Lark Voorhies: Drug Binges & Depression Spark Skin Disorder?


HSK Exclusive – Recent pics of Lark Voorhies have the industry buzzing with speculation of actress experiencing a “foundation fail”, after she pulled through to the Hollywood premiere of “Where We Started”, Friday. But according to one top Beverly Hills dermatologist that’s far from the deal.. revealing the 40-year-old “Saved By The Bell” star appears to suffer from a skin condition known as Melasma.

“Drastic changes in hormone levels.. like pregnancy.. stress and genetics often contribute to stages of Melasma. The patients pigmentation is raised, resulting in dark patches on the skin.” ~Dr. Boris Zaks

Just a few years back, Lark’s mother announced the actress is bipolar and suffers from manic depression — which could explain the “hormone changes” revealed to be present in Lark’s appearance.

“Questions regarding her mental health surfaced following an interview with People magazine in 2012 where she was described as ‘mumbling to herself, or to others who weren’t there.'”

Check out how they’re now shunning a woman who they once praised:

“Lark played Lisa Turtle on the hit 90s show, which ran on NBC from 1989 to 1993, but unlike her other co-stars like Mario Lopez, who have continued successful television and movie careers, Lisa has stayed away from the spotlight.”


  1. A few years ago she had light patches.. like a vitiligo (sp?) .. idt shes on drugs, just has a bad skin disorder.

    Nothing else looks-wise suggests drug abuse.. nice weave /hairstyle, decent body proportions, shes not wasting away or skin & bones, nice dress.

    any arrests? No, just some ppl reporting mumbling..

    • I don’t think the weave is nice at all. She has long, naturally curly hair and it’s beautiful. I want her to go back to the cute curly girl she once was, tweeze those brows, get on medication for her mental disorder and hire a makeup artist. She was such a beautiful sweet girl…I hate seeing her like this!

  2. I believe she may be suffering from some form of mental illness. I don’t think she has a skin condition. It appears to me that a bad job was done on her make-up. She probably did her own make-up which confirms the mental illness.

    • She needs to stay In the house…Down in the basement…behind some old boxes….With the lights off….

      • WOW let’s pray nothing happens to you or better yet your offspring. Skin disorders are very serious and destroy someone outlook on life. Just mean…

      • At Boom
        YOU MUST BE IMMATURE,& DON’T CARE ABOUT THE LIVES OR WELL BEING OF OTHERS. But yoir ignorant remarks is sooooooo childish. But keep in mind….”What Goes Around? Comes BACK Around!” It might not be you,BUT SOME1 REEEEEALLY CLOSE 2 YOU. (Parent,Kid,Relative,or…BEST Friend. SMH

    • At Pussy Willow.
      YOU MUST BE IMMATURE,& DON’T CARE ABOUT THE LIVES OR WELL BEING OF OTHERS. But yoir ignorant remarks is sooooooo childish. But keep in mind….”What Goes Around? Comes BACK Around!” It might not be you,BUT SOME1 REEEEEALLY CLOSE 2 YOU. (Parent,Kid,Relative,or…BEST Friend. SMH

  3. Many many years before all of this, it was said she had a drug issue. I think things fell apart when Martin broke up with her. She thought they’d marry but he dumped her and someone else got the million dollar life. Then she went to drugs. Maybe it created mental issues to. Sad.

  4. She is not suffering from Melasma. WTF. Looks NOTHING like that. What is she suffering from is a botched eye lift surgery, botox and horrible makeup.

    • Okay! Looks likes bad cosmetic surgery to me too! However, I do believe that she is suffering from mental illness; I do as well; so I can tell. Hopefully, we can get through it. I’m in counseling and take meds. I hope that she is too!

    • @ a dose of reality.
      ARE YOU A D@M DR!? DO YOU KNOW HER……”PERSONALLY!!?” ARE YOU A DAM DR!? . YOU MUST BE IMMATURE,& DON’T CARE ABOUT THE LIVES OR WELL BEING OF OTHERS. But yoir ignorant remarks is sooooooo childish. But keep in mind….”What Goes Around? Comes BACK Around!” It might not be you,BUT SOME1 REEEEEALLY CLOSE 2 YOU. (Parent,Kid,Relative,or…BEST Friend. SMH

  5. I read she tried to bleach her skin and it went wrong. Many a negro has lost their minds on drugs. People don’t realize that mental illness lays dormant in some people and drugs definitely will bring it out. She may be one of these people. She seems like she has bad days and really bad days. Too bad.

  6. Omg!!! Wow this is sad she was a pretty young lady when she was on saved by the Bell and I seen her on other sitcoms she was pretty look at what and how Hollywood chews u up and spit you out I guess after the sitcom saved by the Bell the rols were slow and to cover the pain drugs made it better I guess. And it looks like she didn’t look into the dr’s and do some research before she had whatever kind of botox or face lift she was trying to get shame to see this sad but she tried.

  7. This here is a prime example why women should never get caught up into their looks because looks Fizzle,but Brains are forever.

    • She did. I think they were sniffing cocaine together. It is so sad, because Lark was sooooo beautiful. IMO, she was the prettiest girl on SBTB. Naturally, she was made to play the background to Tiffani Amber-Thiessen, because of race. Lark was flawless.

      She is in my prayers. Mental illness is not a laughing matter. God forbid, if something happened to her, the same people joking about her would be the first ones expressing condolences. Smh

      • Remember when she was on the show as his girlfriend during his break with Gina. They were actually dating then. He might have had that written in so she got some work

  8. She definetly has been bleaching her skin. She was so beautiful before. So many people end up having mental problems after being on hollywood. Look at Lisa Nicole Carson, Maia Campbell, Jennifer Lewis, Mischa Barton, Amanda Bynes, etc. All you can do is pray for them mental illness is no joking matter.

      • Is the Jennifer Lewis you both are referring to the same one I’m thinking about? Older black woman that was in Think Like a Man and a few Tyler Perry movies? I didn’t know she had mental issues.

        • Yeah, that is the one and she was also on a sitcom.

          Tick, tock, boom.

          But unlike Lark, she takes her shit out on folks, she don’t internalize.

    • Lisa Nicole Carson was the greatest tragedy. She was the woman that every girl could and absolutely would look up to. She is so damn talented. I miss her, N’Bushe Wright, Taral Hicks… All of the gorgeous, talented actresses of the 90’s and early 2000’s. Hollywood is evil.

        • @Bella
          Exactly if Lark is suffering from mental illness someone may have slipped her a mind altering drug like someone did Lisa Nichole & Maia Campbell……Lark looked nothing like this a few years ago i still remember how beautiful she was in How To Be A Player & How High.

          • I never heard of anyone slipping Maia anything. I remember her mother speaking of Maia’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder. I can’t remember if she suffers from schizophrenia as well, but Maia lost her mom rather young. I am sure that impacted Maia and her condition. She used to be in the Mid-City area, hanging out with bad people who were feeding her drugs. I am so thankful she is getting her life back after a long struggle.

  9. Wtf is happening in Hollyweird nuff blacks have lost their minds, it’s a shame man I used to watch Saved by the bell on trouble when I was younger.

    • It’s always called a “mental breakdown” somebody needs to do an anonymous documentary about all the tragic mental issues associated with Hollywierd..but did it anonymously or end up a “tragedy” too..beware

      • Trust me candy everything is a mental breakdown but these excuses are always the case if it’s not mental it’s drug overdose. Hollyweird fi real lol how are you gyal? Long time me nuh see 🙂

  10. Good lawd…….this is quite alarming and sad. .this girl was so cute back in the day and the envy of a lot of young girls. I wonder how she feels when she looks in the mirror. Has to be devestating but hell she may think she looks just fine.

  11. So sad, she was once so beautiful. I hope there are some natural skin treatments that can help her skin.

  12. This saddens me. Lisa Turtle was my muse in grade school, even an avatar for an online profile once. Lark was too cute in how to be a player. I remember seeing her in that old series about Brewster place as a child so if shes been in the business that long as a woman and melanin dominate its no telling what craziness shes been through in addition to whatever personal/family issues that she may have.

  13. Sad… i cant even talk shit cause this is a hot mess. Leave yo beautiful skin alone an stop bleaching! Damn.

  14. I think it’s makeup. Look at stains on her purse. So if she is responsible for this look there are some serious issues. SAD.

  15. She is best friends with “Mia Campbell” nuff said! Crazy-Druggy’s of a feather flock together

    • I said the same thing. The “butterfly” rash across her cheeks is a hallmark sign of lupus. I am not doctor but if you look up images on google they are relatively similar in size and texture. I think the extent of the rash is difficult to mask even with makeup. Now in regards to her mental illness, I have no doubt that there is some imbalance. Her interview for Entertainment Tonight and her literary novels (sold of Amazon) are a prime example into her thought process. If you look at the summary of the “books”,they make absolutely no sense. She makes up her own jargon and even places a comma after each word. I hope that she can maintain whatever medication she is on so that she can remain lucid at the very list. I don’t know if this was Hollywood or some past trauma but my heart goes out to her.

      • I had a relative with gorgeous skin succumb to lupus. She grew depressed her image deteriorated and the pain. Oddly enough I downloaded one of Voorhies books last year and to paraphrase on reviewer “it contained so many commas I thought my Kindle was raining.” The made up words and non-connected thoughts were mind boggling. But then again I am not ‘deep’.

        Dustin Diamond(Screech)wrote a SBTB tell all claiming Martin Lawrence was abusive and Lark would sometimes be distant, mumble or flinch when approached by a man after that relationship. Don’t know if there is truth that.

        pg county negros are a little nutty. I do pray for her.

  16. Guess mental issues and or drug issues are the priece you pay for entering hollyweird at a young age……….so sad she used 2 be so preety.

  17. The reason she looks like this is 2 reasons. She actually has Vitiligo on her face. If you look at some old Getty Images of her from about 5 years ago you can see where the Vitiligo spot started on her forehead. She is having a hard time concealing it with makeup. The other reason the makeup looks so horrible is because she does have some type of bipolar illness as her own mother stated, and she isn’t applying her Dermablend concealer correctly.

  18. Mental Illness does not always show or set in until we get older; most times after high school or even in our late 20’s or 30’s or 40’s!

  19. I use to think she was so prett.y back when she was on SBTB. She reminds me of Betty Davis in that movie, ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane’

  20. Lisa Nicole Carson was the fly looking sista with the big boobs. She was on the hit show Ally Mcbeal. She had a major meltdown and hasnt been heard of since. Her boobs were huge like melons:)

    • I remember them breastesses. They were real and on a whole nother level Also, that girl could sing, like Broadway showcase sing. Dam n shame it all fell apart for her.

      • Hollywood demons ain’t no joke. She went real kray, kray. I don’t think she could even do regional theatre or the chitlin’ circuit.

    • I will. I will pray for her. I don’t see the humor in mental illness or health issues. I just pray God keeps her close and helps her heal.

  21. Lark’s mom Tricia said she was diagnosed with bi polar and given medication. Lark is still in denial about it. I hope Iylana Vanzant reaches out to help her like she did with Maia Cambpell. I’m praying for them too.

  22. She was on some VH1 show not too long ago..forget the was a “Where are they now?” type of show. She was showing off a room full of paintings that she has done. They were AWFUL! They looked like 5th grade watercolor paintings. I felt bad for laughing so hard because it was obvious she wasnt playing with a full deck and the paintings were the neon lights pointing at the elephant in the room. Google it.

  23. Alcohol/drugs magnify mental illness. Aging also plays apart in the illness. Medication is extremely important as the illness doesn’t diminish over time. I remember back in the day folks would keep family members close or locked at home who were mentally ill. Now there aren’t many voluntary facilities to accept patients to help in recovery. The government needs to fix this…

  24. Never heard of the gang rape incident. If that is true, something like that would send most people over the edge.

    So many parents only see the dollar bills they don’t stick around to protect their children in the industry. There are too many casualties in young Hollywood.

  25. It seems like its schizophrenia than bi-polar disorder due to her appearance, lack of medication and allegations of past self medication.

  26. Lark Voorhies and other former child stars are a perfect reason why you should stay away from hollywood! The money and the fame are not worth it. This girl was so beautiful, now she is reduced to this! Learn from this and realize that hollywood is the devil’s playground! Don’t end up like Lark Voorhies!

  27. She looks as if she has the mask of lupus. In case you have never seen it google it. Lupus is a very bad nuerological disorder and quite painful. These comments are brutal and if she is suffering from lupus and bipolar disorder you all should hide yourselves in shame. Those of you calling her out on her looks are you perfect I am sure you are not. Let her live her life and be happy.

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