Ray Lewis Son Indicted on Sexual Assault Charges

ray lewis son sexual assault

Ray Lewis’ son, 20-year-old Ray Anthony Lewis III, was just indicted in South Carolina on a charge of third-degree criminal sexual assault.

The indictment alleges that the retired NFL linebacker’s son engaged in sexual battery of an 18-year-old female who was incapacitated due to the use of drugs or alcohol on January 23. Lewis allegedly sexually assaulted the victim “when the defendant knew or had reason to know that the victim was mentally defective, mentally incapacitated or physically helpless.”

He was released on $10,000 bond after turning himself in.

His lawyer says the alleged victim and another woman present “were fully conscious of what they were doing and knowingly consented.”


    • Theyre finally being held accountable for things that would've been swept under the carpet years ago

  1. Imagine how many cases like this that were covered up because of priviledge…..crazy

  2. And U better believe he will get charged for that. I live in South Carolina and this state don't play that mess!

  3. He was set up by:

    A. The Man

    B. The Illuminati

    C. The Jhews

    D. George Soros

    E. All of the above

    • He set his own as up. There is NO blame game to play here. He had no business being apart of anything remotely close to this kind of event. He's not a bad looking young man & can have his pick of women I'm sure. This was a horrible incident that not have happened.

  4. If we're going to start digging u dirt and bringing forth charges on these black athletes-and those connect to them), then we also need to start doing the same to the whites and jews in hollyweird as well. Now if dude is guilty, then lock his ass up and throw away the key. Im not one to defend a black man just because he has the same skin color as me. If you do wrong onto others and commit heinous deeds, you need to face the consequences for your actions, and your victims have their retribution. 2016 was the year, or at least the very beginning of the start of everything that was hidden in the dark, coming to the light. A lot of closets in Hollyweird need to be cleaned out finally.

    • Black or white, if he is truly guilty of violating a woman, he needs to be thrown over and under the jail.

  5. Oh well, it is a new day and time and these youngins', especially the ones who grew up listening to glory tales from their fathers are going to learn that it is a different day and time.

    I think everyone in society is learning this at a different aspect.

  6. Well hopefully he'll get the same judge the guy in colorado got. The judge in that case seemed like the sympathetic type……..

    • Anyone guilty of raping someone is not deserving of a "sympathetic" judge of ANY caliber.

  7. consuming drugs or alcohol? isn't that the norm in college parties? sound like somebody wanted to play victim when she found out who son he is

  8. Now I want to hear Ray Lewis make a bs speech about this! The man got dat ass now!!! No mercy& no pity for a COON!

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