PartyNextDoor’s Tour Bus Shot Up!


Drake protege, PartyNextDoor, had his tour bus targeted by shooters last week, in Atlanta, Georgia.

A source is saying after his performance at Center Stage Theater, a vehicle approached the tour bus and an assailant stepped out firing shots towards the then stopped bus.

Dig the drop:

“It was a hectic scene. Somebody had to get hit.”


    • Spring is in March 20th, they just starting to warm up. Trust me Black its going to get even crazier than this.

  1. I didn’t know Atlanta gets down like that…are they only targeting Drake…what did he do?

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    • We need to segregate the misfits from the flock. Ghetto birds have made it impossible to have clubs in the hood, block parties, concerts, etc. On the flip side, white folks act a fool at Electronica Concerts just the same. Youths overdosing on ecstasy pills, inhaling glue, and other ratchet s**t…Na Mean? Black folk are not the biggest consumers of gangsta rap. But, folk don’t wanna go there with the miseducation of negros…Do Your Thang Sis!!!

    • I got one better. Every time DJ B- Lord throws a set, somebody is forever getting shot at his events. I was like f*ck that!

    • @Truth and Shhhhh…..ITA and I live in South Carolina so I know exactly how they feel. Its sad when my own hometown earned a nickname called Killaville. Mind y’all this is the same town that we got a few famous people born and raised in this town.

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  4. Life is to be chosen. Some lames shoot at a tour bus over dumb Ish, I gotta find other ways to make money. Hell Naw it’s not going down like that. These dudes don’t value their lives all that much…The Lesson!

  5. I half agree. Depends on they type of people. I never had that problem at the Kennedy Center at an Alvin Ailey concert and though the North Sea Jazz festival in Rotterdam is a mixed crowd, black people who attend like myself are chill. Also seen white chicks have seizures from doing too much coke and ecstasy at Coachella. Been to a Dave Matthews concert with drunken white guys who were rowdy, no one died though. From my experience Asians are the only group that generally act like they have good damn sense. I don’t do hip hop clubs and patronize hip hop acts in “non black” clubs unfortunately. Such as Fat Man scoops recent appearance at Black Legends in Monaco (it’s Carnival season in Nice, yay!)

    • I meant to tell y’all this. On Friday the 13th of this month, I was at the mall and these fools had a shooting near the food court! Yes, these dummies shot a man all because he was trying to break up a fight. The next day, there was two dudes fighting over a pair of ugly ass Jordan’s. Jordan’s now! Chris Rock said it best. There are black people and there are Niggas. Black people can have things but Niggas will f*ck shit.

    • I agree with what you are observing but note that you need to amend your statement that white folks no longer act out in public.

      If you were to go to “white” concerts any earlier than 20 years ago, you would have been gang-raped, beaten unconscious and definitely stabbed.

      White boys get drunk and violent also, they just don’t pull guns so they don’t have collateral damage. I think too many black boys grew up without fathers to wup the respect of guns into they azz.

      But brothas betta take note from this young sistah. All that murder, hatred and envy that has been destroying the black communities forever is starting to repulse the souls of many a sistah (who is not a ratchet hoodrat). What is in the soul will manifest in the physical and sistahs are gonna be with the white or asian men.

    • All I know is that Truth & Shhh is that Tippietoe/ Choco bitch she does the same characters married to white men and loves cussing out blk women and anything godly f*ckingtired bitch !

    • Exactly what about genocide in almost 80% of the countries below us and across the water

  6. I don’t know what kind of AA events you all attend, but maybe you all should find better venues and people. I haven’t seen fighting in the club or concerts since I was a teen.

    • It happened all the time at Park in DC where men would follow drunken women into the restroom with intentions to rape them, only on the on the hip hop level. The third floor where Asians, Whites, and buppies dominated (my preference), never a problem but sadly less dancing. The owner, an brother and married man, doesnt care for blacks frequenting the club because of the increased security risks. Many are rowdy and loiter after the club closes, which requires personnel extra costs as the club is liable if there are any outside altercations associated with the establishment. Never understood why people would dress up and pay money to fight or go to jail. I said earlier it depends on what type of blacks. The Grant Hills or Cousin Ray Rays? I prefer the former. Black Cat Lounge near Ruth Chris – jazz music, mixed but predominately black crowd and hardly no issues.

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