Come See Jacky Jasper Tonight (January 15th) @ 8606 Sunset Blvd.

Jacky Jasper Hollywood Appearence

6:30 – 9:30pm

Jacky, the owner and operator of HSK, will be making a special appearance tonight, Thursday, January 15, 2015, in West Hollywood, for the grand opening of, The Oppenheim Group in West Hollywood.

It doesn’t happen often, so stop by and show some love! Plus there is endless FREE drinks and food.

The Oppenheim Group
8606 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, California


  1. Jackyyyyyyyyyy! Yea! I hope some of you cali based hskers go.check him out. Find out whats teally going on with this blog…Bella? Ms. Reg? Somebody! Hell, wish I could go too.

      • Don’t depend on no MS REG-ULAR TO GO , FAKE AZZ SITS AT HOME like most Hskers site surfing her info!

        • She annoys the shyt outta me too “Chris rock is dating a white girl! I told you first! Renember it was me! Remember back in that one blog i said it firrrrssstt, don’t you remember guys? Watch what i tell you my company is the best in the world and im like really important, and i fly to Vegas everyweekend cuz you know my company pays for it, and i better not say to.much because my company is watching me 24/7 but remember i said it”

          • Thats not my impression of her at all. She seems knowledgeable and nice. You must be someone she told off.

            • Cosign Anonymous 9:08. Unlike other HSK Cali natives with shitty dispositions & proclamations with no receipts, Ms Reg is cool as hell in addition to the above. And considering this is essentially a gossip blog, you would think people would like her more, as she’s put several celebs on 111 Front Street and confirmed much of what’s speculated here.

          • I don’t get it, this is a gossip site and Ms Reg is spilling tea. Tbh the stories around here have been a little dry as of late so I welcome her unbiased insight.

            • Ummm wow for you to bash celebrities as devil worshippers and then envy soneone for hanging around them and knowing all thier bizz, you guys are as dumb as bricks “oh she spills the tea” uhhhh if i hear this shyt one more time

            • You must have me confused with someone else because I don’t accuse celebrities of worshiping the devil nor do I envy any person who associates with them.
              You do however seem envious to me, sitting up here bashing a woman just for offering up a little extra information related to a subject she knows about.
              That’s right I do enjoy the tea and apparently you do to or else your dumb ass wouldn’t be hanging around this gossip site lapping that shit up.

            • 14:41
              You are the second person I have called dumb ass today and maybe that was a little harsh but I’m tired of you fools attacking other people around here for no reason at all.

            • Whoever accused Cheese of bashing devil worshipers clearly can’t distinguish between posters. She is one of the sanest people here. I have never read a thing she has said invoking Satan or the Illuminati.

              Now the Carters….whole ‘nother subject. 😉

          • To each his own, im not a fan but there are alot of dumb dic riders in here so if you like her then good for you

            • …So because people don’t share your hate of what amounts to a random assortment of font on a computer screen, they’re ‘dumb dic riders?’ Conversely, the argument could be that, considering your ‘accurate (to you)’ assessment of Ms Reg’s personality, you’re her biggest ‘dic rider’ here.

            • Who said hate? and first off i made a comment which multiple people responded to, so you could say that your the fact that i dont like her otherwise you wouldnt have responded, it goes both ways, and there are alot of dik ryders who call themselves “fans” of other posters and they form an army when thier king/queen gets criticized, everyone isnt hoing to like everybody, sorry but thats life, i dont like people who worship thier money and think that because they are around celebrities that i should take everything they say as fact, im sorry but i dont like her get iver it.

            • Hate didn’t need to be said; in your case, your post was dripping with it. Also, don’t get it twisted–I could give a f*ck.less who you or anyone else on here ‘likes/dicK rides/hates’ or whatever, so cut the bullshit. As I said before, everyone on here amounts to little more than random assortments of fonts and opinions, so if you’re that bothered by a bunch of FONT, that’s on you. I don’t like people who try to front like they’re so ‘above it all,’ yet keep coming back to this site and participating, which is hypocrisy at its best. I’m not sorry and you need to get a damn life and some common sense. Not get over that.

          • Anonymous @ 9:01,

            It’s clear to all of here that you have a problem.
            It’s also clear your comprehension is not too good but when you call yourself repeating something I supposedly said…at least get it right.

            Quote me correctly or don’t quote me.

            I did NOT once say “Chris Rock was dating a white girl.” What I said was: “Don’t be surprised when you see a white woman on Chris Rock’s arm soon.”

            Don’t believe me? Check the thread for my accuracy. I’m sure you’ll run to do so since you hang on my every word!

            I annihilate hateful people like YOU….for sport.

            • Hey Ms. Reg I was waiting on you to give it to the hater. In my Ralph voice from the Honeymooner’s “pow right in the kisser.”

          • So green with envy she can’t see. Pitiful.

            Ms Reg and I go waaay back with our tea time, lol, and anyone throwing shade at her has a serious case of Green Jelly Fever. She adds as much or more to our little online chat fest as anyone here. Unfortunately, like most genuinely good people, she has a sensitive side, and being called out is hurtful. So in the future, as a favor to the rest of us who love her contributions, please keep your negativity to yourself 14:47.

            • Anonymous @ 17:56,

              I love & miss you & “our tea time” so much!!! It’s so funny that you happened to pick to TODAY to drop by HSK when one of my haters decides to cut up.

              Let me go on & address this nut job/stalker as I’d be wrong if I didn’t…LMAO. Girl, go get yourself a glass of chilled Moscato D’Asti & your favorite meat, cheese & gourmet cracker tray…
              We will have to have a conversation after…

              This is called…”How To Expose A Jealous Trick!”

        • To My Entire HSK Family,

          Before I get to the the “thank yous for standing up for me” let me show you how this foolishness got started THEN you’ll get where all this HATRED & JEALOUSY is really coming from

          Please allow me to direct you to the thread titled “Rich s Is Smashing Fizz’s Baby Momma Moniece Slaughter” which is where my comment about Moniece struck a nerve with a poster named @Queen Monique WHO IS NONE OTHER THAN…ANONYMOUS 7:47 & 9:01 ON THIS THREAD. There you will also find that I “handed her ass to her leaving her with no other recourse but to shut the hell up! She saw herself through my words on that thread & it pissed her off. She can’t stand me yet THIS IS THE SAME PERSON WHO CAN REPEAT EVERY WORD OF EVERY COMMENT I’VE EVER MADE ON HSK!

          So, I don’t have to say anything further…
          WE CAN ALL CLEARLY SEE WHO MY REAL “FAN & DICK RIDER REALLY IS!” I’ll just be glad when she returns to the ghetto heaven from which she comes from so we can all get back to having fun & some peace!

          I love you guys & thank Say Cheese, Raheim, Asherah, My Winged Sista, Chonilla & “cool Anonymous'” who so graciously spoke up for me. I appreciate you all for acknowledging who you know me to be…

          Much love to all of you! 🙂

          • Lol, Ms. Reg, Im the anonymous who askes you or B to go. Im also the cool and clueless one that hangs out under a rock , lol, there was a running joke about that. Anyway o.used to post regulary under my tagname here, but I stopped when I noticed ids being jacked. These trolls are a mess, they tried to eff with me on the keyisha cole cheap tip thread. Hsk needs to ban these losers, they seriously fuxk up the flow. Im really starting to believe their sole purpose is to derail the conversation..Im saddened to learn some of my faves here were trolls all along but oh well. Just keep doing what you do and ignore the haters. Like Taino said, im just going to NOT reply to instigating anonymous troll comments . When

            • The smoke clears ill go back to posting inder my name. Oh.and I peeped something…I noticed that anony that called you out your name…one other poster called you that. So im pretty sure I know who it is thats been trolling you. Very disappointing cuz I thought that person was funny but harmless. But its likely another fake prersona. Im gonna keep watching.

            • The Cool Anonymous,

              OMG…so many of the best posters have stopped coming to HSK for various reasons. Most recently I’ve noticed @Willie Jones Jr has stopped coming. It’s sad we can’t all meet up here, talk about the articles, the craziness known as Hollywood & share our widely diverse life experiences with each other without some ridiculous people coming in to cause turmoil, dissension & division among us.

              It kills certain people that we don’t know each personally but we treat each other with love, respect & kindness…even when we disagree with each other. My “current stalker” is the absolute worse kind of pest. She’s not aware that I deal with people like her in real life on the daily…HATING MY GUTS YET INTRIGUED BY EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE!!!


          • Right back at you, Ms. Reg. In the words of Method Man: “You keep it real wit’ me, I’ll keep it real wit’chu!” lol

            But yeah, it’s all love over here, not to mention I’ve never liked bullies (Real life and otherwise). And if it’s who you said it was, that wad of gum on the bottom of this site is all bark & no bite and just mad because their SSI check didn’t come this month and their hair won’t grow beneath that dead Korean woman’s hair on their head. Anyway, Ms Reg, keep doing what you do and be happy you’re not so pathetic and petty that you’re a hater on a gossip blog! lol

            • Raheim,

              I have to tell you…
              WE are ALWAYS 100 with each other!
              You are ALWAYS so direct, on point, funny & brutally honest that it’s rare any of us disagree with you…We’re left going “Well,…damn!” after most of your comments…SERIOUSLY!

              If I can make it affordable I really hope you make the trip to LA…it will not be an HSK event without you! 🙂

    • Anonymous @

      Awwww….I’m so sorry I can’t make it to Jacky’s event…
      I’m in Las Vegas over the next 2-3 weeks working from my client’s office. I’m not sure if you saw my comment on the last thread about Snoop Dogg’s “GRANDSON NOT SON” where I stated I was here & would up here for a few weeks for work.

      Leave it to Jacky to do this when I’m not home… ;-(

      • Opps…the ABOVE to comment was for Anonymous @ 6:53.
        Lord knows I don’t want you to get confused with an different “Anonymous” because she’s about to get her ass handed to her.

        Thank you for thinking of me & if Jacky makes a quick flight or 4-5 hour drive up here I’ll be happy to meet with him anywhere. I want to share my idea of putting together an HSK Meet & Greet anyway! You guys will love this idea/plan if I can put it together the way I want to…I’ll keep you posted!

          • TB,

            It’s a must! A lot of our hotel properties are pet friendly. Some require a pet deposit while others don’t.

            What I’m trying to plan is OFF THE CHAIN!!!
            I have a lot to do in terms of logistics, funding & communication. If I can get Jacky & my company’s help & permission on a few things our trip will actually end up not only becoming an annual event but also a one of a kind cultrual event. HSK will most certainly expand it’s horizon after this.

            When I unveil THESE plans…you will flip!

        • It would be wonderful for us all to have a meet and greet. Perhaps a black tie affair dinner
          Posssibly a raffle drawing and a few pics 🙂
          Christa works for the airline industry so perhaps she can hook up all of the hsks posters with discount
          Or perhaps we can do “The meet and Greet” sort of like a family renunion style. Where we could get t shirts made up of Jacky face on it
          I coul be in charge of collections and the treasuere
          I would absolutely love that and it would be a great publicity ploy to attract more readers
          Maybe I can create a page like a Fund page
          Get back to me Mrs Reg and let me jnow what u think 🙂

          • Anonymous @ 8:09 *The Cool Anonymous 🙂

            In an effort to not say too much because I have NOT discussed this with Jacky, HSK Staff or made any requests of my company yet all of whom I need special permission, contracts & release forms from before I can do any of what I’m planning…
            I’ll share at least this much…

            Christa is one of few people who actually know who I work for so she’s aware of the difficulty I face in putting this togeher. Instead of burdening her with trying to get a group discount for HSK Members planning on making the trip I’m proposing the following:

            -My job fund the domestic air fares of ALL HSK Memebers traveling to our event in LA…FREE (Domestic Flights Only)
            *More details on how later.

            -ALL HSK Members stay at the SAME hotel property which I want for tax cost per night or FREE. No more than $100 for the entire 3 days/2 nights stay.

            -Daily Food…One meal at each of the following:
            -The Ivy
            -Mr. Chow’s
            -Pink’s Hot Dog (maybe…depends)
            -Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles for sure!

            -Tours & Sights….I got you covered already!

            -Ground Transportation…I want limos to shuttle you guys around but that may or may not be possible depending on the cost, dates & availability. This is the part that takes the most planning believe it or not.

            -The Main Event…ALL of us being together under the same roof of a venue I KNOW EVERYONE WILL LOVE BUT I CAN’T SAY UNTIL I HAVE ALL MY DUCKS IN A ROW!

            I’m trying to make it as cost effective & affordable to all those who want to attend so we can have a good time together. A little strategic planning, calls made to a few key people, cash in on a few favors & THIS EVENT WILL BE A REALITY! 🙂

            NO HATERS ALLOWED!!!

      • @Ms Reg–Thanks! I appreciate & am humbled by that. Even on a site like this, sometimes you never know how much of an impact your words have on others until it’s pointed out to you. This is especially a big deal considering I, like damn near everyone else here, just make observations and provide (Sometimes very) color(ful) commentary on the insanity that is the Entertainment Industry. In any event, it’s nice to know people are entertained, informed, and sometimes both (Edutainment! lol) by my comments! lol

        As for the HSK event, I would love to go, but I’m clear on the other side of the country and money is a little tight atm. I’ll let you know as time goes on, though.

        • @Raheim,

          First, thing I’m going to tell you is the exact thing I told my friend Tab who “swore on all that’s holy that she couldn’t make it to Vegas this weekend because she couldn’t afford it”…but her ass is here as we speak. She has a beautiful roof over her head so she’s not outdoors, she had a great dinner last night, took a long jet bath, had 3 glasses of Moscato, was sleep by 11:45p & hasn’t had to go in her purse once. “Do not be deceived by how things look right now & know that WE live on God’s economy NOT the world’s economy! WE are fine & WE will make it!

          Now, this trip is a long way off & may not happen until 2016 if I can’t get what we need offered to us but I WILL see to it that your entire itinerary & incidentals including your meals are covered for our trip so long as you PROMISE to make the time in your schedule to come. If I can’t work out THAT way we simply won’t have a trip. Raheim, trust me…I have a workable plan that will benefit ALL of us including Jacky Jasper!!! 😉

          So, please don’t look at this from a point of “lack” before we even get started. I’m not even going to attend on behalf of my job & ALLLLLL the cool stuff we GIVE AWAY in addition to our annual cash contributions & all the celebrities we GIVE expensive items & gift cards to on the regular…
          You’d say “Girl, hurry UP & get our trip paid for so we can roll out!”

          • I keep for forgetting the second half of my quotation marks…

            “Do not be deceived by how things look right now & know that WE live on God’s economy NOT the world’s economy!”

            WE are fine & WE will make it!

          • @Ms Reg–Yeah, it sounds like you have a pretty solid plan, and I like what you said about ‘living on God’s economy and NOT the world’s economy.’ That being said, I’ll see what I can do 🙂 lol Thanks.

  2. Damn I miss Jacky,Ever since that trip to mexico & the hiatus,HSK hasn’t been the same.the tone isn’t the same,nor the stories.hope he’s really there tonight!

    • Me too I prayed the brother was safe and sound and I ‘m glad to know he made it out of Mexico !

  3. I know a couple years ago some clown called me pretending to be Jacky. I know his voice. It wasn’t him. Somebody hacked his phone or something.

  4. I’m nowhere near Cali at the moment, but props to Jacky!

    Sidenote: Why did ‘Ty’s a Punk’ just come to mind? lol

      • lol I know, right? It should’ve been a ‘regular’ 3-or-4-minute song–Dude prolly has ‘Black Ty’ disses for days lol

    • KMSL!I still play that video. Ty-grease really is a punk, punk, punk. I hope Jacky really does show up tonight and the date is just a misprint. We’ll know the truth tomorrow.

  5. so when will Jacky be making an appearance on this website again with some real tea ?

  6. I won’t be there but I hope whoever is going will report all the juicy details tomorrow

  7. I hope this will end all the “Jacky sold the site” crap which has gone on for 2 years.

  8. Yo, Cali Hskheads, did the man show up or Nah??? Anyone who went or knows, spill the tea!

    • I went and we had a BALL!!!!!!!!! I danced with Jacky a few times 🙂
      Unfortunately because I had an early appt, I was unable to hang around and ask Jacky any questions
      However the event was really cute and well put together 🙂

  9. So nothing. Not a photo, no one who was there, nothing. Biggest story for hsk to prove jackys around and still running shit. But nothing. A whole lot of nothing. NOTHING. Knew I should stay gone.

  10. Wow what’s going on? Did I miss something? I thought this story was about JJ. Why oh why do black people argue with each other and name call each other over the internet? We can’t have no peace amongst ourselves no matter where its at. If we can’t respect each other then why in the hell should anyone else. We really hate each other more than any other race could. A land of so many is too divided. That’s us. We broadcast our foolishness more than they do on TV. Can we discuss, agree and disagree peacefully. Maybe the Heavenly Father is tired of us. Maybe the whips and chains should come back. I rather be a physical slave than a mental one. Smdh peace!

    • You are trying to distract from the subject at hand but we give zero f*cks about your race baiting. Where is Jacky? How is he doing? If you dont have anything about that you can take your: lawd o lawd why do black people…. rhetoric and go fly a kite.

  11. @L. You have the audacity to call somebody simple minded when you can’t have a civil discussion. You can’t reply with a civil response. @annon. How am I race baiting when I’m black myself? How am I deflecting from the subject when majority of the comments on here, is not about the subject? You have zero comprehension skills and lacks intelligence. You new blacks are seriously poisoned in the mind and are truly some mind slaves. You are the diseases of our race. Go piss up a rope. Smdh

    • Oh plz. You have zero sentence structure skill and lack grammar. Lack, not lacks. Get it?
      You are a race baiter because you made a race based blanket statement that had nothing to do with the subject at hand. To further stress your race issues you repeated the word blacks in a derogatory context several times and suggested we need to be reslaved which means of course that you are not black. Or not american black anyway. The sloppy way you use english…we can’t have no peace….no matter where its at….whatever. The story is about JJ. You didnt add anything about him. SB/Brains again?

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