Scandal For Real! Columbus Short Out On Bail, Could Face Jail Time!


Columbus Short could face up to four-years in the tank!

Just yesterday.. Claremont, Cali cops booked the ‘Scandal’ star on a ‘felony battery charge with serious bodily injury.’ That’s after an arrest warrant led the actor turned himself in to authorities.

“A representative for the actor could not be immediately reached for comment.”

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, “Short, 31, is accused of punching and knocking out a patron at a West Los Angeles restaurant on March 15.” Sources say Short has since been released on $50,000 bail.


    • He sure will. But what these celebrities need to realize is that there are people who pick fights just so they can get paid. They will push your buttons until you throw a punch. These celebrities need to learn how the game goes and how it’s played. They shouldn’t be drinking or high around the general public. Columbus needs to read Mike Tyson’s book. It is a guide to going broke from dealing with snakes.

  1. Na colombus is an asshole don’t let that tv persona nice guy shit fool you he always getting into fights a couple of years back c
    He cracked a guys gums split his whole jaw over a foul in a basketball game he is a dickhead

    • Yep. Had dude’s gums and teeth hangin like a broken tree limb in his mouth.
      Colum has serious anger issues. Just waiting for him to fire up at the wrong ninja so they can two piece his pretty boy azz.

  2. I’m riding with CS because it appears that he is refusing to be gay for pay for the industry and now he is apart of the current witch hunt…run Columbus!!!

          • B6-13 is a covert government agency run by Rowan (aka Eli Pope). Despite being serving the US government so far it doesn’t appear that they answer to anyone not even The President of the United States. At present they seem to deal with a large number of covert missions; specifically torture, killing and assassinations or assissinations made to look like suicides.

          • Thank you for the explanation Anon1. I haven’t seen Scandal this year so I am behind on the plot.

    • I believe it, because he just seems like the type who would haves a lot of hate for his own.

  3. Lil’ Walter has issues. In the past couple of years he’s walked off a stage (ctfu), split some guys gums in two, laid hands on his wife, and now this. His ass needs a time out.

  4. Lee Thompson Young commits suicide and tis angry lil sh*t still breathin’??

    The world make no sense to me.

    And, dude don’t have the acting credits or acting chops like the others on that show and it shows. He better chill, he is so easily replaceable.

    • I think he’s a “decent” (not great) actor. Hollyweird will keep him on as long as he don’t start attacking whites. But one day he’s going to get handled. He’s going to pick the wrong brother and they’re going to wake him up.

    • He really is quite good in his role on Scandal. I was pleasantly surprised by his gravitas, considering he is a back up dancer.

  5. Columbus & Tanee are full of shit. I told ya’ll nicca a months ago about these two frauds. How is she calling the f*cking Man ( lapd) on this nicca not once but 2 muthaf*ckin times within the last 3 -4 wks & then after this shit happens they both pop up at the Grove doing the pap stroll with they’re damn baby smiling & holding hands?!?! That’s some psychi shit. Both of these f*cking monkeys. Ugh. Columbus will stop being angry when he decides to stop hiding in the f*cking closet. And Tanee is a nasty bitch who will push a nigga to the edge then call the cops but still keep her ass there in the end. Both are gross.

  6. Poor Columbus, he looks silently mad in that pic, hope that him & Chris B. will stay grounded!

  7. Oh poor dat. This is the mother f*cker who destroyed his family by cheating with Britney spears Then he sold Britney out by selling stories to the tabloids. The whole reason this basic man has a career outside of dancing can be traced back to him building a name off selling Britney out.

    Disgusting man.

  8. ….um ….Thanks? I guess I’m glad you need an exceptionally large penis to murder your butthole. But…if a gay has seen him naked, ill pass. Damn. I was hoping there was at least one left

    • Trick plz, u musta caught whiplash trying to look at yourself in my rearview mirror cuz the only bitch here is you, punk. U the one up here talking about dick size so don’t start clutching at your dollar store pearls acting all shocked when u get called on it. The only promise is the one I make myself. I want a real man, a straight man or nothing at all. Certainly not something that would lay up w your freak o nature assNow go back to spaypainting the bottom of your payless shoes red hoe .

  9. Keep it real black people. Ray Rice and Columbus Short will be forgiven by their wives, Why? Their not gonna give their black husbands away to hollyweird, which wants them to sellout anyway. So, they stay in abusive relationships with violent blackmen…Sad!

    • Seems to me that there are plenty of women of all races that will put up with a lot of shyt to be financially secure.

  10. Isaiah Washington was an example. He was a casualty of the rise of the homosexual and the message motto f*ck with the homo nation. He should have ate lunch st Chick fila everyday like me….lol

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