Monica Lewinsky Officiates Beyonce Into Presidential JumpOff Club?


Beyonce is getting ‘Lewinski’d’ twice! This time, by Lewinsky herself! In her track ‘Partition’, Beysus sings “He Monica Lewinski’d all on my gown”. It’s a statement which Ms. Lewinsky reveals… isn’t only grammatically wrong, it’s factually false too. Know why? In Lewinsky’s own words, “I took it on the chin.”

Oh he so horny, yeah he want to f*ck
He popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse
He Monica Lewinski’d all on my gown
~Beyonce, ‘Partition’

Here’s what Lewinsky had to say:

“Thanks, Beyoncé, but if we’re verbing, I think you meant ‘Bill Clinton’d all on my gown,’ not Monica Lewinsky’d!”

Ironically, Monica Lewinksky’s revelations come just months after Beyonce was called out for allegedly getting ‘Barack’d’. Just ask Pascal Rostain. So.. could Clinton’s oval office presidential princess be delivering a cryptic message about Mrs. Carter? I don’t know, what do you think?



  1. you gonna make monica tell about how she swallowed bill’s cum again.

    monica’s playlist
    lollipop by lil wayne
    put it imn your mouth akinyele
    just don’t bite it nwa
    getting some head shawnaa
    slow tounge millie jackson
    she swallowed it nwa
    blowjob betty too short

  2. What dumb ass didn’t know that? First off, Clinton’s name wouldn’t have sounded right. Second, Monica Lewinsky’s name is synonymous with ejaculation. Third, I would have thought of sperm being on someone’s dress when I hears Lewinsky’s name as opposed to Clinton’s.
    This hoe thinks it was cute to suck the prez penis and then claimed that she was used at the end of that day. All the while, she was 30 years old, an intern at the White House, and working around powerful people. She ain’t that dumb. Now she wants to come out and do a tell all (I assume because we live in a culture where hoes, side chicks, and home wreckers are the norm). She was not cute then and she is not cute now. I am no Beyonce fan but what she should be doing is thanking her for putting her nasty cock sucking @ss on blast. Or maybe she didn’t necessarily want anyone to remember that she was a hoe like that.
    Please, have her disappear…

    • Monica Lewinsky was actually 24 yrs old as an intern at the White House, that’s why she handled this whole situation immaturely.

  3. Didn’t all of this happen like 20 years ago why are you talking about it you still look like a whore and yes we already know Beyonce is dumb as hell but to bring it up only makes you look dumb is this being brought out be cause his wife is running for 2016 are did all of your hush go away money ran out.

  4. So Monica’s standards are for her to correct the words of a song pertaining to her sexual scandal with Bill Clinton? How grateful the world is now that she’s explain it to us all (sarcasm).She sounds like a fool and a proud one.As for beyonce I don’t listen to her music and never will it seems I am not missing anything of substance.

  5. could bey have been implying in the song that the current president did this (amonicalewinsky) to her on one of the many gowns she has worn to the white house over the years?

    • Beyonce is a programmed MK Presidential Model so it is possible. I believe she is singing about Obama.

  6. Damn! Hell, If these bitches isn’t dumb as hell! Neither damn president NEVER left their wives all because these dumbasses thought they did sumthing. At least I would have video tape the incident and made copies and blackmail they asses til the Lord called me home! Assbackwards hustling at its worst! Lmao!

  7. That’s what Beyonce illiterate ass get for trying to wordplay on some smooth shit and got clowned like a hoe smh

  8. haha Hillary Clinton your husband cheated on you and made a full of you. To this day you still get made to look like a little bitch because you did not leave bill. Haha Hillary Clinton when you run for president Monica Lewinsky’s all people will ever talk about haha

    • You’re crazy. I will bet you a million dollars that Hillary knew about Lewinsky and the others long before the news became public. Politicians and celebrities wives don’t give a doo doo who their men sleep with just as long as they stay in power.

  9. Hillary gave no fuggs because she herself likes cutty. Their marriage is one of convenience together they are stronger than apart. She been known about Bill why she was not shocked when all his scandals came out.

  10. Bill has a half black son by a crackhead that they paid off to go live in australia..the boy looks EXACTLY LIKE HIM

  11. She should cover with robe and keep the lingerie for a person who can appreciate her body. What happened to her handbag line? All Beyonce’s songs lyrics read as if they were written on a cocktail napkin by EJ Johnson during happy hour. Shes always had beautiful hair.

    Ahh the good ole days when Marion Barry was in office when DC was predominately black and Dupont Circle was affordable and less rainbowish 🙂

  12. Dick riding alert!!!! NI your similes are 18K gold.

    EJ Johnson during happy hour. dead.

  13. Well did he give her head on her gown because that would technically be getting Lewinsky’d lol….not cumming on a dress but I digress

  14. Ha ha look @ how the FLOTUS’ mom is looking, like “dis bi*** her!”….FLOTUS wanna whip dat a$$….TOO FUNNY

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