Chris Brown’s Canadian Concerts Canceled


Chris Brown won’t be performing in Canada this week, as previously planned. Know why? Because, Chris Brown has a criminal record and the Canadian immigration denied the singer entry to perform in their country.

Here’s what Chris Brown tweeted:

“Unfortunately I will not be able to perform in front of sold out crowds in Montreal and Toronto. The good people of the Canadian government wouldn’t allow me entry.

I’ll be back this summer and will hopefully see all my Canadian fans!”

Both tweets were later deleted.

Here’s what’s reported:

“The American recording artist, Chris Brown, will not be performing Tuesday at Montreal’s Bell Centre or Wednesday at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. Both shows have been cancelled.”

Chris Brown Denied Entry


  1. The maple leaf dont play. Remember a while back crossing for Caribana and a friend had a pending petty drug charge from his New New from ATL/ Young Jeezy phase, maintaining a dwelling , which Canadian Border Services had not corresponding charges on their records. They politely held him for hours and unfortunately
    sent him back while we had fun. Luckily surburban gangster was able to get his records expunged before grad school. So kids dont sell drugs, can cost you a weekend of fun in Tdot during summer internships!

  2. Canada has a strict policy of not letting ANYONE in their territory who has a prison/criminal records. Japan and a few European countries also has this policy.
    Under several international treaties, most countries are allowed access to each other incarceration records.
    This is why Canada is generally safe unlike here in the states.
    Looks like everyone hates Chris, even those across the border

    • Sadly he wont. Even when he is penniless and in prison, some woman, most likely black, will keep him or maintain his website/fanpage when incarcerated. Waste of light skin….

  3. Chris Brown and who ever works for him must be aware of border crossing privliges…are they that stupid…there’s alot of money on the line here. What a waste of money and time. You would think the promoters would be on top of that. The people who reserved there venues…cancelation fees are going to cost him…and the fans…its cancelled a day before the concert. What an inconvenience. Alot of people probably took time off of work and all kinds of arrangements just to go to this concert. Now they have to go out of their way to collect a refund.

    • Now, THAT’S what I was thinking….

      Who the hell does Chris have working for him again? Even our office knew he wouldn’t be allowed to perform in Canada which is why he’s slated to perform at a music charity event hosted by one of our clients. The schedule changed almost 2 weeks ago.

      I’m sorry…showing him being turned away had to be a PR move of some sort otherwise his travel staff needs to be fired. There isn’t a reason why or how they didn’t know until he arrived.

      They need to knock it off…just saying!

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