Hazel-E & Katt Williams Back Together Again

hazel-e katt williams back together

Even though Katt Williams is dealing with a bunch of different lawsuits and criminal charges, former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Hazel-E just can’t stay away from his crazy azz.

Hazel announced on her Instagram that she and Katt are basically back together, and they have a bond that can’t be broken. The couple attended the LA Rams game over the weekend.


The two last broke up when Katt’s home got raided, and Hazel-E got caught up in the whole mess and ended up getting arrested. She later told TMZ that she and Katt needed a break from each other, but Katt clapped back and said Hazel was never the “starter” on his team.

Is Hazel a dummy for taking Katt back?


  1. ol girl just trying to milk every last dime she can out of katt before he completely hits rock bottom

  2. She's a worthless, talent deficient, disloyal, beak nosed whore!……uuuuugh!

  3. The second picture is a very beautiful shoot of them together, however, Katt doesn't have enough problems already?

  4. ? That Is All I'm Going To Say About This Matter !

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