Bobbi Kristina Joins Nick Gordon In Attack Against Aunt Pat!


Bobbi Kristina’s Twitter bomb on her very own Aunt Pat may be gone but the message remains. Not only has the troubled 21-year-old jumped on the Nick Gordon blast-wagon, she’s doing so against members of her family who’ve long been expressing their concerns for Krissy. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Cissy Houston.

Bobbi Kristina recently tweeted:

“Bahah PAT GARLAND.. ( she will NEVER be a Houston ) is a f**king coward !!!!!! Lmfao oh boy, you wanted this, so U got it bitch!!!#GameON”

Krissy’s now deleted Twitter bomb was followed by Nick Gordon’s social media shots at his chosen Houstons:



  1. This girl has turned into her mother and it is becoming very clear that her parents relationship had a very negative effect on her,she has the same unhealthy relationship patterns that her mother did and I fear she will suffer the same fate

      • Yes, I also believe Whit was murdered.

        She could not sing anymore, the last CD did not sell as others B4 it, they noticed how MJ’s sales skyrocketed after he died, so Ray J was dispatched 2 do the deed.

          • And to STILL have a Party Days after Your #1 Star had passed IN THE SAME HOTEL RE-AFFIRMED HOW THE JHEWS REALLY FEEL BOUT US.

            • It wasn’t days after.. they had a party the same night and her body was to be removed only after midnight… per Clive.

        • Ray j had nothing to do with it. It was clive davis and thr goood ole Hollywood mafia the killed Jesus’s angel. She was murdered just like Marilyn and Dorothy and found dead and nude like them too.

  2. They both need to get a business or get some work. Let’s pray they dont have a child. But I dont see him wrong for her. If anything the Houstons drug life are probably taking him down. She needs him or else she’ll be in the streets picking up drug dealing murderers to love

    • Im feeling this comment Brenda, he is not doing anything to these people but breathing, they are mad cause theyre meal ticket is gone, now her daughter is holding the purse, cant control her with Nick around. Its obvious they werent there for her when her mother was “too busy” to prepare her for this scary world, but Nick was, while they were robbing Whitney, cause she was “too busy” to pay attention, now her daughter wants those leaches off her back, they are tripping! Same with those old, warn-out Jacksons, lazy, spoiled, clueless, ran Janet in the arms of a stranger, poor Janet and Bobby K!

  3. This is speculation on my part, but I have to wonder if Pat isn’t taking egal attempts to have her sent to a rehab and/or to become conservator over her affairs to stop this idiot from drugging up her inheritance. Something seriously has them riled up. I’m sure one of the tabloids will pay off a family member to get the goods soon. Stay posted.

    • As long as Bobby is alive and BK has no kids, next to BK’s husband, Bobby Brown I her next of kin.

      • This has nothing to do with next of Kin. Pat was BK’s legal guardian and raised her for a few years after Whitney left Bobby. Pat was also mad executor of Whitney’s estate by Cissy. Any family member can move to have the courts deem someone on drugs incompetent.

        • And any family member would have to prove that. She is no longer under 18, soBobby is her next of kin, if she does or did not marry this fool.

          You know ho hard it is to get someone declared mentally incompetent and involuntarily committed?

          • It’s not as hard as you think. We had to have a family member who was strung out declared incompetent to care or herself and her children. And she was married to another addict at the time who was legally her next of kin. Next of kin has nothing to do with it. Again, I’m speculating about what’s going on between them and Pat but I’ve got a feeling Pat is trying to stop this fool from squandering that money on this fool Nick. Time will tell.

          • It is indeed difficult to have an adult declared incompetent and institutionalized against their will, but it’s also difficult to have an executor removed from an estate especially when the heir is documented as being unstable. So BK will have her hands more than full if it is her intention to have Pat removed and thus giving BK control of the money.
            That;s what Nick and BK want, and as much as I distrust Pat, I distrust Nick more. I hope his hands are kept away from the estate as long as possible.

            • All Pat gotta do is go to the courts, get BK to a rehab center across the US, and give BK an allowance for only her bills and show some receipts. Even if BK is 21 she is still incompetent to control her money. In fact they can drug test her on the stop in a randomly order. That should help.

      • Since Whitney has pas Bobby has not made any real attempt to check on his daughter he is coming off as a bad father everyone can see that she needs help.

  4. In the worst case senario the cash will be either spent up or stolen by Nick, Nick will be gone, and the only thing that will be left is a out of control drug addict whose own family will no longer like, trust, or except her back into the family fold this is DRUG ADDICTION

    • If Nick Gordon disappears, its because he didn’t follow Clive Davis’ instructions.

      • Man I saw a recent pic of BK today and she literally looked like a crackhead for real go to Whitney and Bobby did not do a good job raising or guiding this child for life.

  5. Was Pat Garland a good influence on Whitney during her lifetime (especially in her last years)? Whitney clearly kept her around for a reason.

    Did/does Bobby Brown get along with Pat? Whitney was Pat Garland’s boss at the end of the day. Anyone with any inside info?

    • Whitney was grown. Not sure how Pat was supposed to influence her one way or the other. Whitney always spoke well of Pat in the media an talked about how Pat raised BK for a few years after she left Bobby.

  6. I said it once before and I’ll say it again, Bobbi Kristina is a natural born knuckle head. She will always be this stupid until the day she dies. Some kids come out of situations like hers strong and on the top of their game (but still with lots of issues). But not her. Nuh uh. This little bitch is gonna make her supporters sorry they ever knew her.

    • She is going to end up a manic depressive because she is burning all of bridges and we all know that some where down the line she is going to need the people who love her the most. Where is Sissy I guess she is over this child but from what I hear Whitney also shunned her mother in he last 10 years of her life when she was with Bobby. I am so surprise that she did not leave her mother anything as much as she also talked about her.

      • I believe she did leave her mom something. I seem to remember reading that. I think Cissy is just tired. Isn’t that lady like 80? All three of her kids were addicts and I believe Whitney shunned her mom because her mom wanted her to clean up and got a court order to send her to rehab. Cissy has tried to reach out to BK and was clear that she’s there for her but that she can’t force BK to allow her to be there for her.

    • Hate to say it but I agree. BK is a loser. She is utterly lost. I find it interesting that Bobby’s other kids went/go to college and she seems to have no aspirations beyond getting high with Nick and showing her ass on the Internet.

      • Bobby’s other kids are doing fine and don’t have anything bad to say about him. His new wife isn’t strung out. People need to think about that when making him the culprit for everything.

        • That’s true. I never thought about that. But I think he was always considered her pusher because he was the “bad boy of r&b” at some point and she was still considered America’s sweetheart before he came around. I think it just seemed fitting to the media to sell America on the idea that he turned her out.

  7. Okay, so I just read online that Pat got a restraining order against Nick on Monday for posting those guns online and making threats against them. So, that’s why BK went crazy today. This is getting wild.

  8. Ever heard of 51/50? Not hard at all to get medical help against your will but you can only be held for a certain amount of time. Ask Brittney spears

    • 51/50 in Cali or Baker Act in Fl is fairly easy to get on a family member, you just need one judge to sign a paper. But they can only hold the person 3 days. Well unless they’re barking mad running around naked and threatening to kill themselves or somebody else. Britney and Amanda’s dads got conservatorships over their daughters which is much harder to do.
      I doubt that Pat will be able to gain that sort of control over BK because BK doesn’t want it. Britney and eventually Amanda DID want it and so it worked out for both of them.

  9. Cissy’s did not do a good job either. Dragging poor Whitney around niteclubs at age 14 to sing back up for her.

  10. Bobbi needs to drop Nick quick! He will have her drugged out of her mind 24/7 and then when she eventually dies he will take the money and run to the first white girl he can find. He looks devious and conniving to me.

  11. why wouldn’t a lost soul do what lost souls do? this is lost soul activity…nothing more, nothing less. whos surprised??

  12. bobbi’as a drug addict she just has more money to support her habit.

    she’s cracked out.

    nick is in it for the money.

    bobbi should have been helped long ago her dad and mom were smoking.

    going to rehab, jail, fightinfg abuse the music industry isn’t healthy for anybody.

  13. Greed And Betrayal. The police need to talk with the both of these two because in truth,there is too much evidence of reasons to rid of Whitney. And in their eyes its only the money. Hope in wrong but i doubt it.

  14. Bobbi c conscience for doing the unthinkable is eating at her. And her ride or die man is keeping her hazed up so she doesn’t think clearly but, just watch the truth will unravel and shock is all

  15. yup i agree…bobbi kris knows exactly what happened to whitney. her and nick both know…they were both in on it.

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