Stevie J Indicted; Facing Two Years In Prison

Stevie J Indictment

Stevie J is facing two years in prison after a grand jury indicted him for his enormous back child support debt.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was arrested last June in Georgia on a criminal complaint that said he owed $1,107,412 in back child support. He was subsequently hauled back to New York to face the music.

Stevie racked up the debt by not paying the mother of his two children any of the $8,500 a month in child support since 2001.

The Grammy Award-winning producer was able to post bail. As a condition of his release he was ordered by the court to submit to drug tests. He stayed clean for seven weeks before running into trouble.

Various news outlets are reporting that Stevie is currently in rehab. He violated his probation by testing positive for cocaine and weed ten times. Stevie will be arraigned on February 10.


  1. Guuud Gracious! He pays and owes a lot. I figured he was high! I hope he gets it together!

    • The only thing I can think about is Willie and his stories about Joseline here on this site! I be on the floor Rollin! Lmao! Willie if U are reading this, I wish U was here! Lmao!

        • Wonder if that devil Mona is going to give him a jail reality tv show ? Lmao watch his female man friend get busted sneaking in some drugs because she love him some Stevie!

  2. My opinion on this teeters on both sides of the spectrum. I receive child support from my husband & I firmly believe that ALL NON CUSTODIAL MOTHERS & FATHERS SHOULD BE ORDERED & MADE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT.

    I noticed long ago how the courts seem to be critical of fathers especially those who are not represented by an attorney. I also noticed how lenient the same courts are towards non custodial mothers who do not pay child support. This is unfair on many levels & lends reason to why so many men have a negative impression about child support & don’t want to pay.

    This fool Stevie J made a lot of money A LONG TIME AGO & should have been paying the amount he was ordered to pay. When his financial circumstances changed he should have had his attorney file a motion to lower his child support payments based on the decrease of his income. He didn’t handle his business. THEN…he ended up on TV with that manish-looking woman, rolling in expensive cars, eating out daily & renting extravagant homes…for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE ALL WHILE NOT PAYING ANY CHILD SUPPORT.

    If he wasn’t in “Hollywood” he would have been in jail LONG ago…

    • @Ms Reg So true and I’m surprised they didn’t nab him sooner because he’s not a celebrity like that to evade jail. If he was smart, he shouldn’t have done LHHATL frontin’ like he still the man. Instead, keeping a low profile and try to make some hits to pay his bills. They probably were watching him the entire time from day one, shooting himself in the foot, tallying up everything he was making, flaunting on tv. Like the old registers where they kept pulling down the arm and all you here the “ching” sound adding up. And once again, I fail to understand, at some point in your career, you made money, why don’t they pay their bills?! Maybe someone needs to hold a celebrity finance class 101, or a school to educate them on paying bills and taxes.

      • @Chonilla Right! But Benzino can’t talk, he’s doing the same thing with Althea, so what makes him think he is a saint compared to Stevie?! Every woman he lays his eyes on he’s in love with ring, d@×k and a promising career in hand all at the same time. Benzino acts like a jaded ol’ bitter woman who been burned by everybody. He needs to speed up to 2015 and not 1986 and move on, he too damn old in that hip hop business to be acting like that.

      • Chonilla,

        You’re right but how will his simple ass respond when the family court judge asks “Well, since it is your claim that your lifestyle was funded by Mr. Benzino during the time you were filming the LHH reality show WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK MR. BENZINO TO ALLOT FUNDS FOR YOU TO PAY YOUR CHILD SUPPORT?”

        Because…YOU & I both know that’s what’s going to happen if he goes to court with that “Benzino gave me money” story.

  3. Mona will come up off her money pile she made off these coons cooning. She can’t have one of her favorite cash cows hauled off….SMDH!

  4. Mona will come up off her money pile she made off these coons cooning. She can’t have one of her favorite cash cow COONS hauled off….SMDH!

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  6. let him act cocky in jail yeah those inmates got their own bus in prison and they gonna take him on a ride.

    arrogant bastard thinking hes gods gift to women.

    well they gonna show him the business.

  7. Stevie J is supposed to be one of the highest paid on LHHATL, but he can’t break the bank to pay child support? I guess Joseline is not the only addict in their rented mansion with money problems.

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