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“Don’t look at the bankbook or the title.” ~Michelle Obama

HSK Exclusive – Nearly four-and-a-half years after Michelle Obama first checked the ‘gold-digger’, the ‘side chick’ and ‘the home wreckers’ — her November 2009 advice for single women is trending on IG. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Katie Couric.

“More importantly, how does he treat you?”

You’ll recall.. the First Lady first touched on the topic about a year before the Instagram was launch, back in October 2010. Her message is now spreading like wildfire, throughout social media.



  1. Ha!! Yeah right!!! Good luck trying to get that message across while Beyonce is still in the spotlight!!

    • Really? dang..yonce all on your mind like LIQUOR …It is a message about 2 mates finding true love …please go find one and STOP allowing Beyonce to SPOOK you out…lol…and trust that is exactly what you are doing every time you bring her name into a situation that is she is NOT relevant in

      • There are a lot of employed people who will be receiving Medi-Cal because of their limited earnings. It isn’t just for chicks in the hood who have 3 babies by 3 different dudes and a 4th baby on the way.

  2. Well ms.obama with the examples that are out here all of them continue to stay half dressed and shake’en what their mama’s gave them and the side chick is the example now days sad I know but this is what they see and believe in following kim Kardashian and Beyonce and riannia those are the examples but thank you for letting the real way out and how it was done before them

    • Mrs. Obama is inviting the scantily clad “recording artists” of today to perform at the White House. That is such an agenda based action. That devil b-word and her satanist husband who played upon their race to gain the false confidence of the ever oppressed, ever ailing Black man and woman. Michelle Obama will speak about health and fitness, yet her BMI is questionable. She will speak about role models for girls, yet Seabiscuit and her songs about skateboardts (sic) are being performed for the Obamas. If the Obamas told y’all a flea could pull a tree, y’all would be in the streets, chain in hand, hooking his little butt up. Lol

  3. How can Michelle tell someone not to look at the bankbook when she did the exact thing with Obama.

    • You do know they met at the JOB, so unlike so many women who depend on their asses and what’s between their legs to get paid she actually brought something to the table too. Good advice but good luck getting some of these women to live by it.

      • Yes,they met at the job,but it damn sure wasn’t Walmart. Its easy for a woman to gravitate to a Lawyer as oppose to a Laborer.If you think Michelle didn’t use what’s between her legs to get Obama I feel sorry for you.If that’s not the case how did those kids get here?Michelle is no different she’s just on a bigger playing field/plantation.

        • Michelle was an employee at a top law firm charged with mentoring Barack, who was just a summer associate. So she was his “superior” job wise. A lot of couples meet on the job as it’s where you spend a lot of time.

          Let’s not kid ourselves what’s between a woman’s legs keeps this world spinning. It always comes into play regardless of socieconomics, race, education, etc. Pussy IS Power.

    • She did the same thing?

      Michelle Obama is a Princeton (undergrad) and Harvard educated lawyer.

      She brought as much to the table as Barack when they met at the law firm where SHE was HIS boss.


    • Your ignorant and probably haven’t read a book in years. Barack sought out Michelle while they were working at the same job. Do some research before you comment on something you know ABSOLUTELY nothing about.

  4. BA, Michelle was the one with the $$$ when they met and even AFTER they were married! She was his mentor @ the law firm where she was already an attorney and he was a summer clerk.

    As President, he’s making more $$$ than he’s ever made in his life!

    • Let’s be clear,Michele new the potential in Obama from the very beginning,so let’s not make her out to be this generous,noble woman.Yes,Obama is making plenty money aiding the Synagogue Of Satan with plans of Martial Law and keeping blacks docile.He’s a hamite and the worst kind of enemy to American blacks.

      • This auto refresh makes one type quicker than usual @SB AKA Son Bitch!!!

        • I don’t come to HSK acting as if I’m utopian above anyone.I’m not the greatest writing,but my intellectual Dexterity can’t be denied.This cant be the same person that uses words like Cause and hisself trying to oppose

          • “Intellectual dexterity”…honestly only in your dreams, just wishful thinking…never going to happen NEVER I believe it’s an affliction that’s affecting all you phony Hebrews…I see the same nonsense among your wishful pathetic miscreants out here on the street of New York, very sorry sights to behold…PLEASE FREE YOUR MIND & GET ENLIGHTENED..

            • Lol. Why wast your time on cultist. That’s all that association is, a cult. Most of them are ex-cons who need a ‘family’ after release and find it in the arms of this cult.

        • I’ll make this my last time entertaining you here because its apparent you are bored and vying for my attention.You have nothing of substance to add to HSK and we’re on two different playing fields.I’m trying to restore a nation and don’t have time for a Trolls like yourself.Try Laws,Statutes and Commandments.I’ll ignore you from this day forward.Peace.

    • It’s funny you should say that because I heard that too. That his, Obama, salary is public info, and senators don’t make as much as the president. And before that he worked at a non profit making not my h at all…. But you know how it goes, they all make their money off what’s essentially insider trading. Most senators come in to Congress having between 20, and 60 thousand in the savings bank…and the average leaves office worth more than 5 million. FACT. So what they make has relatively little to do with what they are worth. They make their moulah off stock market.

      • They make their money off of book writing deals and special interest groups. Call a broker and ask him how long it will take you to turn $60,000 into $5 million without moving kilos. Y’all are funny.

        • No, Bella, you are funny. You just don’t realize it because you are too far up your own ass . You can take your snotty judgmental addy and blow it out your ass. CNN and Dateline have both recently done specials on the very subject. I’ll bet your arrogant ass doesn’t even realize that what would be. .considered insider trading for you and me does not apply to congress. Yes, honey, different rules for them and research it yourself since you think you know so gaddurn much. Btw, Im a well educated female w a spouse and no kids. Not the uneducated baby mama you so love to drag, so don’t f*ck with me.
          Btw ,hypocrite, weren’t you just on here talking shit to folks like they shouldn’t reply to your comments if you are not talking to them? Because no one was talking to you…wait , let me guess. Just like congress, there is a different set of rules for you, right?

          • Lol @ Dateline and CNN. Information has been floating around for years re: politicians and so-called “terrorists,” how they earn their money and what holdings they have in the U.S.

            The Obamas initially showed tax returns of approximately $900k the first year Obama was to take office. They quickly amended their returns and showed several million dollars income, which was definitely a red flag. While I’m sure book deals are lucrative, that man’s book hadn’t sold enough copies to warrant such a return so quickly.

            When he travels abroad and $100 million is spent in a matter of days to provide security and accommodations for him and the FLOTUS, its safe to say he isn’t off playing golf. The $55k Hermès golf bag he received from Carla Bruni and her husband aren’t things on his disclosed list of “gifts received” that concern me. When you have dictators who keep billions in cash and (presumably) gold on hand, it isn’t hard to tell how quickly one in politics can obtain their comeuppance. I have no doubt that corporations who earn billions of dollars in the U.S. receive tax returns in the $750 million – $3 billion range are greasing political palms. I know I will never be able to scratch the surface as to how much dirt these people to do obtain their wealth. Sorry for you if such a brief response had your knickers in a knot. Lol.

            You have to be insecure to offer up such details about your personal life when I never inquired about them. You may want to get your head out of your own ass and realize I have better things you do than tip toe for folks, particularly Anons.

            • Whatever. You told the whole net you like to play with dolls. But since its you, I’m sure offering up details abouts ones personal life just exudes confidence. Like I said, different rules for you apparantly.
              And no one was talking about tax returns or Hermes bags. The comment was about congressional insider trading which is not some ghost hunt ala the supposed counter terrorism effort, but a bonafide fact. You know it too, you just would rather pretend you are some sort of authority on every subject. No one asked you to tip toe. No one asked you anything, if you recall. I’m just pointing out what a hypocrite you are.

            • Yep, I sure do collect dolls. You may want to take a break from CNN and watch Toy Hunter. My toy collection is worth more than you are.

              Its funny how people who can’t stand me take time out of their lives to cling on to everything I post. You can pass what I post, but you don’t, so continue to stay peeved.

              Since its sharing hour, I also like cupcakes, candy, coffee, Hello Kitty, video games… The list is long.

              Anywho, back to my regularly scheduled programs!

            • I think she borderline scizzo. Toy hunter is a grown gay guy creaming himself over toys while other grown man act like excited children. Remember rapper kwame. Just saw him on there. No I don’t watch but I was in the room when my nephew was watching. My ears pricked up when I heard kwame’s name. Really bella, your are a teenage it doesn’t matter to me, but you act above everyone, just like a teenager. Over and out.

        • Like my Daddy would say, “yall so funny” is French for “yall so stupid”.

          Sit your prissy ass down Bella. You got a lot of nerve. And your opinion of your self is way over rated. And I am not envious of you. I’m married with three children and I have all I need or want.

            • When all else fails, allow onomatopoeia to do your expressing for you. You’re like an old Batman cartoon.

          • Who asked if you are married? If you are married, shouldn’t you be with your husband and children rather than replying to me?

            P.S. I hope your daddy never helped you with your French homework. Lol

          • My prissy ass forgot to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, since its right around the corner and you are a mother of 3. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  5. Why is Michelle Obama wasting time with the nonsense? Sick mofos in Africa are kidnapping, raping, and killing our treasure for diamonds and religious nuts. Instead, she’s yapping about feeling good.

    • Michelle is not a African,she’s a Hebrew.So,she could careless about what’s happening in Ham Land.You don’t see her talking about those little Hamite girls who just got kidnapped in Nigeria,do you?That’s the recompense for the affliction of the Hebrews by those filthy Hamites for selling our people to the white man.This is all Utah’s doings,but this is only a prelude of what’s to come for those Africans because they haven’t seen anything yet!

      • BLACKANASTASIA!!!!!!….do yourself a favor & shut the hell up, nobody sold you to the whiteman…whether you like it or not you’re a Hamite & you’ll live and die a Hamite or you can continue deceiving yourself & others, that’s buying the absolute nonsense you’re spewing here…

        • Ham the youngest son of Noah,born about 96 years before the flood.He became the progenitor of the dark races,not the Negroes,but the Ethiopians,Libyans, Egyptians and the Canaanites.

          • So,I just proved we Negroes are not Hamitic people and the truth can’t be denied.Perhaps,you’re either a guilt ridden Hamite who hates that the truth is finally surfacing it some docile Negroe who love being a slave.The Facts are the Facts which can’t be debunked.

          • “Ham the youngest son of Noah…” This is what you call intellectual, very sad for someone that’s supposed to be knowledgable..I told you before you don’t know anything about the Bible, the politics of the bible and how it came about, if by any chance you do then I guess you selected the stories that buttressed your myopic & warped views…wish you what you wish yourself but remember the blind cannot lead the blind, neither can they lead, restore or build a nation.

      • @Black Anastasia

        I agree with your point, they’re cursed. We were sold into bondage by our own people. Michelle has not mentioned the girls in Nigeria, nor does she talk about Chiraq…aka Chicago. Lotta sistas dying at the hands of sick blackmen and others while Michelle focuses on stupidity to pass the time.

        • We were not sold into slavery by our own because Africans are not our people.We we’re sold because we were different and those Hamites knew it.Go to YouTube and type in the African Confession and listen to them brag about selling the Hebrew Israelites into slavery. Read my post above about Ham whom Africans are descendants of.It clearly states,that the negroes are not a Hamitic group.We are Shemitic.

          • @Black Anastasia

            Tribal War & Conflict has always been our downfall as a people. Crabs created division back then, and the same bs continues today. The Hamite v. Israelite fight keeps the stupidity flowing. Michelle’s Husband has ignored black folk in the US and in Africa as well…This Is The Problem! He can’t leave office fast enuf in my opinion. Michelle waste her power and influence to highlight injustice against our black sisters globally. I don’t know what to say about either of them. Anastasia, all of us hail from Africa. We know the ugly truth of what went down. Still our kinfolk either way. African-Americans are the 5% that didn’t end up in the Caribbean and Latin-America. Let them hate all they want, we have nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Preach, Tyrone. I posted a link about the missing girls a few days ago. There were 234 girls who were reportedly kidnapped. There are now 270 girls missing, with threats to be sold for $12. Terrorism is real, as is the sexual trafficking of innocent girls. People would rather lie, cheat, steal and speculate than bring awareness to the true atrocities of the world.

      • @Bella

        Nigeria has been on fire since Obama got elected, but, he has ignored the bloodshed. He claims to be a Christian, allows a bunch of race-traitors to kill Christians with impunity. Today, they announced the US is gonna send a team to Nigeria to help find the girls…Pray For Them! Michelle’s silence is shocking to me, she has 2 daughters. Our women are in danger, we need to pay attention. Islam and Blackwomen don’t mix. Brothas, we got a big problem…Real Big!

          • @Anonymous

            Janet Jackson is another Kola Boof…Race-Traitor! Any blackwoman that lays down with Arab Muslims is not worthy of respect in my opinion. They’re the cause of all the bloodshed we witness in Nigeria, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Congo, etc. It’s disgusting to me, all of this insanity.

        • Yeh Tyrone. Thier silence is deafening. It’s why real attacks on the the human race continue to happen. They just don’t care. To busy killing people to help people.

        • I got to agree with you Tyrone.

          It wasn’t until I started studying ancient African Civilization that I learned that Islam was extremely detrimental to African civilization and traditional religion.

          Christianity was not sanctimonious either, but Islam is not the Black man’s religion. It is the Arab man’s religion and Islam is nothing but the Arab civilization legitimized by religion.

          Remember, the Arab Trans-Saharan slave trade was in full swing for 500 years before the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Converted Africans were convinced that “infidels” deserved to be slaves.

          • @Anonymous

            Real Talk! Most blackmen are afraid to deal with (The Arabs & Spaniards). These 2 groups of whitemen are to blame for the vast majority of our misery today. Attacking the British and French is weak to me. Saudi Arabia started the enslavement of us long before Spain and Portugal. A lotta brothas don’t wanna admit they’ve been lied to about Islam. Today, the blood of our people continues to flow like a river…Devastating In Every Aspect! Michelle and her decision to get in bed with Barack will haunt us for decades to come.

    • Let me guess YOU HAVE NO LIFE huh….shame on her for delivering a message slated towards being HAPPY because it never comes off well to a bunch of miserable fawks …I’m out and you continue typing out your frustrations

      • @Cali Girl

        Michelle and Barack don’t give a damn’ about you or me…Wake The Hell Up Sista!

  6. Michelle is apart of the Ruling Class/1% so believe me,she knows she’s a Hebrew as well as,the real identities that’s been hidden from all minorities by the Jesuit Order.She’s not advocating for Africans for a reason because she knows the truth.Her husband is pretty quiet as well about his people.You don’t find that odd?Its been chronicled that he’s a Hebrew posing as a Hamite. Hmmm.

  7. Dating an unattached Ivy League intern from an educated family with experience living abroad is atypical from the fresh out college struggling unrefined fresh out of state college struggling joe blow with a bus pass. That sanitized advice is cute however ‘Money doesn’t mean everything but it means a lot’ and ‘One cannot retire from love alone’ is what I was taught. Financially stable goal oriented people with good character are not complete anomalies.

    Lets talk about a healthcare bill with a public option instead…

    • ‘Let’s talk about a healthcare bill with a public option insted…’

      I’ll take it one further and say SINGLE PAYER!

  8. The real question is would a man like Barack be interested in YOU? Don’t hate nah.

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