Pretty Ricky’s Stick’Em Slammed For Making Low-Budget Sex Tape

Pretty Rickey Sex Tape

Stick’em, from the boy band Pretty Ricky, has released a sex tape and triple X critics are saying that, “it’s the worst porn flick”, their eyes have seen.

Here’s a review of Slick’em’s porn video:

“His junk wasn’t operating correctly and he most definitely was not putting in work despite bragging about how good it would be in the first few seconds of the video.

Sick’em porn tape is worst than Raz B’s”

Watch Slick’em Sex Tape Here Uncensored (warning VERY NSFW)


  1. These niggas fail to be good at making it in the real world, so I guess porn is their last attempt at some kind of fame and getting paid. Dumb ass dude got a small dick and it don’t work. Lame ass niggas can’t do anything right.

  2. That sounds about right. Hell, he was part of he worst boy band in history, so he is staying true to form.

  3. so damn disrespectful…. Fucking on Grandma’ s bed soiling up her Gone With The Wind comforter. no woman under 50 would have that slavery looking bed layout. ….oh and that porn was TRASH

    • My dick said
      dont even think about touching me when I was watching that shit
      lol !

    • Gone With The Wind comforter…I will cry myself to sleep from laughter with this one. This has made my day

    • I’m glad I read the comments before I clicked. @Marla thanks for being brave enough to watch and sparing me the trauma. I laughed until I had the hiccups at f-ing on Grandma’s Gone with the Wind comforter.

    • DEAD at ‘Gone With The Wind comforter!’ I agree it’s kind of an odd bedding choice for a so-called ‘rapper.’ In any event, something tells me Vivid won’t be calling.

    • Wait for it! Hahahahaaaaaaaa! Fu ked up lighti g, blue chip stamp comforter, and ain’t nothing working, including him? My chest hurt! I can’t take it! Hahahaaaaaaaaaa! It’s just too damn much! A comedy skin flick, he might actually blow for this naked ass comedy! 🙂

  4. One of these days these trick ass boys will decide to get a job and cut out this foolishness. smh

  5. At least Razz B wont have to feel bad anymore on having the worst sex tape around

    • Raz B had a sex tape? Was it hetero? I may have to cop it. now THATS an entertaining ass queen!

  6. Kneegrow acted like he aint neva got no puzzy b4. He was just too excited
    And he had random ninjas walking all around while the camera man was trying to film
    Smh. It was a mess

  7. “Stick’em”…did he know before his flick that he already had a porn name? lol

    • And he supposed to be the nastiest one outta the group, but can’t stand at attention? Sound like somebody I know. This told me to help him get it up! Threw that fool his clothes and kicked his ass outta my house!

        • Talking about he drunk some to help him out. Bullshit! Need to get him a case of lotion and a box loaded of porn and stay in the house for one month. After that month is up, he should be able to hold his gun up. Damn that shit! Talking about help him get it up! Hell Odis is way better than him! Hell at least Odis have my ass knockout when its all said and done.

  8. Sounds like his Stage Name doesn’t fit what he was supposed to be doing. Seeing that this is a porno. Or is it? He’s that Gremlin looking one.

  9. To be proficient at pleasing the female species, some form of intellect is required. Obviously, hometeam is lacking in that way. Good for him, he got a cut buddy. Social media will mess a man up…Understand This! Pretty Ricky made f**k songs for teeny hoppers…So It Goes! Niccas wanna be a porn star with ice buckets in their pants…Viagra Need Not Apply!

  10. blame this shyt on single mothers who raise their sons in a f*cked up environment!!

  11. Wow what ever happened to them? I love the song “Hot Line”that was hot, so they were one hit wonders I suppose and it’s come ta this? really? tacky

    • I still like grind with me. I remember the first time my friends and I watched the video, we were looking for a handsome guy named Ricky and were sorely disappointed. The name is a misnomer since the whole group is funny looking and no one named Richard exisits 🙁

  12. Pretty Ricky split because the ugly one (Pleasure P) left the group to pursue a short lived solo career.
    at the time he thought f*cking with Bria Murphy (Eddie Murphy) would boost his short lived solo career

    mostly his music was about sex!!! similar to pretty ricky!!!

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