Rich Dollaz Out Of Jail & Headed To Hollywood


HSK Exclusive – Rich Dollaz paid $82,950 to get out jail this morning and he’s now headed to Los Angeles, to be a cast member on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

A rep close to the Love and Hip Hop New York cast member is saying that Rich’s baby momma, Chaundrea Nicole, is a liar. Know why? Because, according to our source Rich Dollaz has been paying his child support payment to Chaundrea Nicole, for the past two years.

Here’s the drop:

“Rich lives in Atlanta and Chaundrea lives in Tennessee. Why is this child support case being tried in New Jersey?

Every time she throws shade at Rich. He keeps coming up. Chaundrea is jealous, because Rich is dating Moniece Slaughter.”


  1. Where is the lie? Clearly your ass went to jail, clearly you had a bail of 82,000, clearly you are a bum!!

  2. Someone popped up in the comments yesterday and said they had a child by him and he’s a good father to her kid and another kid by a different mother. So maybe that’s the source? Dunno but some men are like that when they have multiple baby mamas, they do for some but not others. As for where they live that doesn’t matter of they lived in NJ when it was filed or if the action for the suit arose in NJ. NJ doesn’t play , if they grabbed that money his child is going to get it. They will get his tax refund too.

  3. Wasnt she accused by Lil Fizz of not taken care of his kid, I guess her and Rich Dollaz aka Mr 10 kids have a lot in common. smh She’s a dead beat mom, he’s a dead beat dad… great combo.Match made in heaven….

  4. Rich probably do pay child support, directly to the mother. That’s where the men make a mistake at given the payment directly to the mother “thinking” that’s child support. Which the courts consider that to be a gift it doesn’t count as support.

    Men (& few Ladies) if you have “child support” pay it directly to the court.. otherwise the money you give to the child’s mother doesn’t count it’s a gift…stick with the court agreement

    • Yes . If theres a court order and you give cash its bot child support its a gift. But sounds like Rich wasn’t given gifts either. 90k is a lot of back pay.

    • I know his daughter’s mother and she has 5 children by 5 different men, most of who she thought would be successful. She has been chasing a pay check for years. She married a young boy more than half her age, enrolled him in high school to play ball at age 21, lied and said he was only 17 or 18. He already had a HS diploma and lied about that. Got found out and cost the team the entire season. Was a suspect in the murder of the basketball coach who was found dead in his home, because they said he found out about the fraud. Was threatened by the boys grandmother who raised him. They broke up and got back together when she found out she was pregnant again. There is def. a tv show there. Lifetime for real. She is a horrible person and doesn’t even take care of her daughter. My daughter said her daughter and other children hate her. I don’t know this for sure, but it sure makes you wonder why they would say that.

    • no bail, just back child support. her daughter will never see a diime of this money. trust me. we all know her

  5. Well Monice, Erica, Jhonni Blaze, Precious and whoever else should know exactly who to come to when the clap starts clapping and the fish start smelling. This dude is gross.

  6. I thought you had to be current on child support to even get out of jail, once they lock you up for not paying.

    • Shit me! Tell that to my son’s father on our second child we had conceive. I ended up losing that baby. But that was a condom indeed. The only way for prevention is not have sex at all.

  7. walking talking community dick on speed dial, moneice and rich have got things in common
    their both crappy parents!! at least moniece is getting some dick. her vibrating hot dicks wasn’t helping her
    it made her go nuts!!

  8. Mona Scott is like suge knight, she bailed him out not she putting his ass to work. It’s nothing to pay for stories on these blogs

  9. his baby mother is a fraud. ask anyone in Memphis. We all know her.5 babies and 5 different fathers, murder suspect, shoplifter, DEADBEAT mom. Wow he sure can pick the worst of the worst. Erica is also a deadbeat, prostitute mom, jhonni is a stripper whore. diamond is CRAZY. what the f*ck is he thinking?

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