Carl Crawford Checked On Pinching Child Support Pennies!


Dodger Dollars?

Carl Crawford’s recently singed $142-million MLB dollar deal with the Dodgers doesn’t seem to be making any kind of sense for the woman he first called ‘baby momma.’ That’s revealed to be the reason why Amy Freeman hauled Crawford in to court.

Peep the word that’s spreading:

“Amy Freeman receives $5K a month for their two children. She now wants an $15K increase for their nine year old son and ten-month old daughter.” Don’t believe me? Ask Carl Crawford’s recent baby momma/fiancee Evelyn Lozada.”


  1. Wow so this man had a fmaily before he got with homewrecking Losluto. I would be asking for 30K

    • Well she better get her increase before evelyn drops the bomb on his finances! Carl Crawford was crazy as heck to impregnate Evelyn! So I hope they all bankrupt his whipped rump! Yay the year of heauxing has won! Don’t believe call Evelyn L she can serve her personal testimony! Hello my name is Evelyn Lozada I am a heaux and I stay winning!

    • I am not money hungry but considering how he left and did her I would be asking for more as well and she can probably get a lot more too.

  2. ^^^ ain’t that the truth especially in Cali if nas get rape by Kellis sure she could get more. Better get his before basketball wive get it.

  3. I normally don’t believe in using child support to to fund the mothers frivolous life style but in this case I believe she should get the increase….provided she hang onto a substantial portion of it for the kids futures. Reason being is that Carl Crawford is now literally in bed with the devil, Santeria practicing witch, Evil eech Ho-zada…she already helped her previous fiance blow through 100+ million with bad business deals and gambling etc, so there’s no trusting her influence. I would get at much money for my children as possible while its still there. Best believe Whorextraordinaire E is going to clean up for her kid over the next 18 year’s. Trust.

    • Nothing but the Truth, I can’t anything more.

      If this kneegrow need a Latina so badly, let him get financially raped.

  4. it does not cost that much to suport a child
    let alone a FAMILY of four who are together (mother Father, Daughter, Son)

    people get fine just fine on 60K a year (mom at least 30K dad at least 30K)

    and they are both working

    the kids get by just fine

    now you guys are in full support of layin on your ass NO JOB and collect a Check for the “sake of the child” knowing damn well your pocketing that Money

    I dont need a Man to finance Me or Mines
    I will WORK and show my kids the lesson BY EXAMPLE of working hard to aquire what you want in LIFE

    not have society dicate that now a days having children is the way to get Money…… and get by

    Fux outta here…..your brains are screwed and twisted Sheeple
    stop being brainwashed by the agenda

    it goes deeper than just collecting a check people

    • You will be showing your kids that women are maids and doormats.

      Who ever has custody needs to get support.

      And if he is dumb enough to be a several times baby daddy and hook up with that Santeria witch, then let him pay.

    • Thank you for that emotional heartfelt post. That 30k you mentioned? I hope she gets that MONTHLY.

  5. Man, these dumb azz athletes need to take a page outta Derek Jeter’s book. Don’t get married and don’t have kids!! And keep your business private. Jeter should teach a seminar on this sh*t.

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