Sore Loser: Kenya Moore To Call Cops On Porsha For Beatdown?

Kenya Calls Police on Porsha

She may have been the one to push Porsha to the limit.. but Kenya Moore may soon be callin’ Po Po on Porsha!

Sources say Kenya is “considering pressing charges” over the reported beat down Porsha allegedly served her up with.

“Porsha beat the crap out of Kenya, dragged her across the stage by her hair, and gave her a major beat-down.”

It’s all said to have gone down during taping for RHOA’s season six reunion show. An insider says, “Kenya was using sex toys to taunt Porsha about her ex-husband Kordell Stewart when Porsha snapped!”

Here’s what a source told US Magazine:

“Porsha stood up, so then Kenya stood up. Porsha charged at Kenya and pulled her hair, but it was over in a matter of seconds.”




    • It’s bad to say, but if its true I’m kinda glad somebody whomped on Kenya she was getting away with too much

  1. Damn, I wouldn’t disgrace my ancestors by acting like some field hand mammies, no matter how big the check is.

    These idiots don’t realize these show ain’t for blacks, they for whites to justify the racism.

  2. Porsha fell for the bait Kenya was taunting her with hook, line, and sinker. Porsha embarrassed herself on tv, messed up her meal ticket, and has probably been fired from the show because she has no storyline.

  3. Porsha is coming apart at the seams. She knows she can’t afford to pay Kenya off. She’s on her way off the show anyway and I guess the frustration is pushing her over the edge. She can always go back to being Kordell’s beard if all else fails. LOL

  4. There’s a difference between a class act like B Smith and Condi Rice as oppose to a fame seeking gold digger like Porsha Williams.

      • Condi is not a class act? Are you crazy? Just because you don’t like her politics or political cronies(I don’t either) you cannot say she isn’t a woman of high standards and intelligence.
        I wish more little girls would strive to emulate her level of success. She was given more power by a white devil and his devilish cohorts than any woman black or white in history.
        The only thing I like about the Bushes is that both of them were quick to appoint and use BW in their inner circles.

        • Lol yeah you are a class act when you support and carry out the white mans agenda lol yeah a real true hero for people of color …I’m calling bullshit on that one

      • Maybe Condi is a War criminal but my statement about her had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with her persona.No one can deny outside of politics, this woman is class personified.

        • Yeah, being part of a cabal that slaughtered 30000 Iraqis over a lie is really something to emulate.

          This is why YT don’t take us seriously. Just give us some shine, some bling a title and a nice ride and all our morals go overboard

    • B. Smith is a class act. I met her on a number of occasions. She is very beautiful and extremely gracious to other women. These ladies could learn from B.

  5. I am not saying Porsha was wrong after all, a person can only take so much harassment. Kenya is not going to call anybody. Not even Branden. Kenya knew she was wrong. That is why she is only threatening to call the police.

    • sounds like something two parents would be discussing after their two children got into it on the playground o_o

  6. Any blackwoman that would lower herself to doing these shows that obviously created with a agenda to keep us divided.Trust and believe,that fake joo Andy Kohen knows exactly what he’s doing.Keep em fighting so they’ll never realize they’re the real people of god.

  7. Nor do sisters realize spirits are released through sound and visuals when watching that crap. You are inviting demons in your home.

  8. UI thought the housewives have a clause in their contracts that prevents them from suing? Kenya ain’t suing nobody. She’s just blowing smoke and talking big game like she does about everything. She is full of it.

  9. This doesn’t sound like a beat down. How can a beat down happen within a couple of seconds? Exaggerate much???

  10. Until I see it with my own eyes I will not believe it. I seriously think it’s just hype to close the season out with high ratings.

  11. Naw I don’t believe Porsia beat Kenya ass! As crazy as Kenya is,this version of the story is off

  12. I predict soon, one of these bitches will actually stab or shoot and murder one of these other bitches
    in order to get a book deal and a Reality show and marry a pre-op transsexual behind bars.

    Mona or shaq’s ex will find a way to funnel them the money through an offshore account.

  13. Porsha is looking better than damn good that chica is fine and that glorious ass is something to behold!

  14. Porsha played right into Kenya’s hands. Of course she’s going to press charges, why wouldn’t she. Porsha let Nene put a battery in her back and charge her up. Dumb a$$ Porsha does it again..

  15. I need to see RECEIPTS and by Receipts I mean PICTURES AND A POLICE REPORT!!! I believe Nene & Pheadra prolly put a battery in Porscha’s back but I can’t see KENYA, Ms. Detroit, not getting a couple of swings in on Porscha. NOPE not gone believe this story till I get RECEIPTS!

  16. These fake hoes start fighting and artificial body parts start falling off and breaking off.

    Fake hair, fake tits, fake asses, fake eyeballs, fake accents, fake credit.

    • Haha…but I think Kenya’s hair is real. In fact I think bravo tv is helping finance her next venture, which is a haircare line. I think she thought it would be good both for ratings and good promotion for how strong her hair is. Otherwise why would Kenya big amazon ass let a little fly weight like Porsha drag her ? I ain’t buying the fight, but I might by that hair line lol

      • Kenya has always had very long, full hair. When you properly maintain what you have, it usually flourishes. Folks always hate on what they lack. So petty.

  17. F Kenya DAT ass whoop in is long overdue Cuz ain’t nan bitch gone sit up and discuss my husband whether he’s gay or not .it ain’t the bitch business. She deserve that ass whoopn and y’all know it a disrepetful hoe.

  18. If there’s any truth to Porsha beating Kenya down and pulling out Kenya’s hair which she has said is her real hair Kenya has every right to press charges and even sue that idiot Porsha. I think it’s time bravo gives Porsha her pink slip. The only thing she brings to the show is her stupidity.

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