Birdman Buys Toni Braxton a $230K Bentley

toni braxton birdman bentley

Birdman may be getting sued left and right, but he still has a little bit of cash leftover to buy his new girlfriend a brand new Bentley SUV.

Birdman gifted Toni Braxton with a 2017 Bentley Bentayga SUV— a car that’s not even available to the public.

News of the $230K was shared on Tamar’s Snapchat. Tamar can be heard saying, “You know, I get some nice gifts Toni Braxton… but I don’t get stuff that ain’t out yet.”

Peep the video to see Toni’s new toy.


  1. She must be desperate, not for all the tea in China, would I be with that man…..

      • ??????? he's gross to me and I don't like all those tattoos oh him.. He's also gross kissing his male artist on the lips.. Just not my cup of tea.. Why is Tamar commenting on Toni's business, I don't like her always popping off at the mouth..

        • You what? Have any of you took a look good look at that picture? Go back & look at it…Toni looks like she doesn't really truly want to be seen with Bird Brain. You guys tell me if you think I'm wrong but I just noticed it.

          It just dawned on me that what I once thought may have been a favor for a favor among two old friends may actually be a paid escort/whoring/beard position for Toni. I respect Toni far too much to have EVER thought of her in this light but…the shoe looks like it fits. I may be wrong & hope I am. Assumptions make asses out of everyone.

          • RIP my mother would say "opinions are just like assholes, we all have one".. She also had him on her show n WE TV.. It's just odd to me but she said they are old friends..

      • Nope u can't rent it yet nor lease nor finance.. only Cash since the public can't get it yet..

        • That's not necessarily true….
          If any of the auto membership clubs have one in their fleet this early anyone who has an upper tier membership & times their reservation right can drive one. Don't believe me? Call Gotham Dream Cars, Van Horssen Grp, Club Sportiva or Otto Club & that's just 4. I can provide you with a list of 29 companies worldwide like these. They offer different vehicles, levels of service & memberships but the concept is the same. Most of the record labels & film companies in LA use Club Sportiva but you didn't hear that from me.

          Oh…sorry Tyga & the rest of you perpetrators having folks believe you living that life. RJ knows all about it too. A lot of times when you hear about "artists getting their car repossessed it really that they kept the club's car beyond the alloted time, didn't pay for the additional time or didn't pay their membership fees. It happens all the time.

    • Exactly ! I dont know why they be fronting like that we all know its a rental/lease and TONI BABY YOU TOO OLD TO BE DRESSIN LIKE A SKEEZA GURL … you are GRANNY accept it already you looking two times desperate gurl . Im sorry . Thats not a good look on anybody.

  2. Toni braxton's vagina, is officially a shit filled dumpster!….I really hope she didn't f*ck him, because if this isn't just a publicity stunt, she's disgusting! These Braxton whores are known for publicity stunts, including their mama! They love attention, it's pathetic, really!???

  3. I'm tired of defending Toni. I know "SOMETHING IS GOING ON" but I haven't heard exactly what yet. I don't believe it's what everyone is being led to believe. IF by chance she's actually dating Bird Brain I hope she keeps a watchful eye over her boys. This man shouldn't/can't be trusted around young boys.

    • Ms Reg! Toni is an attention seeking money grubber!…She ain't f*cking Bird Brain, as you put it! Lmao! It's all orchestrated!…Bird doo doo, is just trying to rebuild popularity, while staying relevant in the media…His shitty music, obviously isn't doing that!…Toni loves her babies, and those boys have their dad, so their won't be no uuuuugh pederasty going on with Toni's children, she loves them! All of the Braxton's are loving parents, in my eyes! And you all know that I don't like none of these celebrities, really!…..?????

      • Typo! I'm really going through something, I swear! I keep typing their, instead of there!…Shit, I need more sleep, pardon me, I can spell!????

  4. wish birdm an would quit rapping all he does is rap about the same my money, my cars, my manmsion, my drugs.

    you cant even understand young thug but everything thugger raps about sounds gay and like hje just took a 12 inch in his ass.

    yeah baby f*cking toni theyu're both bisexual.

  5. ? Bitch Yu Have Chosen The Wrong Fuckin Pill Toni ????? Gotdamn I Was Expecting Yu And BABYFACE . . . Not This Hell Boy Looking Freakazoid (( Baby )) .. (( Birdman )) ??? Infant Rolls Neck Gopher Color Book Face Bastard Yuckkkkkk !!!

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