Bu Thiam Blasted For Beating On Tracee Ross!

Bu Thiam Beat Tracee Ellis Ross

It’s a Kanye Former Affair…

HSK Exclusive – Not only is Bu Thaim being put on blast for beating on Tracee Ellis Ross, Kanye West is said to be the driving force of Bu Thaim’s reported rage on his ex-woman! We’re told that’s why Bu and Tracee parted ways, last year.

“Bu Thiam was jealous because Tracee Ross is still in love with Kanye West.

Our source details one alleged incident, “when Bu Thaim kicked one of Tracee’s dogs in the head.. because Tracee was continuously talking about Kanye.”

Dig the drop:

“Tracee can’t get over the relationship she once had with Kanye. He invited her to his wedding with Kim, but Tracee refuses to go.”


  1. Wow what a douche bag. He abuses animals and women……..not to mention he’s fugly as hell. Tracee is as desperate and confused as the character she played on Girlfriends.

    • Amen! I wasn’t far from kicking my ex in the head because he was jealous of everybody that I talked to,including the midget next door that looked like Cee-Lo Green.

      Hate hearing these things about her as I’m surprised none of Diana Ross’s daughters took her lead in getting with or marrying somebody of power.

    • Now,you’re beginning to distinguish these hamites from a mile away.Keep away from them because they’re our enemy whom sold us.Akon and his blood drinking brother are nothing but Israelite Swagger Jackers that tries hard to incorporate themselves into our lifestyle.

  2. Hopefully, Tracee will be blessed in the near future with a good, attentive Black Man, I must say though, Tracee has a great looking BODY, MAN OH MAN

  3. I did not know she was with k. West I seen her in his music video I just was thinking she was an extra in it wow you learn something new every day on here.

  4. Its always the ugliest mutha f*cka that wants to beat on somebody! He need to be mad at his ugly face and beat on that, I did know Tracy was into such hood behavior

  5. If your mamma is “Call Me Miss Ross” from Detroit, your father is a rich Hollyweird jhew and your godfather is Berry Sleazy Pimp Gordy and you getting’ your azz beat by some loser who hasn’t been “disappeared” after the first beat down …

    then somewhere deep down, you know you deserve it, FOH

    • Damn Anon11:15. U got me confused! Didn’t Diana had an affair with Berry Gordy better yet had a kid from him? *scratching my head*

      • yeah, I think Diana finally admitted one of her daughters was Berry Gordy’s.

        I was just mentioning the muscle Tracee has behind her to be puttin’ up with this foolywang nonsense.

        She either likes it or believes that he deserves it.

      • DaRadiant1:

        That’s old news. Rhonda Ross, Diana’s eldest daughter, is Berry Gordy’s daughter with Diana. That makes Stefan “Red Foo” Gordy Rhonda’s half-brother.

  6. Hopefully Tracee gains the strength to be okay. And on a sidenote, I believe she & Kanye will be together in the end! Remember ya’ll I said it here first (years down the road). Because, there’s just something about their spirits that just fits right together. Once he gets over this whole Kim Kardashian mess, Beyonce/Jay-Z infatuation and see that these type of people really don’t care about him; he will come back down to earth & be “normal.” (If you can call Kanye normal, with that massive huge EGO he’s got)! Lol

    • Kanye doesn’t need to marry anyone but Kanye.He’s clearly very much in love with himself…That much is obvious!

  7. And every dumb American black bish in hollywood, who supported that dirty rihanna’s attack on chris Brown, that FORCED him to defend himself deserves their azz beat.

    • What a crock of shit. Of course you would be a dumb ass female. ALL his stans are the dumbest of hood rats. Anyway boo, I know you’re only jealous of Rih cause you want Breezy to beat your ugly ass.

  8. What the hell does Tracy want with this filthy Hamite anyways.We are prohibited by Laws to keep away from the Stink African whom BTW,sold us to the Whiteman.I’ll say this until I’m blue in the face.Blackman and woman keep away from the whiteman and the dirty Hamite.We Israelites are forbidden from mating with the other nations.

  9. I hope Tracee leaves Old Boy, though she’s somewhat overrated in the looks department.

    • Somewhat? I CTFU everytime people start raving about the “beauty” of Diana Ross’ daughters. The other one is supposed to be a model. LOL.

    • I’ve heard she enjoys female company. I’ve heard both she and Bu enjoy female company together.

      Also just realized a connection – Bu manages Chris Brown. Who of course is another one who despises women, and can’t keep his hands to himself. Birds of a feather flock together. Both men probably boast about their brutality towards women.




        • He would have thought more than twice about it, he would have been thinking about it for at least 25 years.

        • Oh shut the f*ck up. He has been in several altercations, violent ones since the Rihanna thing. So it does not constitute ONE MISTAKE.
          Now run along and get back to masturbating over CB pictures. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to his diseased dick.

  10. I like the way so many of you assume that you know her so well..have any of you met her?

    • Please get out of my head. I’ve never met her personally, but I’ve seen her on a few occasions. Definitely didn’t appear brooding or miserable. Quite the opposite.

  11. The main question is, Why in the hell she is messing with Akon’s fool ass brother? Yes, that is Akon’s brother that Tracee is messing with.

  12. I thought females liked getting abused in Hollywood…so many stories like this one…over and over again. this is old, she is old, we are too old to even care…and Jackie’s site is too old to be posting irrelevance still -_-.

  13. She fell in love with 2 insecure blackmen…Go Figure! Kanye is the poster-child for confused blackmen. His kind obsesses over mixed women, who are a gateway to whitewomen…The Facts!

    • There’s a difference between fetishizing someone and respecting them. Once the honeymoon period is over, the fetish no longer matters.

        • Fettish do not change, people do! You will know if a person is changed by the words that come out of their mouth.

      • @Bella

        Tracee is the daughter of Diana Ross…Epic Blackwoman! Class, beauty, talent, wealth, and he threw all of that away for Kim. I hope all of this is not about trying to be a swirlish version of Jay and Bey. When his mother died, the old Kanye died with her…Unfortunately!

    • Tbese cats stab mixed blackwomen in the back just as fast. Kanye gave Tracee false hope. I have no problem with a brotha liking mixed blackwomen. But, don’t stab them in the back by jumping into bed with a lighter version of themselves…What’s The Point? Meanwhile, Kim is promoted as a white blackwoman to the masses…Does It Make Sense? Hopefully, Nori is not polluted with her father’s insecurities.

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