Big U Sets The Record Straight After Being Ambushed @ Supperclub!


HSK Exclusive – A source has confirmed ‘Big U’ to be one of the two men who “nobody wanted to press charges” against.. after Supperclub LA’s infamous April 30th incident.

This, merely five-days after owners of the Hollywood hot spot reportedly fired the Samoans security guards over their their “ambush on two of LA’s most respected.

Big-U is reportedly setting the record straight, supposedly using Instagram to get the word out. Just ask T.I.

Check it:



  1. Kneegrows just can ‘t go anywhere without showing out. You never hear about Asians, Indians acting up. Sit down and follow directions

  2. Im not about that life. I’ll just observe the cyber set tripping as it arrives.

  3. Ignorant muth f…..ukuz. I was just talking to my husband about niggs actin up the other day. On Sunday, I noticed while driving that a lot of Mexicans had Mexican flags hanging from their cars in celebration od Cinco de Mayo . Where I live they even had a mini festival downtown in celebration.

    Black folk don’t have shyt to celebrate. Hubby said well blacks have Juneteenth and my response was, who in the f…..uck knows about Juneteenth????? Many within the black community don’t even know about Juneteenth and it’s certainly not as popular or recognized by the main stream like Cinco De Mayo. Usually whenever there is a Juneteenth celebreation, niggs wanna fight and shoot up the place. Google Juneteenth violence or shooting, you’ll see.

    Shameful. Its almost like animalistic behavior.

    • Bad example because Mexicans gang bang as well. Who cares about what conversation you had with your husband. You are throwing the word nigga around quite liberally. I understand the disdain one may have with ignorant behavior of many blacks; however,have you ever tried to organize any celebrations? People stay pointing the finger and continue to praise others. Once certain blacks make certain achievements, they believe themselves to be “too good” for black celebrations unless of course it is associated with some satanic fraternity or Masonic lodge. That nigga’s need to this and nigga’s need to that has such an ugly ring to it, especially when folks that think they are apart of the solution spew it.

      • Salute.

        Hell, I get disgusted with the behavior of some of our own too, but let’s not get it twisted.

        Whites are more violent than we can ever hope t be. but they are organized, so what looks like war is really country-jackin’, what looks lie “nation-building” is really resource theft. What looks like “la enforcement” is really gangbanging.

        Would I like to be on MLK, . Blvd. in any city around midnight? Hell naw, but I know violence knows no color.

  4. TI must be the dumbest negro to ever make it in the rap world. This Big U guy is nothing more then some hood thug whose well known for nothing positive. He’s trash, represents nothing that’s worth anything and yet TI, who has a legitimate career going, wants to hang out with the lowest form, the underbelly of society.

    • i was going to type and offer a comment on my opinion on why ti still hang with thugs but i think i will mind my business and pass on it lol

  5. Why is this the only new post today? Come on Jacky….the natives are restless for some new tea.

    • Right. What was up with Paul Mooneys horrible standup routine on Arsenio last night. I know he’s getting up in age, but damn it was embarrassing to see him like that.

        • I already posted something about Leslie’s skit on SNL Saturday night. Did you actually see it or did you just hear about it through social media?

          I bet Jacky will cover it whenever he gets back to work.

          For the record, I am with Whoopi on this one. It was freakin’ hilarious, and had it been done in a predominantly Black comedy club not a soul among us would not have died laughing. But we, as a whole, don’t like to see such stuff in a medium which is viewed primarily by YTs. It makes us understandably uncomfortable.
          But I know why she wrote it and it was incredibly edgy. And as a Black woman, I am full of pride and admiration for Leslie being lauded by all comics for her humor and fearlessness. And to call it a slavery joke is to miss the symbolic nature of the dig at white folks which it was.

          Can a bitch get a beef bowl??

      • I wonder how mooney has lasted so long in the business, he usually tell white people exactly how he feels.

        • @Anonymous 18:58–I’ve thought for years that Mooney is down with ‘them’ to some capacity, which explains why he’s lasted as long as he has saying the things he’s said. Case in point: He famously clowned Howard Stern’s racism in the mid-’90s (’94, I think) and said that Howard was ‘scared to death’ to have him on his show, then he turns up on Stern’s show multiple times in the following years. I like and respect Mooney as a comedian, but it is something to ponder.

          • Raheim, my man, I just read on another site that the WuTang Clan has a collaboration with Cher on their new album.

            We are indeed very near the end of civilization as we know it. WTF?

        • I beg you to not Google the performance as I did R. It is much better that you remember Mr. Mooney as he was, and not as the sad old man with encroaching dementia who was literally yanked off stage in the midst of a rambling, unfunny performance. It broke my heart.

    • In other news……….. My page doesn’t refresh any more. Listening to the people jacky. Good move. Gunna go back and read some old posts. Reading them with the refresh was a joke, especially with ones with heaps of comments.

  6. Ok, so I took some time to find out who this person is, same hood ish thanks anyway lol

  7. All I can say is that the shit may be funny, but is it egalitarian?

    When I see a comedy skit set inside a German “holocaust” camp, like Auschwitz, then I will laugh at all racial humor promoted by the fake joos at others, oh, but they are so sancrosanct.

    And always check out SNL’s Christmas jokes. Very anti-Christian.

    • You obviously never saw “The Producers” where a Jewish director joked about the Holocaust. Or saw “Blazing Saddles” that had Richard Pryor as one of the writers. But go ahead spew away.

    • Yep. The whole premise of The Producers was that a shyster Jooish Broadway producer played by Mel Brooks, who wrote and directed it also, wanted to stage a flop in order to fleece all the investors. He thought of the most offensive plot he could imagine and came up with a musical called “Springtime for Hitler” thinking it would not make it past opening night, but Quelle Suprise! It becomes a huge hit.

      Say what you will about the Joos, there is a reason that virtually all white comics are Jooish.
      They have always used humor as a way to deal with being disliked and marginalized…it’s in their blood. I’m not talking about the Rothschilds or David Geffen…I’m talking about basic working to middle class Joos. If anyone here is a Howard stern fan, you know that no one makes fun of the stereotypical Joo any more than he does.

      Look, it’s a very touchy thing, and I understand why most of us do not want YT folk engaging in or laughing at anything which could be seen as demeaning to us. But there is a real fine line between parody, cruelty and humor…and I personally felt that Leslie walked that line and acquitted herself well in the process.
      If you only heard about the bit, and didn’t actually see it with your own eyes, I highly recommend that you Google Leslie Jones and it will pop right up and see it in context for yourself before judging. And bear in mind, the white man dd not put those words in her mouth. She wrote the skit(she’s not a cast member…she was brought in this year as a staff writer)and she s receiving mad props from the critics for bringing an edge back to SNL that it’s been missing since the 80s.

  8. Paul Mooney use to be funny. He performed in phx a few months back and it was sad to see. He mumbles a lot and we could hardly hear him. His jokes were old and he kept asking the audience dumb questions! He was not the Paul Mooney we use to know. He needs to retire or hire some better writers. I heard he” s sickly too.

    • I knew I should have saw his show in at a comedy club in ny when I had the chance. Sad to hear.

  9. This is supposed to be his last comedy tour. I think he almost died last year hence this tour. He’s still my man, but it was embarrassing to see him on Arsenio. They edited it out the bad parts.

  10. Mooney lasted long because he’s a Queen, flamboyant gay man, that’s the only way he survived so long

  11. I agree wit stalae,paul mooney been gay . if you haven’t seen mike epps skit being donald sterling on you tube get your laugh on one time……

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