Usain Bolt Caught Cheating on His Girlfriend in Rio!

usain bolt cheating girlfriend 1

Usain Bolt celebrated his Olympic success and his 30th birthday by cheating on his girlfriend with a Brazilian student!

The Jamaican sprinter forget all about his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, while getting freaky with 20-year old Jady Duarte in Rio. Jady of course snapped some photos of herself and the athlete all cuddled up in bed.

usain bolt cheating girlfriend

The woman claims she had no idea who Usain was when she met him, and she only started talking to him because he asked a security guard to get her attention.

“I’m dying of shame. It was not a big deal. It was normal.”

Usain’s girlfriend of two years, Kasi, is back in Jamaica and has been cheering him on by posting sweet messages on her Twitter.

Here’s the girlfriend BTW…

usain bolt girlfriend

What an idiot.


  1. damn his girl baddd he cheated with a duck compared to her…..but rio has alot of fine women so aye can't blame him

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  2. I hope Kasi leaves him. She doesn't need to be constantly compared to every other black athlete's white wife. If Bolt loves white women he should just be with one really. Don't muck black women around so that we have to read pity comments in the papers! 'I feel sorry for black women, their men don't want them …' blah blah blah. Just leave us alone Bolt and get a basic boring Becky like all the rest –

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        You know when you were a kid, whatever your parents told you not to do, you usually wanted to try it, right? It's the same with interracial dating. Black men are naturally interested in the traditional old taboo; and black women make that taboo even more
        appealing with their constant bitching about it.

        • Do you go to sites like fux news and aol and tell all those hate-filled saltines what you are saying here?

          If not, please STFU about what people choose to say or how they feel. Venting does not = insecurity, it is just venting.

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      • I find it odd that when blacks are mixed and in other nations that do not speak English – blacks call them white! When they are in the US and they have a white parent – blacks call them black – no matter what! We need to get it right.

          • Blue/ green whatever the f*ck color eyes does not equal 100% white, Michael Ealy is an example. Unless you have her DNA test on record you do not know who is in her family tree.

            • Goodness have I upset you self hating wenches desperate to claim a white girl as black? You and Miss Tony Starks are quick to say this girl is mixed (partly black) but Usain isn't black at all. My God. Well I'll be damned!

              • No. I am just not dumb enough to believe just because this bitch has light eyes she is 100% white. Ignorance is bliss but stupidity is forever. That goes for your co-rider too…ha,ha!

            • that girl's name is Duarte …
              Duarte is a sepharadic jewish name from Portugal…

              I knew she was joo with a some caucasian and african DNA but she is definitely a joo

          • only hoping he'd slow down long enough
            to see a barber while he's out there taking
            his victory lap.

          • She's mestizo or amerindian or something. She is clearly mixed but I would never call her black.

    • jamaican women r the scum of the earth, who train their sons to hate american black women, and are surprised when the hate spreads to them. dumb!

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      • Well my Dad is Jamaican so I find your nonsensical comment just that. Good day to you.

      • Frannie you seem unhinged. You must have been f*cked over but good by some Jamaican.

        I love Jamaican and I socialize and spend lots of time with them. I'll take a Jamaican over an American hoodrat thot every day of the week. And they're more feminine that American women.

        • The woman is MIXED – like Rhianna (not directly) or like Obama or Alicia Keys, whom you always call black – not mixed! This issue is why blacks stay struggling. Jamaicans are not black, black Americans are black. Jamaicans are Jamaican and they have distinctive looks, that are unlike us.

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            • From my experience Caribbeans and Africans don't really get along. Africans look down their nose at us. Caribbeans laugh at Africans for their culture and often unpronounceable names etc. Many refer to them as Chief lol. Um you sound completely delusion too.

          • Starks stfu you disillusioned asshole … And you study repeating that dumb shit like its gospel !

      • Weirdo. Usain is a black man. What does his nationality have to do with it??? I am a Caribbean British born black woman! You must be one of those crackheads I keep reading about in the Daily Mail.

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          • OK Slow Tony. There are three racial typings: Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid. Which one more closely represents Bolt? Think carefully now … 'Negroid' is what most intelligent people would choose and Negros are often called 'black'.

            Just stop with that nonsense! Almost every black male footballer in the UK has been called a 'black' bastard at one time or another – especially if he misses a penalty!

            Black Americans aren't the only nationality allowed to claim that word.

            • You people keep talking this UK shit – this is the US and this site is based in the US, about OUR shit, not yours. WE have no connection, so stop acting like there is one!

              • All right Tony. You have made your point and now everybody knows that you are clearly delusional. Usain is a black man regardless –

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      • Bolt is a black Jamaican. Good grief. If white people can class themselves as white Jamaicans I really don't see why Bolt can't call himself a black Jamaican! I always tick 'Black British' on official forms as that is an option that has been in existence for us Brits since before you were born I'll bet –

        • This site is US based and this is the US, not the damned UK. I don't care what you mark out there because I could care less about out there.

  3. Since my other comment won't be allowed to be put through I'll try again! When will you Bruthus learn? I sure hope those young bruthus at Colorado University learned something by messing with those WHITE women! Those WHITE women are CRYING RAPE and getting PAID and still in SCHOOL, while those young men are being suspended for a while, for good or have to transfer(if any other college is willing to accept them) to another school! All that hard work, possibly thrown away in an instance! When will ya'LL WAKE UP? THE ALMIGHTY'S WORDS READS: NOT TO GO OUTSIDE YOUR NATION THERE WILL BE SNARES AND TRAPS…THEY ARE AN ABOMINATION! THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU!

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  4. His gf is a cute girl and that Thot he's with is not. Looks aren't everything u would honestly think the Thot would be his girl and the girl he's with would be the Thot lol

    • Looks are not everything, but Jamaicans are naturally ugly so they want anything white enough! Bolt's main woman is closer to white and not Shabba Ranks.

        • naomi bald headed, hard male body is attractive to you?

          tyson big azz nose beckford is not ugly to you?

          wigs, makeup, lighting and airbrushing R the only reasons they exist on the stage.

          a few jamaicans with obvious white blood are passable.

  5. Bolt is another BLACK ugly Ashy Larry not satisfied with what he has. We may be hearing from this young whore in nine months after she had his baby those dumb Coons bareback which is how HIV is spread in the black community by the way!

    Bedwench males like that make blackmales a laughingstock!! He had steak at home but he wanted rotten hamburger.

  6. Lmao. That bitch is looking right into the camera too. Hoes are scandalous these days. His girlfriend is a really gorgeous/bad lady. To risk it all for this bucket/gutter average bitch is really baffling. Of course he'll just blame it on his male urges, and couldn't resist temptation.

  7. I sure wouldn't want my face and ass and whatever body parts splattered across social media. Don't these idiots know camera lenses are everywhere? They act like they don't care. Now where is the video of Tiny Tim whooping that trick her husband was wit in the hotel?

  8. That chick in the Instagram is not ugly. She isn't beautiful like Casi, but he isn't ugly. Y'all are blaming her for HIS inability to keep his pants on? She might not have known he had a girlfriend at home. I Googled him and it said that he was rumored to be seeing a white track star from ome eastern European country and seeing Miss Jamaica.

    Truth be told, I think that he has a pass with Kasi. He is more beloved in Jamaica now than even Bob Marley, and she want him bad. She will accept less than perfect behavior to get him down the aisle.

    On a different note, my Jamaican friends say that he showers his mother with anything she wants and treats her like a god. My guess is that he will marry a BW.

  9. Tony Starks, Frannie, and the other anonymous idiot are all the same person. It's really sad that you have to co-sign the trash you believe just because no one else will. I never comment on this blog but this is just ridiculous ???

  10. you are a dummie cul de sac in stupidity Lane….

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALOLOLOLOLOL, Thank you for the belly laugh today.

  11. Usain gets the f*cking L for this one, he's in RIO cheating on his Ashanti look a like, with that sickly looking thing, she looks like she has a cold of its worst kind……& his ass is like a f*cking proud peacock, hopefully the Ashanti look alike leaves him & get someone who's better looking, that she can too taunt him with pics & videos, give him a lilbbit of his own medicine, he's having all kinds of fun now, that he's won his gold, but when he gets back home, hopefully she isn't there waiting……#Foolish

  12. Seems like a failed extortion attempt.

    I don't think this dude has a thing for "others." I think there ARE rich ww paying him to hit. It's rent-a-dread extreme.

    This rio girl is a random chick that went back to the hotel when he was drunk. Doesn't mean anything.

  13. Man, listen she talking about she did not know who he was that is some Bull SHiit, not sure if I can say that on this blog.. in any case, that is some real BS, Huxes always saying I did not know who he was so that they can have an excuse to not look at like they were looking to sleep with him because he was a known sports figure.. Now i'm not saying he was not sleeping behind his girlfriend, def he deserve an ass kick for that, but her saying she did not know him is some BS, first the man is in Brazil, your own country which was holding the Olympic, then on top of that what man comes to a club with a body guard and have all these women lining and you don't even bother asking who he was? alright, can't stand lying bitches, just admit you wanted his little many D but don't act like you were so innocent as if your hoeness can be deleted or something. smh

  14. This girl eyes look dead. She is staring in the camera very hard, because she knew she was going to use the pictures to try to get a come up.

    If this is true, Usain Bolt, needs to be careful who he sleeps with, next thing you know some women will say he raped them or they will try to get pregnant by him. He also needs to be careful because he can catch stds.

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