Nat Turner’ Hayes Addresses Ratchet Rumor Sparked By Brian Pumper!

Brian Pumper Defaming Nat Turner

Battle Of The Porn Brothas?

HSK Exclusive – Brian Pumper is being blamed for sparking a rumor aimed at fellow porn star Keith “Nat Turner” Hayes.

Insiders say B Pumper is the source of a treacherous tale pointing to a “deadly sexually transmitted disease” as being behind Hayes’ reason for retiring from porn. Now, “Nat Turner” Hayes is stepping forward to clear his name, providing medical documents proving the rumor mill wrong.

We’re told the tale began during a slew of B Pumper’s intimate pillow talk sessions – with some noted Hollywood party girls on the rumor’s receiving end. And…you know how that often goes.

Now, “Nat Turner” Hayes says not only is he far from being infected with any sort of deadly virus, he stepped away from porn to make an honest living — making up to $12K a month from working a North Dakota oil rig.

Here’s what “Nat Turner” Hayes told HSK:

“I’ve been doing porn for nine-years, and enough is enough. I want to try a different way of making an honest dollar. I have a six-year old son, and I want him to grow-up seeing his daddy making an honest living — so when he attends school he won’t have to face embarrassment. My kid looks up to me, and I’m not going to let him down.

I shot a scene before I left for North Dakota, and if I choose, I could comeback and do porn anytime — because there’s nothing wrong with my medical health.

Here’s the thing, I’m 37-years-old and I don’t want to end up doing porn in my late age. It’s not a good look!

I sent you my medical records to prove that rumor bullshit. It’s all generated by hate.
Anytime a real playa tries to change his life, some low life Ni–a tries twice as hard to pull him back.”

Keith Hayes STD Test Results


  1. BP’s Evil Angel contract was cancelled because he faked Pinky’s test results so she could work. Someone started a Twitter rumor that Brian has HIV or AIDS a year or so ago and it was a mess. As much as the industry girls dislike him, no one believed it. Not a soul. The idiots on Twitter kept that lie going. It stemmed from a guy contracting HIV on a film set, I think a Brazzers set, who is white.

  2. You certainly can make that kind of money on a oil rig in North Dakota,but its a dry land oil rig, i work out of New Orleans on a oil rig, but i work offshore in the ocean, it really depends on your job description what you will be paid, its worth it though because i am from ATL and i travel to work i work for 28 days on and i have 14 off to spend money and f*ck off, and take care of the FAM at the same damn time, and u don’t even know it…lol..all the way to the bank.

  3. Good luck to anybody trying to make legit money, hell im tired of being locked up to maintain a certain lifestyle,so oil money is the next best thing besides dope money…real talk..and another thing as long as we have internet and you are a porn star it will catch of with you, the best thing for that is just be straight up with your love ones and disconnect from the old lifestyle, i know i let hustling go, f*ck dat i like my peace of mind and freedom, not mention the love for my family, they need me…dig dat…peace to you all

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