RHOA: Apollo Nida Facing 30 Years After Guilty Plea In Major Fraud Bust

Apollo Nida Guilt Plea

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014, Apollo Nida .. husband of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” villain, Phaedra Parks … has pleaded guilty to a massive fraud scheme. This after allegedly stealing the identities of more than 50 people and laundering more than $2.3 million. Here’s the latest:

“According to the US Attorneys’ office, the Feds busted Nida last year after he and a group of co-conspirators cashed tons of stolen U.S. Treasury checks, and checks from the Delta Airlines pension fund … then laundered the money through bank accounts in the names of people whose IDs he also stole. The Feds claim Nida bilked even more cash by filing fake tax returns and obtaining bank loans against cars he didn’t own. “

A sentencing date has not yet been set.


  1. He admitted that trying to keep up with Phakedra’s lavish RHOA lifestyle is what drove him to do it. I am glad he pleaded guilty and acknowledged his wrong doing, but for him to blame it soley on the pressures to keep up with the Jones’ is a cop out. I believe it was already in his nature.

    • I don’t doubt that Phaedra had some knowledge of her husband’s felonious activities, and wisely prepared for a career in mortuary science just in case she ended up losing her law license. Apollo fell on the sword for her so she could be free to raise their babies. Part of his pleas deal with the Feds was the agreement that they would discontinue their investigation of Phaedra. That says alot…

    • He can say it was their “lavish” lifestyle for RHOA BUT he got busted doing the same shit in 2003. That was over a decade ago before RHOA was even a thought. He’s lying like liars and thieves tend to do. I hope they give his ass the 30 years.

    • True, and those Federal forfeiture laws might just have Phaedra walkin’ around in just a barrel and some flip flops.

      He gonna cough up some names, there gonna be a lot of folks going up the Federal prison pipeline.

  2. How is that “clean man” working out for you now Fakedra?

    Your huuuuuuuusband.

    • LMAO…damn! That’s what she gets for being so pressed to get a “fine light skinned man with wavy hair” so she could make “pretty babies” with. She was so thirsty she snatched him out of the prsion parking lot and rushed him to the altar…now she has to put him back where she found him.

      • Well said and on RHOA 3, Phaedera had the nerve to READ Kenya by telling her that her sperm donor could be axe murderer, rapist, or child molester. Well now, it appears that she got her some sperm from her husband who is now off to prison so Apollo can now be added to category!! GTFOH!!!

        • I agree Diana! I admit that was a such vicious read on Kenya (Shady Phae is a Master of the READ), but at the same time it was very hypocritical. Kenya was close to tears after Phaedra checked her…but if it was me I would have annihilated the Nidas and knocked them off their high and mighty faking the funk pedestal. Apollo the narcissist had the nerve to tell Kenya he made her relevant? Really? No, those stolen retirement checks made you THINK you were relevant when you were making it rain on hoes and strippers. Boy sit down!! LOL

        • Phaedra didnt read Kenya! What she did was make herself look stupud! She openly married a jailbird so Nope! Lol! Kenya did goid by not responding to the dumb educated hoe who constantly makes excuses for a Trifflin stealing peoples shit ass nigga! Apollo is a nigga who aint gon learn until he serving life! Stupid ass nigga! Phaedra was working an doing 50 thousands things to compensate for that jailbird an to cover her tracks in that shady shit he was doing! An karma has caught up with both of them. Apollo sent a subliminal to kenya , Talkin bout sending him some money on his books! He did that shit infront of the World! Instead of him being humble… he talked about Kenya Moore! This nigga is dumb lol smh. Apollo lust for kenya is Sick! He deserve all the time in the fed joint they issue his theif ass. Stealing an cheating no good ass! I wish they could get phaedra no good ass. They gon be watchin an waitin for her ass. Team kenya an phaedra ass lost!

    • Thank you @Ronnie. I lmao everytime I hear people talking about Phaedra read Kenya for filth. No Phaedra is filth. Her and her dirty, thieving ass husband. And let’s be clear. The Bible says how can two walk together lest they be in agreement. WHAT sort of lawyer marries an ex-con felon? One who is dirty herself. The really sad thing is we ALL know Apollo cheats on Phaedra, including Phaedra. But her pride and ego got hurt on national TV when she saw Apollo leching after Kenya out in the open. So what does she do with her ghetto, country ass? She attacks the woman instead of checking her rotten husband. But RHOA producers gave us a little subliminal tea when they showed the cut scene of Apollo going off on Phaedra and telling her to walk her ass home and calling her an asshole. Yeah, Phaedra. You got yourself a good man, girl. We all want a jail bird who curses us out, drops thousands in strip clubs, and lust after our co-workers right in front of our face. I know Kenya, Angela Stanton, and all these other folks the two of them have tried to mess over are laughing their asses off.

        • Hey Moe, Don’t forget that you and I are due over at Suge the II’s crib tomorrow night for that belly tickle threesome I promised him. lol(see the Maliah on the pole thread)


  3. I dont believe that Apollo and Phaedra were a couple just an arrangement. Phaedra is a snake she used Apollo for the show. She got married had two kids went on trips. She knew exactly what he was doing. Once a criminal always a criminal. Hopefully Phaedra karma will bite you in the you know what.

    • If the Feds label her an unindicted co-conspirator, she can kiss that mortuary license goodbye.

  4. I hope Phaedra doesn’t get that mortuaty license because it’s just another way for her to keep stealing peoples identity like Apollo was doing.

  5. Now the Feds need to arrest Phaedra. When she met Apollo, he was a 17-year-old punk and she was a 24-year-old attorney. Instead of providing him with legitimate guidance, Phaedra had sex with the youngster and corrupted him. She needs to go down hard.

  6. That bitch nigga went HOLLYWOOD tryn to do and talk to much like he was big BOSS dog he no what comes wth the game at least he no SNITCH

  7. Who cares! He was married to a shady bitch! Then all of a sudden he gets caught up,he need to question that shady crooked bitch he was laying his head with..

  8. If Phaedra thinks she will be stealing dead peoples identity she has another thing coming. She will be right in a cell with her boo. I doubt she will stay married to Apollo because she aint no ride or die chick just a fake southern belle from hell.

  9. I believe Apollo is definetly a snitch. He might not get the full 30 years but I was reading somewhere that he was wearing a wire. That only means someone else is going down.

  10. Phaedra betta go undercover or get mad security cuz Apollo gonna need to cough up some real and new names. If not, he doin’ the full 30. So if he sends people up with him, like they say, if folks cannot get to you, they get to your family. It may look like a 3 alarm fire, a car accident, a drowning, but snitching has consequences and not just for the snitch.

  11. I thought only Nigerians were savvy enough for organized white collar crimes like HELOC scams but this brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. MLK would be proud in the very city where laid to rest 🙂

    Seriously, feel sorry for the children and hope that the ‘Jew retainer fee Gods’ will spare this good haired, chiseled featured fellow from becoming a human vending machine. Perhaps minimum security Club Fed.

  12. Appollo is a liar! He knew what his wife already had. What’s up with them Jones? He could have atleast said that he did it to provide for his children. A thief is dumb!

  13. What a Jackass. What real man would throw his wife under the bus and drive off like that?!!! Seems like he and Kenya had plans to take from Phaedra. Then Kenya stole on Apollo by setting him up to capitalize on the show and dumped him.

  14. It would not surprise me if Shady Phae PHae turned him in….sneaky heaux.

    Hell Hath No Fury…

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