Restraining Order Issued Forcing The Game to Keep 100 Yards From Fiancee

The Game Restraining Order

Here’s whats being reported:

“The rapper Game has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from his ex-fiance, Tiffney Cambridge.

Tiffney obtained the restraining order against Game from having any contact with her pending a court hearing later this month. The judge is allowing Game to see his kids on the weekends.

Cambridge filed a police report against Game, claiming he got violent with her during a March 19th argument. Sources close to Cambridge told us Game broke her nose, but Game denied ever laying a finger on her. Police are still investigating.”


  1. Tiff and the Game are not compatible. It was never going to work. I see where he was going, he didn’t want the dumb, trashy groupie, but I think they were trying to change each other. Which never works

  2. Well a broken nose is easy to see. If her nose was broken, I think The Game would be in jail. Stirring up drama for the new show.

  3. Well, he did something….probably these two are better off apart. To bad tho. It would have been nice to see an intact black family in the public eye, there are relatively few these days.

    • There are alot they are just not shown on TV the media and tv has an agenda to push.

  4. school teacher with a gangster bi polar rapper she’s older more experienced he’s a bachelor and never been married yes we see where this is going.

    another messed up relationship.

    • Like every other female who came up on a pell grant. Would be nice to see a young intact black family as someone said. Gone are the days of 50 year wedding anniversaries.

  5. nobody puts a restraining order on a man if he didn’t abuse her in some kind of way.

    game did something harmful to tiff.

    but she should have known better game’s bipolar and an mk ultra victim.

    and his album saying rick james was god well rick was a good artists but he’s not supernatural guess game thought otherwise.

  6. This nicca is 6’5 and he’s beating on women. SMH. I hope she leaves him alone before he seriously injures or kills her one day.

  7. Yeah, I believe he snapped, I believe he beat her up too, but I Know Tiff saw that coming, I know I saw that coming for her because Game be in these streets fighting all the time and Tiff knows she can’t win a fight against a big grown ass 6’6′ man but yet still she instigates and aggravates, Ill never forget when she followed him talking trash when he was going outta own with his assistant!! I dont agree with putting your hands on a woman but as a woman I dont instigate fights with a dude like game cause I can see a smack coming, and the Game will smack a biatch!!!

    • You right about that, and we know he can’t handle her in an argument, so he went the caveman route.

      • some women bring the pain and drama on themselves by aggravating MEN WHO KNOW THEY’RE KIND OF OFF.


  8. Bad Mix!!!

    Tiffney allowed the “bad boy” fascination that many women have to cloud her better judgement. Sistas, you can’t change a man, that’s not your responsibility. Blackmen are not children, we know right from wrong. Immature men are a waste of time and energy. Some men are just lame as hell, regardless of how they were raised…Pigeons Fly!

  9. She was unreasonable expecting him to change to the extent she wanted. He was delusional thinking he could continue on with his life status quo. This was inevitable.

    • @DonnyF

      Women are not miracle workers. Encouraging a man to want better in life is noble, but, trying to shape and mold him into someone that he ain’t is a tall ladder to climb. We gotta have our ish together just like the women, we ain’t special.

    • @crazychris

      Yeah! She wasted all these years with this Cat, knowing deep down he was not gonna be the refined brotha she was hoping for. I feel bad for Tiffney, she deserve better than this. Any man is capable of abusing a woman, so, this applies to all of us. But, Game is a gangsta-rapper that glorifies violence and misogyny as his bread and butter…Recognize! I pray that she makes it thru this the best she can.

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