Kobe Bryant Turns Civil Rights Activist After Throwin’ Shade @ Trayvon!

Kobe Bryant Shades Trayvonkobe-bryant-shade

Kobe Bryant is pulling a pitiful cover-up… all of a sudden claiming he’s down with the fight for Civil Rights. But ‘Brother’ Bryant may be the ONLY Black Man who believes his own flip-flopp’in. Know why? We’re talking about the same sellout who recently refused to back the ‘Justice For Tryavon’ cause.

“I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American.” -Kobe Bryant

Kobe took to Twitter to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, after catching heat for slamming The Miami Heat’s “lack of progress” over the team’s IG tribute to Trayvon.


Here’s what Cornball Kobe told The New Yorker:

“I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American. That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if something happens to an African-American we immediately come to his defense? Yet you want to talk about how far we’ve progressed as a society? Well, we’ve progressed as a society, then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right? So I won’t assert myself.”

Is Kobe Bryant confused about his own Black culture? Of course.. Just ask Jim Brown.


  1. Hmmm…not sure I totally disagree with Kobe’s above statement. Putting his lack or perceived lack of support for Trayvon aside, I do think that understanding the facts of a situation should be paramount over the sensationalism that the media and some “leaders” tout to cloud the facts and beef up ratings. I’d rather be a part and supported by a strong community of critical thinkers than sheep any day.

      • Lost soul is right. Kobe answer this, what profit a man who gains the entire world but loses his soul. Kobe will end up just like his idol Jordan, with a bunch of money wishing he could have done more for the people that look up to him.

    • Nobody was just on his side because he was black. So Kobe argument had nothing to do witht travon case. He could have said that about something else he is the pinhead of the day. We did listen to the facts jackass and Zimmerman was wrong. I need Shaquille to come shut him down with a one liner. What an idiot

  2. Yes,he does have a point but his statements does come off ass incendiary considering he’s had very little interaction with his people over the years.

    • And people this is why the United States will fall one day! Fake ass pilitics. Because the America is really run by the whore of Babylon….The Roman Empire.

  3. Roland Martin went up in that ass this morning.I think he will tread lightly from here on out.

  4. Vanessa must be about to divorce and divide that bank.

    Kobe, Black folks evicted your azz long ago. If YT about to f*ck you over, you are on your own.

    • Vanessa is only still around because her daughter would more than likely have a fit,if they’re father wasn’t around.Guaranteed, once her girls are older,she’s out the door with half of this coon fortune.

      • 2 Years 48 Mil. (Ring a Bell?)

        She ain’t leaving till he collects additional $$$$.

        2 Years, another 25+ mil, 1/2 of the endorsements, and child support? Hmmmmm…….

        I think she will hang around a bit longer…..

    • Kobe thinks that because he lived in Italy for a short time and he learned Italian, that erased his blackness. He is a poor excuse for a Black man. He married a natural born whore, financially supported her family, and completely abandoned the mother and father who nurtured him and enabled him to live his dream.

      He needs to retire and fade away. Forever.

      • He’ll prolly marry Kim K after she and Yeezy divorce. She seems like his type, but she may be too old for him.

        • She isn’t too old for him. I don’t think he wants any more children, so he could screw Kim 1,000,000 ways ’til Sunday. She’ll pretend the d is good and allow him to splash her wherever and then she’ll take his credit card and go buy a dress 4 sizes too small and stuff her sausage toes into a new pair of Louboutins.

      • Didn’t Vanessa phoney ass claim she was a wedding night virgIn? She swear she’s cute. never could stand her

  5. Jacky I love u bro…but u not stating all the facts and u being in the media u definitely know why he and a whole lot of nba stars didn’t support the trayvon Martin movement publicly it’s a trip u call him a sellout over this when he’s not the only nba star who didn’t. The reason why Kobe and hosts of other a•list bball stars didn’t publicly support it because Nike and Adidas and other companies who hold these stars under contract told them if they come out with it they’ll drop them from theyre endorsement deals that’s how they feed they fam what would u do drop a multi million contract for a dude u don’t know…are all the other stars like Lebron, Durant, Duncan and lots of other players are they sellouts? I didn’t know trayvon Martin but posted shit bout him all the time but check this for example: on fb and the media and everyone and theyre mama and the whole world was shouting out justice for trayvon then the verdict came and then few weeks later no more trayvon posts no media coverage nothing everybody was posting like they knew the kid til that verdict came then mufukkas forgot…so are all the niggas who forgot bout him sellouts? Shit I was thinking bout that shit and was like damn the media got the world blindfolded I’m glad I wear glasses cuz u can’t blindfold those..shit I ain’t seen shit on your site lately bout him (trayvon Martin) so are u a sellout jacky? Like I said Jacky I love your site bro and wish I was a better writer to break my mind down in better terms but it seems like a lot a shit turning to propaganda on ya site. I still read everyday I can and still will….I hope this is still the real jacky Jasper’s site man cause shit different. All this from a street nigga that’s observant. Later…4WS

    • Black celebs are prohibited from addressing injustices amongst their people.When you’re boule if you speak out you will be blackmailed and blacklisted.

    • slim

      your observations are spot on. trust your inner self, the force is strong in you.

      jacky is long gone and they have slowly removed his name from the stories.

      this site is owned by the corporate media now and is their propaganda tool much like BET

    • Kobe has millions does not need anymore endorsements. Call mfs out or to me you are a sellout. Period.

      • That’s what’s wrong with niggas nowadays mufukkas like u making dumb ass statements like that

  6. The NBA stars cannot get involved in any thing racial because of commercial contracts they have signed. To make statements about race would costs them millions in endorsements (because it woul upset whites) and if they aren’t a top tier star they will be blackballed like Craig Hodges.

    ITS A PLANTATION!(cookbook)

      • yes, they do. But they did what they did because they wanted to, not because they were obligated.

        Maybe Kobe just doesn’t feel very much kinship with black people.

        He did sue his own black mother and married a Mexican.
        And that’s all his business.

        Did you go to your job and protest Trayvon’s murder?

        If not, why not?

        Afraid to lose your income??

        • Ponder on that for a brief moment.

          What kind of entity would sue the woman , through whose womb he made entrance into this world?

          What type of spirit do you think inhabits the flesh and blood we know as Kobe Bryant?

          You think he gives a f*ck about anyone else if you have millions of dollars and can still sue your own mother(while you are taking care of some Mexicans who wouldn’t spit on you, if he wasn’t breaking them off).

          • Word up!!

            Kobe and the others who cannot speak out then need to break off some bank and let the injustice be fought with the good ol’ American capitalism.

            And if they cannot support us, then f*ck them.

    • Craig Hodges spoke out about black causes at the whitehouse with his dashiki on and got blackballed afterwards when the year before he lead the league in three point field goal percentage. Strange!

    • Anon:

      I love your Twilight Zone “To Serve Man” reference. “To Serve Black Man,” in this case.

  7. Lets take a poll and see how many of you went to your job making statements about Trayvon and showing up with hoodies on?

    We are all in the same exact boat in America.
    White folks are in charge and white folks pay our bills.

    Why would you want Kobe to do something you aren’t willing to do? And Im not talking about college students who have nothing to lose.

    • But are they supporting the cause quietly?


      And, I did march and wear hoodies, may be not at work, but then again, I would not sign a contract that ruled my personal life.

      We are not asking him to wear a hoodie instead of his NBA uniform, but when these athletes get in trouble, they want our support. So, when they get millions and it goes to the wife and wives family who are more than likely Mexican or European, we are supposed to support them.

      May be we should make these niggas sign a hood contract that cannot be superceded, FOH

      • Mexicans are from the black nation believe it or not they’re our brothers and sisters.The Mexicans biblical nationality is the tribe of Issachar. They are Israelites as well despite most of them don’t know this fact.Kobe thinks that he upgraded because Vanessa is fair skinned but she’s a Israelite as well.

        • they may be your brothers and sisters you bagel and cream cheese eatin, yarmulke wearing nigga , but they damn sure aint mine.

          Fuck you and your sick demon God and f*ck yo couch.


          • ROTFL @ Anonymous. I have cousins who married Mexicants. When I tell you I am disgusted… One of them has been married to his Mexicant for about 25 years now. He does everything for her family. She locked him down when they were in HS, and his simping ass allowed it. Ugh.

        • LOL! I’ll check back with you on that when Peanut from the 18th Street Locos starts layin’ the D on you Luh Sistuh!

  8. doesn’t matter…hes only doing what hes told to do and say like all other puppets.

    it would do those in charge a grand favor if racism was alive and active enough to encourage civilians to pick off each other in a sh*t hit the fan incident…you think DHS want to use up their millions of hollow point tip bullets if they don’t have to??

  9. He’s a punk. Pure and simple. I will forever have much love for Lebron James and the Heat for representing the young men, like Lebron, who look up to them. Kobe is a sold out coon. Period.

  10. Kobe = Sellout
    Black man slinging in his own community and destroying families = real nigga
    Black man quick to shoot and fight his own but wouldn’t dare in the suburbs = gangsta
    Black woman with daddy issues and chooses to strip and pick money off the floor = celebrity
    Bitch = Compliment
    Black man getting educated, taking care of his family and working legit = nonexistent

    I think I understand now, thanks for the education HSK

    • How about they both sellouts. How about that. Get the f*ck out of here with this bullshit. Every time somebody calls one of these Toms on the carpet a Captain Save a Coon has to cape up and come talking shit about every thing under the SUN expect for the sellout behavior. Uncle Toms like Koonbe has killed just as many as the dope slangers.

        • I guess in all your emotion, and willingness to get at somebody you didn’t get what I way saying. What I’m saying is HSK and too many other sites glorify countless sellouts but will laser in on someone who they feel may not get in their ass like Kobe and call them out. It’s spineless and all those who follow along and who sit around pumping up the ratings of all these no talent jigaboos on these reality shows funded by white owned companies are just as bad. So I’m not talking just about Kobe, my scope is wider than that. Hopefully you’re able to comprehend or maybe this was too long to hold your interest, so next time I’ll just create a bunch of tweets.

          And Gagging I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about so I’ll just pat you on the head and keep it moving.

          • Telka, I tried to warn you that you are too intelligent to speak your mind here. lol

  11. You hope vanessa takes half but you also hope Drea Kelly has a prenup. You really hate black men dont you?

  12. Kobe is a stereotypical black male athlete…Dazed & Confused! He may be black in color, but, not in spirit. This man tore his mother apart when he married Vanessa. So, we’ve known his true allegiance from the jump.

      • @Anonymous

        A blackman calling out other blackmen on their disloyalty is foreign to you…I Guess? Why should i respect a group of blackmen who hate their people? Calling me a woman is lazy-ass thinking on your part. Don’t confuse me with other blackmen. Black Nationalists negros got you confused about what a sincere blackman looks like. I don’t f**k with blackmen who think it’s cool to run around kissing the asses of women that don’t look like me. It’s deeper than what you see on the surface. When blackwomen in Africa feel the need to bleach their skin because of black benedict arnolds like Kobe…We Got A Problem! Vanessa

          • @Anonymous

            Kick Rocks…Jump Off A Bridge, Eat Roaches For Dinner, Stand Upside Down…Whatever! Rich Homie Quan…You Feel Some Type of Way…Good For You. Why You Mad?

      • @Anonymous

        A blackman calling out other blackmen on their disloyalty is foreign to you…I Guess? Why should i respect a group of blackmen who hate their people? Calling me a woman is lazy-ass thinking on your part. Don’t confuse me with other blackmen. Black Nationalists negros got you confused about what a sincere blackman looks like. I don’t f**k with blackmen who think it’s cool to run around kissing the asses of women that don’t look like me. It’s deeper than what you see on the surface. When blackwomen in Africa feel the need to bleach their skin because of black benedict arnolds like Kobe…We Got A Problem! Vanessa is not a blackwoman, i could care less about her feelings. I respect other women and all, but, i’m not playing that game…F**k That!! My loyalty is to blackwomen…Period!

        • Then tyronia why did you marry a nonblack woman. Speaking with forked tongue much?

      • @Anonymous

        I’m married tto a non-black female, therefore, i can’t speak on issues that affect the black community…What Is That? So what, Vanessa is part Mexican or Puerto-Rican. Because of this reality, Kobe is afraid to speak on Treyvon Martin because Zimmerman’s mother is hispanic, latin, indian, etc. This is the boogeyman we run away from. Kobe is about to retire, it’s not about endorsement deals. So,it’s okay for black male athletes to promote homosexuality, but they better not talk about Treyvon….Bulls**t!

        • Get real Tyrone, you know Kobe hasn’t had any major endorsements since his little “Colorado kerfuffle” 9 years ago. He’s just not really invested in his community period.

  13. I think Charles Barkley had the worst comment of all blacks. I lost ALL respect for him. He actually agreed with what Zimmerman done on national tv. SELL OUT TO THE FULLEST

    • That is not true. He said that the jury had to vote not guilty based on the crappy case the prosecution put on. There is a BIG difference. The state put on a case which they knew was going to lose. They wanted to lose. Read Lisa Bloom’s new book about how they made the worse possible case they could and it HAD to be intentional.

      Maybe Charles should have kept his mouth shut, but he didn’t say that GZ was right or justified.

    • Charles Barkley is a white man’s nigga boy. He knows that Black people see him as a sell-out, and white people see him as a stupid jigga-boo coon. He has no one to turn to except his fat ugly wife. Old ho looks like “Olga the Boat Woman”. No wonder he gets drunk at night and roam the streets looking to pay somebody to suck his dick.

      • Bayou Babe even if every word you typed is true, and I am not CB’s pr person, I was just saying that it’s a little over the top to claim that her was in GZ’s corner. I’m not an attorney, but I’m kind of a trial and legal junkie, so I watched nearly every minute of the Trayvon trial. There were a lot of black legal folk who conceded that it would have been difficult to vote guilty given the sorry case which was presented. That was not to say that they thought Zimmerman was innocent or justified, rather it was an indictment of how crooked the Seminole DA office was in their presentation. I could name you all the black lawyers who were horrified by the state’s case, but whatever. FWIW, I agree that CB has zero fans on this site. I’ve met him and he is so nice and down to earth for someone in the sports world, so maybe I am a little biased in liking him. He has shown some bad judgment over his career and his political statements have hurt him very much. But when someone who is that famous is really nice to my kids and treats them special as he did, I can’t be too mad at him.

      • This may be a totally unrelated fact but Charles Barkley has BLUE EYES.

        I don’t have anything against people with blue eyes, but that fact shows that he has a lot of the Caucasians genetic material in his DNA and that can cause you to inherit their hatreds and bias also.




  14. This is plain and simple…no one said you have to jump on any bandwagon however, as a human you should be able to pay some sort of respect to injustices in this world! His comments were as ignorant as he is. If you don’t know what to say in this situation then don’t say anything. Any warm blooded human being with a soul was outraged by what happened. A young BLACK boy was killed! Plain and simple! You mean to tell me you can’t say anything about that! C’mon that’s a bunch a bull. This a free country and it you look at any other race they steadily scream, discuss boycott and even march against injustices. A lot of athletes in the nfl and nba came out and commented on the Trayvon case and they were not condemned! Kobe Bryant belongs to the “Tiger Woods Club”, black on the outside and white on the in. He is a total sell out and he doesn’t care about anyone but himself! Jim Brow was absolutely correct about him. I can’t stand Kobe and never will!



    • We black people were here in the America’s 60,000 years before Columbo came here at the behest of Isabella.

      Even the Black Moors came here 200 years before Columbo.



  18. Why does anybody care about what this rapist Kobe Bryant has to say. He’s old news now. Lebron has taken over the thrown. Any way Kobe does not have the respect of the black community.

  19. The was only black for s brief period during the initial stages of the the rape allegations when he started attending Rap concerts and getting Tattoos.Once the trial was over,he went back to being the GramCracker that he’s been trained to be.

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