those songs from the 90’s arem’t timeless songs like motown or something. they aint still on the radio and those albums aren’t still selling. factor in he was down with puff so you know he got screwed on his royalties and there you have it. no real money or assets at all

    • When you got 20 kids & 40 baby mamas, a few habits (hoes & drugs), and a inferiority complex (all the stuntin & frontin).. you gon be broke .

    • Thanks for the information all. Seems like hes a broken/hurt individual and Sean Combs is the ultimate gorilla pimp.

      This site is insightful. I wonder if I randomly asked is gay if a man wants his nipples licked will I get response ?

  6. So basically their lifestyle is faker than Karlie and Joselyn’s tits……….gee I’m not surprised.

  7. OT:
    Hey Jacky! What’s up with this commenting too fast message?

    On topic:
    I think everyone knew that house and the Bentley didn’t belong to them. I just assumed Mona rented that stuff just for the show because you know Stevie doesn’t have any credit with all those child support bills he has.

  8. Karli Redd was in Vegas this weekend at the Diddy after party at the Hardrock, and surprisingly she is a good looking lady, and the azz was banging.

  9. It’s no surprise everything about these people and reality shows are fake. Once the cameras go away so does the money.

  10. Even so called millionaire/billionaire celebrities don’t OWN their own houses,cars,etc.They are slaves to the powers that be and anything can be taken away anytime if they don’t obey the rules.

    • Yeah J.Lo got BAD credit.. celebs typically wil “run up bills” like at hotels, etc. And NEVER pay. Michael Jackson is another . Member when he was buying $6 million worth of’ art’ in Las Vegas in that special? Well they never got paid.Celebs just don’t pay their bills.

    • that’s a lie everybody not stupid at least have a pad to crash in maybe if the stop snorting

  11. Karli Red my gurl… But she shud of Locked benzino! She f*ck dat up. Benzino is a good catch with money an everytime u see that dude he is in the kitchen cooking lol Benzino can get it! Any day Allday lol. I love a man who can cook an isnt selfish wit his Bread plus that nigga up in age….. He lookin for a mate. I feel him.

  12. Stop hatin Karlie Redd. What do you have hoe?? Oh I forgot you’re running around JOCKING young Joc fishy ass Dick

  13. these hoes taking pipe from men who lay down and take pipe. Damn what they think they have. All these women dumb cuz they only come up was a nucca! Gay nuccas at that. No winners in LHHATL they all been losing hence why they on reality tv. they not even smart enought to take those checks and invest too busy being hood rich like most of my lost ppl out here

  14. Sure it was a dumb move on Mimi’s part however neither Steebie or Joseline have room to mock….that poor baby eva will be able to google her momma, daddy, and step momma…..and find all their private parts on the internet…and Steebie wifes up a pole mistress…get real man. Let Mimi wallow in her own mess and Steebie pay ya child support. the repercussions of this act of ignorance will haunt her long after the $$$$ is gone

  15. Welp Stebbie has to keep Jose living like Shim is accustomed to…

    fake it till you make it…

  16. I thought that everything that ANYONE has on that show; besides Rasheedas house; is rented even down to the weaves and underwear!!

    • Everyone on reality tv is broke. Everything you see on reality tv is rented. What’s new?

  17. Poor Rasheeda.

    All that gorgeous hair.

    And shes stuck with Kirk & that gross Adams apple.

    Sorry y’all .. that deformity is a deal breaker.

    He can be gay, old, ugly, stupid, cock- eyed & broke but that thing has got to go!

  18. its never a good look for the man to be depending on his woman for support.what i thought was so disgusting (minus the mimi nikko crackhead sex tape) was the fact its well known and reported stevive hasnt been paying no child support as a matter of fact came up missing to avoid taking care of his seed then this loser flip the script on on lies and and hip hop talking bout how he wants the best for is it that scum like that can slip through cracks?

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