The Brooklyn Nets Bang On Drizzy!


Drake got a rude awakening over the weekend, when the The Raptors’ global brand ambassador became the butt of the Brooklyn Nets’ joke.

The notoriously known NBA/NFL team turncoat caught some serious clowning during The Raptors and The Nets game at Barclays Center. That’s when a Nets jersey was photoshopped onto Drizzy and showcased on the Jumbotron.

“Bey and rival Jay Z were both in the house when the Nets had a little fun at Drake’s expense.”



Check the video, posted to the Nets’ IG shortly after their win:


  1. Brooklyn Nets getting all cocky…and they haven’t even won a championship. I knew they wouldn’t be graceful winners. That’s why Miami’s going to sweep!!!!!

  2. They crack me up referring to these two scumballs as “royalty.” Far from it. Just money grubbing trash who lied, stole, cheated to scrape their way to the “top” to crown themselves something they are not.

    • I love this site folks with the same opinion as me , they are from royalty and this bitch has not made more money than MJ, where the f*ck are these lies being created at …I guess everyone gets paid off now like her fake first week album sales

  3. Drizzy is a groupie. Perfect that he is an ambassador for a b ball team. Makes trawling for athlete dick a whole lot easier.


    • hahahahahahahah that nigga so gay , and look at his butt buddy sitting next to him, Drake should have brought a female to the game if was really str8

        • Lol. True. Don’t get me wrong. Have they fcked? I think so. What I think they do have is a mutually beneficial situation. Riri knows Drake likes peen as much as she does. Doesn’t bother her imo. Looks how the papers and blogs explode when they are together. It’s publicity you can’t buy. Riri may well be used to that type of shine, but a famewhore like Drake would really enjoy that type of limelight. Notice they go ‘ public’ with their relationship weeks after Drake got dragged in the media for being disrespectful towards a very respected deceased actor. He behaved like an arrogant narcissistic queen. And the mainstream media dragged him accordingly. Then When he hit that stage with Riri, giggling, all lovely dovey that time all the headlines changed to ‘Rihanna loved up with Drake’.

          That shit ain’t lost on me. That shit was planned. All publicity is good publicity as they say.

  4. Bey’s weave looked horrid that night and we know good and damn well she could care less about basketball. As for Drake….he’s always getting punked.

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